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Photo of Gaby


Photo of Gaby
Name: Gaby
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 51kg
Height: 173cm
Age: 20
Occupation: Student

Powerful strokes to get you panting

Gaby loves tennis, watching every game possible. The graceful athletes moving like dancers, the nail-biting tension and the competitive drama.

Her dream is to attend the final of the Australian Open. And as you’re about to see for yourself, Gaby knows how to play a few good strokes of her own.

Just 20 years old and from the Czech Republic, Gaby is new to erotic modelling. But you’d never know it from her performance in front of camera. She has no fear going full throttle. For proof of that, just check out her time with the Europe Magic Wand – it’s an unbelievable example of the sexual power of women.

Currently a student, Gaby has decided that travelling the world as an erotic model is much more fun. She craves real adventure and pleasure in life.

And being so totally multi orgasmic, she’s bound to find it!

Gaby Galleries COMMENTS

Gaby good in bed | September 4th, 2014
Gaby good in bed
Marvin Germany

Anal fingering Gaby is hot. Love her body and labia. Good to see anal fingering again on hegre-art. More of this, please.

Geert Germany

Gaby Hallo Gaby, herrlich dieser rosarote Schmetterling !!!

Richard United States

Stunning From her seductive look,beautiful breast with rock hard nipples,mouth watering labia..... i'm in love....

wasserman Canada

a lovely flower I would love to sniff that finger. But I think 35 is my favourite--everything I could want. I hope we see more of Gaby soon.

Gatorman United States

Gaby Good In Bed Awesome set. This is what I was expecting when I signed up with Hegre. Gaby is an absolute vixen !!! More sets like these and more sets like these with Gaby.

wheeler-1 United States

Gaby Good In Bed would love to test out that theory!

Gaby blindfolded | June 27th, 2014
Gaby blindfolded
Dtaggin United States

Gaby WOW! Gaby is very impressive in this sequence! I love her feminine yet muscular build. It seems she is more comfortable and even flirty in this sequence. I'm definitely a fan!

mazungu United Kingdom

Gaby Gaby is georgious and is not shy in front of the lenses .would love to explore her more secrets

Gaby pink pleasure | May 4th, 2014
Gaby pink pleasure
ailefroide Belgium

Gaby pink ... what a pleasure ... not only pink.

wheeler United States

perfection personified!! and not just the pink!

Gaby garter part 3 | March 16th, 2014
Gaby garter part 3
PacoEco Mexico

Best of the Best This girl is gorgeous, her weight is perfectm any any anorexic like some other, congratulations, try to define this as requirement In addition, her face is very beautifull

Gaby grabbing | February 20th, 2014
Gaby grabbing
ailefroide Belgium

Gaby grabbing Thank you for this very good moment. Beautifull and exciting.

Yola United States

Another Labia Goddess Gaby is fabulous. Her labia are so beautiful. Please keep shooting more and more sets with her!

Sandy United Kingdom

OMG Gaby is gorgeous and has a very beautiful and accommodating pussy! She oozes sexuality and her exposed erect clitoris in #68 is amazing. I am an ardent fan of aroused pussies and she certainly turns me on!! If only we could get Victoria in similar poses, heaven!!

Moose United States

Fun Gaby Thank you Gaby for sharing with us. This is a beautiful shoot; great work Peter. I look forward to more.

Gaby garter part2 | February 8th, 2014
Gaby garter part2
alarik4th Canada

Gaby A delicious pussy and a sultry attitude - most appealing!

Kevin from Hertfordshire in England United Kingdom

Gaby Hey guys. Photo 28 has to be the one. When your tongue is gently licking that. Just think how many nerve endings you are touching. No wonder she is going to orgasm so much that she will squirt. Enjoy that taste on your tongue.

twobe1 United States

Gaby This woman exudes raw sex, primal, hot, an inescapable vortex for any man (or woman) near her.

Max Australia

Stunning Super hot, amazing nipples !

Kikomon United States

Disturbing I find her facial expressions disturbing. She either looks angry, disinterested, or drugged out.

