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Photo of Heidi


Photo of Heidi
Name: Heidi
Country: Norway
Weight: 46kg
Height: 165cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Student and designer

Wild, untamed and gorgeous

Heidi, 18, is a natural beauty from the deep forests of Norway. A mysterious land filled with legends of ancient tribes of Norwegian trolls.

People wrongly think trolls are stupid and ugly. But that’s just the myth created by the film industry. In fact, some trolls are incredibly beautiful and intelligent creatures.

And you can see it for yourself with this amazing wild mane of hair and a body so gorgeous it’s as if Mother Nature herself created it. And with 6 years of ballet training, she’s pretty flexible, too.

Studying art and design, Heidi dreams of being a big time fashion designer. As soon as she turned 18 she left home to seek thrills and adventure.

New to nude modelling, she loves the tingling feeling in her stomach when she strips off. And we’re pretty sure her naked body will give you a few tingles, too!

Heidi Galleries COMMENTS

Heidi mermaid | June 25th, 2014
Heidi mermaid
wheeler United States

lovely! one of the more artistic of late! this is what I joined for! only a video would make it better!

Heidi heart breaker | May 22nd, 2014
Heidi heart breaker
wheeler United States

very aptly named set

Maik Germany

Heidi How can a girl look so beautiful, innocent, even shy and then smile so playful, coquettish and seductive? Those looks are killer, truly heartbreaking. I really want to know what she is thinking and feeling. I guess she get's everything she want's with a finger-tip, she would get everything from me, there is no way to resist. I would fall within seconds. I better don't want to know how many hearts Heidi has already broken. ;) Dear Heidi and dear Petter i have one question for you, please don't be offended, i know i'm probably going too far. You both have given us already more than i could ask for, Heidi's first real orgasms, with a unbelievably beautiful "bonus" on top. It was a breathtaking and unforgettable experience to withness this, a great gift. Again, thank you very much for this. But here it comes, you have also been teasing us about Heidi's virginity. This, and Hegre-Art being a really special site, so centered around the happiness, beauty and sexuality of it's models, so intimate and close to reality that it defines a new genre and so far away from being "pornographic" as erotic art can be, makes me wonder if you two have already thought about capturing and sharing more of Heidi's sexual journey. I usually don't support the requests for going full intercourse on this site, but if Heidi would want to do another first in front of a camera, the first time with her boy-friend, whenever she finds the right one and whenever both of them feel ready and free enough to go that step, then it would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity if they allow Petter to make a film about it. If anyone can do that with the needed respect, with appreciation and great taste then it's Petter Hegre. He is the only one who can do it right, period. The outcome would underline everything this site stands for, if there is a right place for this, then it's here. And don't get me wrong, there is no need to shoot that in full detail, that's not what i'm asking for, i don't need graphic proofs. I'm seeing wild flames in Heidi's eyes, behind all the shyness and playful looks she gives us, and that makes me think there is a tiny little chance for this, enough to encourage me to speak about the phantasy to watch such a film, starring Heidi, shot by Petter. What do you think? Are you going to make history? You knew something like this was coming, right? ;)

Doc United Kingdom

Heidi This woman is almost dangerously gorgeous, and some of the images of this shoot are wonderful. Now, am I right in thinking that most of the galleries of her shown so far on this site were all shot on the same day? And does Petter ever actually read any of these comments, or are they just there for us outsiders to argue about? Let her grow some pubic hair, for pity's sake, and you would have a nuclear weapon of a model on your hands, we would all need protective goggles to look at her! Look at Silvie, and Sian, and the Japanese girls (especially Rie), Dear God they are fabulous!! And as for poor Maik, (comments below), somebody throw a bucket of water over him before he spontaneously combusts!

Doc United Kingdom

RE: Heidi Maik! Have you not seen Fabi in the tantra section? Check it out, the full tantra massage video, and see if you think that she is the one who should be the first full penetration receiver on the site. Actually I suspect it will be Flora who will be first, and she certainly seems to know what she is doing (ask Mike!)! :-)

JerseyJoe5 United States

Honestly Heidi I enjoy and appreciate many of the more erotic massages, films and photo sets on this site involving naturally sexy models like Flora, Clover, Emily, Valerie, Tigra and Milena, so I surprise even myself with what I am about to type: I sort of hope to never see that sort of imagery with Heidi. She has such a gorgeous face and beautiful body she exudes a pure, natural, classic beauty that is sexually enticing in its own way. Maik put it far more eloquently than I can do justice here. Suffice it to say that when Heidi is listed for an upcoming film or photo gallery, I look forward to it just as much (if not more so) as an erotic massage involving Flora or Emily. Please, Petter, more of Heidi and her beautiful features. Maybe even a lingerie shoot or a set with low-cut, tightly bound Renaissance gowns.

wheeler United States

Ramble much, Malik???

Maik Germany

dreams This is fun. I was dreaming "a little" about a film, maybe called "first love". Isn't that a obvious result of showing us such a goddess and telling us she is still a virgin and had her first orgasms here? ;) We have seen many groundbreaking shoots and films on this site, so one can only try to ask, in a hopefully nice way. And honestly, i don't care if all this is just a illusion (i'm not saying it is), as long as it's done in HegreArt-style. JerseyJoe5, i understand what you mean, but if you look closely at the content, you will see there is nothing to fear. Thats one of the things which make this site different. The models personality is involved and fully respected. You never get the feeling a setup is being "forced" on a girl just to get it done. Whatever is coming with Heidi, you can be sure she had a good word maybe even the idea to do that, and this will show. For example, there are differences between shoots with Emily and Flora, each does wild things and enjoys them, but i would not expect Emily in a bondage massage like Flora. Which girl will be the first to do the full thing? It doesn't really matter to me, and it doesn't matter when this will happen. It will be done one day, whenever the models and Petter are ready. The idea i was talking about was Heidi's "first time", not Hegre-Art's. And yes, of course, this will remain a dream. ;) Heidi is just driving me crazy. Those eyes...