Jamesrjs United States

RE: Photo number 27 Oh, those breasts, those nipples!

Jamesrjs United States

RE: Photo number 26 This photo is an erotic and aesthetic masterpiece.

Gaby Charger part 2 | January 30th, 2014
Gaby Charger part 2
wheeler United States

WOWSERS!!! who knew there was a part two? nice surprise! I still wanna get in that back seat with lovely Gaby!

Rick United States

Mmmmmmmm That is one delicious pussy.....

Zeppelin Germany

what a body! Gaby doesn't touch my heart - but these nipples and this pussy keep haunting me! I desperately need to taste them!

Dino United States

Resemblance? Is it just me or does Gaby look a little bit like Elisabeth Moss?

Gaby doggy | January 19th, 2014
Gaby doggy
harry Germany

... ready for penetration

zorro United Kingdom

superb! Gaby is worth the price of admission on her own.

wheeler United States


gatorman United States

Gaby Doggy Get your hand out of the way, will you ?

Roger United States

Gaby and camera angles I applaud Gaby's willingness to pose nude in doggy style and applaud even more her four finger penetration, but if a girl is willing to pose doggy the camera should seize that moment and capture that glorious willingness straight on from behind. It took a bit too long in this series for the camera to get behind her.

GoodSamurai Japan

Not bad at all,,,,, I didn`t pay much attention on Gaby when she appeared first time, but I have to change my mind today. Yes, Gaby has erotic atmosphere and, in particular, 57/62 pic proofs. Look at her eye while she puts four fingers in her pussy. She knows what the viewers looking at and she loves to be exhibited !!!!!

ailefroide Belgium

Gaby doggy surprising ... Thanks a lot.

Moose United States

Gaby Thank you Gaby for opening up and sharing with us. DAMN; that was beautiful. we appreciate it.

Gaby gastronomy | January 8th, 2014
Gaby gastronomy
wheeler United States

lovely girl...lovely set...not sure about that title, though! lol

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Gaby - Gastronomy Gaby certainly looks like a tasty dish, but only a cannibal would agree with the gastronomic title for this shoot.

ailefroide Belgium

Gaby gastronomy The gastronomy is a calm and progressive pleasure. So is watching you. Very good !

Jamesrjs United States

RE: Photo number 19 So beautiful! Especially enjoy the come toe pussy in this image.

Jamesrjs United States

So beautiful, so sexy! Especially enjoy the lovely camel toe pussy in several poses.

Gaby Charger | December 28th, 2013
Gaby Charger
Herr Lich Germany

next time ... start the engine and rev it. I bet this will make her juices flow.

pier_hart21 Italy

Pussy of Gaby Splendid, carnal, wonderfull, luxuriant aboundant, pulpose,pussy!!!!!

pier_hart21 Italy

tecnical error In this gallery, as in that preceding of Milena, it misses the technical possibility to magnify the photos and therefore to taste with fullness the beauty of these pussies.

Pulseight Australia

RE: next time The engine is already hot, mate, but it's so totally, completely out of lubricant!!

Giovanni4404 Austria

Perfect Dear Hegre! Your pictures and Models are the best I've ever seen. And I've really seen a lot! Thanks for that. But ..... I would like if you could also make proper porn pictures with woman man in this magnificent quality. So what's not, a gap in the market would be .. ;-) Please forgive my bad English, im from Austria..

ailefroide Belgium

Gaby charger I particularly appreciate the light and colours of the photos. Gaby deserves it.

wheeler United States

RE: tecnical error I see no error! This set gives me the strong desire to sit in that back seat (and more) with lovely Gaby!

r United States

RE: technical error @pier_hart21 Actually, the magnification feature still works--no change.

Sandy United Kingdom

superb Such a delectable pussy!! makes me feel hungry. Re comment 'Perfect' :- That's why I like this site is not sleazy (except on recent video in my view) it's ground-breaking in loads of areas which is why I renew my subscription. There are loads of hardcore sites out there offering what you want

Moose United States

Gaby Beautiful; thank you Gaby. Well shot Peter.

Jamesrjs United States

RE: Photo number 15 Gaby is so incredibly gorgeous. Her poses are so sexually stimulating, this one in particular.

Jamesrjs United States

RE: Photo number 32 This photo is so arousing. Gaby's face, her breasts, those beautiful legs and her wonderful open pussy seem to jump out, or make one want to jump in and stay in. So beautiful, so sexual!

Jamesrjs United States

Gaby, Best of the Best For me, Gaby is among the most beautiful women on the entire internet. Pure beauty, plus uninhibited, open sexuality. Makes her so desirable and so arousing. She also has a perfect pussy, and when her lovely pussy lips form a butterfly those soft, smooth pussy lips are irresistible. Absolutely beautiful legs too, the sight of her smooth, creamy thighs with such a delicious pussy between them, . . . mere words cannot describe . . .

Gaby garter | December 19th, 2013
Gaby garter
Wildman United Kingdom

Beautiful A simply stunning set. Gaby has lovely facial expressions.

zorro United Kingdom

what a beauty has to be one of my favourite sets. awesome!

archcon37 United States

Gaby What an incredible combination of a beautiful face, awesome body and incredible nipples and pussy. Wow

Max Australia

Stunning Absolutely stunning! Amazing breasts and nipples, fantastic lips, superb, more please.

ailefroide Belgium

Gaby garter Do'nt change anything. Thanks.

wheeler United States

RE: Gaby garter what he said lol

Lion_01 Netherlands

Proud and perky What a great girl she is! I think photo #4 is the best of the whole series... I love her fit and firm body, especially her tits, so proud and perky!

Gaby gaping | December 11th, 2013
Gaby gaping
Francesco Italy Italy

Gaby is a dream! Pics 21-23 and 29-31, where the pink pearl shows itself from under the tiny hood, are among the best.

GoodSamurai Japan

Good size butterfly Gaby, where have you been hiding from us !!! You have wonderful body and good size pussy lips, which I would suck`em up to make them bigger for you.

zorro United Kingdom

absolutely one of the best. perfection

zarphg8 United States

...One of my favorite sets ever. Amazing. Beautiful face, beautiful lips!!!

bigguy169 United States

Gaby gaping photos A superstar has arrived. Wow excellent photos or a wonderful beautiful women whose erotic butterfly lips are fantastic

ailefroide Belgium

Gaby gaping Gap : a pass or way through a range of hills (dictionary) ...

Bryguy Canada

Wow .... I love these type of shoots, showing the petals spread wide and open... I sure hope to see more like these shoots.... ( hint hint... Naomi Swan )

Yola United States

Wow Absolutely beautiful! She has a stunning face, body, and amazingly beautiful pussy. A few of the other girls have 2 of 3, but not the full package. Gaby, we love you! And we already know that you are super-orgasmic, so we know the beautiful butterfly is sensitive and you know how to please yourself. Brava!

Herr Lich Germany

For anyone who lacks a certain labia-fetish this is boring.

Lion_01 Netherlands

Sex! Sorry for the unsophisticated comment, but damn girl, I wanna have sex with you!!

Geehrt Germany

Gaby Hallo Gaby, Deine Möse ist ja gigantisch schön. Zeige sie uns einmal in Aktion. Danke für die Einblicke!

Pacoeco United States

Impressed Gaby: What a beautiful girl you are, thank you for sharing this amazing pictures

Katkille Sweden

Tack för att du visar din vackra fitta, thank you that you show your beutiful pussy

schmidtum Germany

More I would like to see Videos of this very hot girl

schmidtum Germany

amazing Amazing Pussy....please more of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Video would be great

Gaby introduction | December 5th, 2013
Gaby introduction
wheeler United States

another lovely intro! can't wait to see more!

Rico Portugal

Welcome Gaby ... pretty girl and " totally multi orgasmic " after photo 57 . Thanks Petter.

MM United States

Stretched out is nice

ailefroide Belgium

Gaby Felicitations. I can't stop ... watching you !

ailefroide Belgium

Gaby introduction Why did you begin with a wand massage, 8 days ago ?

Dan4Hegre United States

Very nice intro, Gaby... What a great intro shoot, and what a nice, shapely, and sexy gal! Looking forward to seeing more of you, Gaby. You are exciting in so many ways (love your adorable hanging lips, too) ;) Can't wait to see more....

Lion_01 Netherlands

Totally delicious What a totally delicious girl! Not at all a supermodel type of girl, but very natural and fit and good-looking, which is refreshingly exciting. She has a kind of sexual aura around her that is very powerful, as is confirmed in her awesome first video. Gaby's a great new addittion to the Hegre club!

klerhegr Belgium

A treasure between your legs One more stunning model with a treasure between her legs. I hope this lovely butterfly will open its wings and will lead us to the 7th heaven.

windmill Netherlands

Gaby Gaby is the exiting new girl with a great attitude showing in strong open poses. Love to see more of Gaby to come.

AN United States

Very spunky Very spunky and classy as well!

Sandy United Kingdom

G for gorgeous She could introduce herself to me anytime! Lovely labia and natural tits

Jamesrjs United States

Such a beauty, captivating pussy Wonderful opening set, so appropriate that all of Gaby's perfect, beautiful body is shown in all photos. Her beautiful face and body are incredible. Great to see some special attention to her mesmerizing pussy as well, including by Gaby herself. Her pussy is a wonder to behold.

Gaby Massage COMMENTS

Multiple Electric Orgasm Massage | December 24th, 2013
Multiple Electric Orgasm Massage
MojoMa_55 Switzerland

The sexual stamina of women leaves most men more than envious. For those who have a 'magic wand', the importance of foreplay cannot be over-emphasised. If the machine is applied before the recipient is fully aroused, the shock may be counter-productive and inhibit the achievement of one, let alone multiple, satisfying orgasms. Although not necessary to wait so long, Gaby had at least four before the wand was introduced after 28 minutes. During the next 10 minutes she had at least 4 more, though distinguishing between when one ends and another starts was difficult.

Umberto Italy

A masterpiece I enjoyed every single second of this amazing movie. The skills of the masseuse are incredible and Gaby's reactions to every single touch of her are one the most exciting thing I've ever had the privilege to see. Great great movie, to watch again and again and taste every aspect, every expression in an astonishing crescendo that culminates in such intense orgasms. An erotic masterpiece.

Jedi United States

wow! i'm going to switch my lightsaber with that magic ward!!

Andreas Austria

RE: Sorry but men can have this stamina just as well. ;) 10 orgasms in a couple of minutes is no big deal for me. It's just a matter of knowing how. ;)

nino69 France

RE: hello, every body, but i love this video and the model of course and the masseuse too. it's the first video for this masseuse or not? thank for you answer. bye

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

RE: RE: Male Multiple Orgasms Andreas. if your claim is true you are probably unique in the world. You could make a colossal fortune selling your technique if you could prove that it works. I have read, however, that Kinsey, Masters and Johnson all calculated from their exhaustive researches that a man needs at least 20 minutes to recover after each orgasm -- the intervals become longer each time -- and that three consecutive climaxes are at the physical limit of male recuperative powers after orgasm.

Lion_01 Netherlands

What a girl!! I love the video, and I love the girl! She's seems just so natural and so modest, but at the same time she's wildly sexual and her hot firm body is extremely arousing. I love her proud perky tits, I love her sweet face with the dark eyes, I love her beautiful white skin, I love her sweet fingers. And I love the way she sighs and breathes; the volume, the intervals, the intensity, it's all just right. What a girl! What a girl!!

Basia Poland

RE: RE: RE: Male Multiple Orgasms hmmm.... I know one man who did not need 20 minutes to recover after an orgasm, just 2-3 minutes. Some people are just gifted :)

Tbr Poland

RE: RE: RE: RE: Male Multiple Orgasms Pozdrowienia!!

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

RE: RE: RE: RE: Male Multiple Orgasms I suggest that Andreas' claim to have '10 orgasms in a couple of minutes' is stretching more than his member. Perhaps he meant 'one after every couple of minutes' but, if any credence can be put in the many clinical studies that have dealt with male orgasms and their frequency, even that seems exaggerated. If he really can get there that often so rapidly, he's an exceptionally lucky -- and probably often very tired -- man. I'm sure that many others, (including sex researchers), would like to know how he achieves such success.

zonaboy United States

nice Lovely girl. Nice job with the camera work as well with the moving focus following the hands.

ailefroide Belgium

Gaby masage You seem to be happy. I hope it is 100 per sent true.

KM4Wolf Canada

Fantabulous!! There is little refractory time between orgasms this is proof positive for women who are multiorgasmic!! I am living proof of this it takes me only a few seconds to a few minutes to have another wave of ecstasy!! I have had up to seven or eight orgasms within 20 min a little more than a few seconds!! This movie was thoroughly enjoyable!!

Emily Canada

The best of all ! I am near the end of my membership. I was thinking that I have seen the best Video with the massage of Flora and the massage of Emily. But I had a surprise when I looked the massage of Gaby. She is so marvelous and beautifull. I found that the masseuse does the massage of Gaby with a lot of attention. The masseuse does the massage very carefully. She likes to do massage to Gaby, she likes to touch the lips of Gaby and to insert her finger slowly inside Gaby's pussy, it's easy to see. She is so meticulous with Gaby. I watched the video totaly during the 49.53 minutes while I was masturbating myself slowly in front of the screen of my computer and eating a fruit during the viewing of the video. I was all the time during 49.53 minutes on the edge of my orgasm..I prefered to take my time and to have only one orgasm than multiple. In that way the tension climbs at a high level and the orgasm is stronger. When I had mutiple orgasms, the first one is more strong than the others which follow the first. When I had only one strong orgasm after masturbating myself during approximately one hour then after that I am totaly liberated. My mind is flying over my naked body and my legs are trembling like leaves which are blowing by the wind. Thank you Gaby for the good moment I had during your video!

Emily Canada

RE: Fantabulous!! It's not the number of orgasms who is important. The important is the quality of an orgasm. One and only one big orgasm is better than multiple one who are very weak !

CCJ Netherlands

WOW Gaby.... Just wow! Thanks Gaby for sharing this moments !!! Speechless!!! XXX

Crazy Magic Wand Massage | November 26th, 2013
Crazy Magic Wand Massage
d Germany

truely multi orgasmic amazing Video... thank you! Im counting 7 or 8 full orgasms!

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Crazy Magic Wand Wow!. The wonder of multi-orgasmic women!. Only the most intensely pleasurable feelings - which she described very well - could induce her to keep returning for more stimulation until she was physically exhausted.

o Norway

me want!! I'm gonna get one of those for my wife...nice little xmas present :)

o Norway

...this girl is amazing as well btw!!! WOW!!! what a film!!!

Will I Am United Kingdom

She's gonna love it I lost count!! 8,9 10??? Jesus man, this girl can go and go and go. I've never seen anything like. I'm totally getting one of these wands for my wife. It's a beast. And if she has a time like this... whoopa!

Twobe1 United States

Magic with a wand Attractiveness of model: A+ Lighting and camera angles: A+ Magic Wand performance: A+ Overall production values: A+ Sound effects: A+ (would make a great soundtrack CD) Nipple erection: A+ Quiverability: A+ Digital manipulation: A+ Maneuverability: A+ Clitability: A+ Climaxing: A+ Leave viewer gasping: A+ Overall fleshability: A+ Summary: fabulous

Steevo1 Canada

Gaby Wow.

KM United States


MojoMa_55 Switzerland

RE: me want!! I think every open-minded, sexually active woman should have one of these instruments of pleasure. Though they may become addictive, the benefits to a relationship of a sexually satisfied woman could be immeasurable.

JR United States

Redefining ecstasy!

TonyTiger67 United States

Absolutely Amazing! Gaby is wonderful to look at. You can tell that Gaby really enjoys her orgasms. The Magic Wand is defiantly a wonderful gift and treat.

Enigma United States


Chowder United States

The wand is very magic... Great flow Gaby. Love to watch you do that thing you do so well... I highly recommend getting one of these for your wife, guys. (The wand, not Gaby. Well, Hmmm... Wait a minute...) I purchased one for my wife years ago and it has been awesome!

John United States

Amazing It is great to see some real orgasms. Too many videos are ruined by poorly-faked orgasm. Please film more of this awesome girl! She wasn't one of my favorites until today. :)

Erector Singapore

A Commercial Nice Wand Advertisement.

flyer12345 United States

Maybe the sexiest solo film ever made! Amazing. If not the world's hottest body certainly the world's best nipples & sexiest woman! Loved the film!

aCONNOISSEUR United States

You go, Gaby girl, you go! Amazing!! SO exciting!!! That was SUCH a beautiful song and Gaby made such a gorgeous picture while singing it! I feel honored and privileged to be allowed to witness such an awesome display of beauty, sexual music, pure pleasure, and sexual energy. I wanted to have my orgasm along with her last one so I paced myself and actually stopped self stimulating. But it was no use. Gaby was so exciting that I had a hands free orgasm. Having a multi-orgasm (of two comes) only once in my life, I can only imagine so much pleasure as Gaby had. I didn't try to count how many orgasms she had and I doubt she could've told us, either. It was almost just one long continuous orgasm. It was very enjoyable, also, to watch Gaby's wide-eyed, almost innocent, amazement at her own body's feelings. Awesome! More, please!

schwabpm0250 United States

Almost Beyond Belief The most amazing thing about what occurred in this film is that Gaby was the one in control of the wand. In my experience, a woman's clitoris becomes incredibly sensitive following multiple orgasms and she will beg you to stop. For me this has happened when I have been giving my lover oral stimulation. Obviously, this happened to Gaby but she kept applying the wand directly to her clitoris long after she had passed the point of no return. I have never seen a woman who was so insatiable. Positively incredible. An awesome experiment would be to have her return and bind her comfortably on her back spread-eagle on the bed with another woman applying the wand gently to her clitoris and see how long she can endure it before begging for mercy. At this moment, her sensuality appears boundless.

snizzled New Zealand

nipples loved the foreplay intro here - and wondered whether or not some of the models with incredible nipples - tigra, valerie spring to mind, might not enjoy a bit of real-time manual/oral stimulation?

Randy United States

Perfection In Every Way Incredible. Amazing. Perfection - in every way. I think that this describes everything about this film. Gaby was truly amazing - her mastery of self pleasure looks like it even surpassed her previous experiences, based on her expressions. Her looks of astonishment and amazement at her body's reactions of pleasure, and especially in the way she completely shares herself with us by not holding anything back - were priceless. From the very beginning and through numerous orgasms - wave after wave after wave of pleasure - I appreciate and love the truly unique ability of Gaby to share without any inhibition. Gaby's experiences here were clearly authentic. Combine that with the lovely background music and different filming angles, and I don't think I have seen a better film than this. Thank you so much! Gaby is simply incredible - please, could we see more of her!!!

horny-dutch New Zealand

many orgasms WOW Gaby this is just a very beautiful film of the power of women pleasure ,and yes I could not count how many times that you cum ,I think that you are just wonderful and so open with your charm and talk to us in how you feel , now I wish you luck in life and some time soon I would love to see a film with you having a long sexy massage that you have many orgasms in ,you are just wonderful ,and yes you made me feel very good ,thank you Dutch,,,

thalassa France

Magic Wand My wife was frigid, with magic wand she take is first orgasm and not the last !

Splendor2014 Canada

Wonderfull woman, she is very nice , exciting and delicious. It is a magic moment for me to watch her and have good time with her during this video!!

John United States

This video still has not been beaten. Amazing.

clqrvy United States

Talking Please have more models talk about their experiences! If they don't speak English, subtitles would do just fine!