SageSailorIX United States

Heidi (late) Dreams? I realize that I'm probably going to be seen as a 'Jonny-come-Lately' but I'm also late to the Twitter rush toward what's "Trending", so here it is: I'm used to viewing 'Classic' nudes, and the women who model for the portraits (and photographs) with their pubic hair intact. Whatever the current fashion may be...I learned quite awhile ago to "Dance with who brung you". So, I enjoy the pleasure of seeing (for the "first-time") a model who is bold enough to bring her own hair...of whatever color or texture the table. Once she's arrived, then of course she may 'freely' choose to submit to the varied degrees of 'debauchery' applied to the removal of her most feminine tresses. (As, in the case of Milena?) I, am an old Sailor...and as such, am quite 'openly' old-fashioned...and I join (with 'Doc'?) in the chorus of members petitioning Petter to permit Heidi to grow her 'pubic hairs' to their fullest and most natural delight! Yours, Patience; SageSailorIX

Heidi Scandinavian star | April 14th, 2014
Heidi Scandinavian star
mazungu United Kingdom

Heidi Heidi is so fresh and her eyes so revealing and the message is that is is here to stay and to entertain Watch out she has more to offer

ailefroide Belgium

Heidi 14 april 2014 So beautiful ...

wheeler United States

heidi is indeed a breathe of fresh air!

Heidi Norwegian Elf | March 20th, 2014
Heidi Norwegian Elf
Bezore United States

That's more like it I described a previous gallery (Flora, Medical Experiment) as monotonous and "too much vagina". This set of Heidi is a perfectly beautiful celebration of the female physique. She is beautiful and natural and I enjoyed the photos very much, thanks.

Draco United States

Elf If Heidi is an Elf, then I would like to meet her in the woods of Norway!!!!

ailefroide Belgium

Heidi Norvegian Elf Don't change anything.

wheeler United States

RE: Heidi Norvegian Elf couldn't have said it better!

Heidi High | March 8th, 2014
Heidi High
BeeDee United Kingdom

Heidi Make sure that all your other photographers and models see this set and weep. This is how it SHOULD be done. Perfection. BeeDee

Petr Canada

Heidi High Beautiful, Heidi is a Nordic Nymph , now a video of dance Please , outdoors in nature setting, or Roman bath , or ,,,

Maik Germany

Angel We already knew it, but now we have proof. Heidi is an angel, she can even fly. Perfectly done, so beautiful. Petter has the best job of the world.

mcm United States

Heidi - of course OMG - Heidi is so gorgeously photogenic. Like a perfect gem - could never ever grow weary of looking at her.

Doc United Kingdom

Heidi Hi! You really have a fabulous model here, quite stunning, and with others like Emily to work with, we are all insanely jealous! The pictures of her sitting are truly magnificent, well done. Now, at the risk of being repetitive, and with the support of many out there I am sure, pleeease let her pubic hair grow to match her flaxen locks, and serve up a mind-blowing shoot to rival any! Please!!!!!

Heidi roman bath | February 28th, 2014
Heidi roman bath
wheeler United States

oh yes!! once again, I gotta say it...VIDEO PLEASE!!!

Maik Germany

eye contact Those eyes... Eye-contact with Heidi is special, well, of course with a naked Heidi even more. Beautiful pictures. Heidi is just drop-dead gorgeous. Hey, this kind of scene, in motion, would make a great highlight in a movie or tv-show like Game of Thrones. There can never be enough of Heidi here. She's a goddess and already a star here. Yeah, i admit, i'm starting to fall a bit love... ;)

Letti Germany

Heidi roman bath very beautiful and natural, looks so innocent, I like all on her

ailefroide Belgium

Heidi roman bath I agree with Malk : those eyes are exceptional ... And the remainder is great too. Thanks.

Pog Thailand

She is lovely.

simon Switzerland

Except for the last four pictures, an astonishing set, both from the model perspective as well as the picture quality (color, crop, expression and creativity).

NakedTravel Canada

Superb set!

Doc United Kingdom

Heidi Roman bath Some very fine shots here, and some ordinary ones. Wet hair does not magically drape itself over both nipples, so it looks too 'staged'. And I know you like to cater to all tastes, so when will you let this rare beauty grow some pubic hair and blow us all away?! What are you waiting for?!?! C'mon!!

Heidi 18 years | February 22nd, 2014
Heidi 18 years
Jon United Kingdom

Glorious Lovely smile, lovely body.

carmark Germany

Heidi is soooo cherubic. My favourite

Pog Thailand


Maik Germany

Lovely face, beautiful smile, gorgeous body. Stunning. Heidi is really a great discovery. Lucky for us she made it into hegre-studios. I can't wait to see her first film.

Doc United Kingdom

Heidi What a fabulous model, by Jingo! And terrific teasing with the gorgeous hair veiling the breasts, and crossed arms hiding the pudenda, and then you go and spoil it all by shaving her groin so she looks underage. This girl is a real find, as I am sure you realise, but please let her look 'adult', with proper pubic hair! For us traditionalists! You can always shave it again afterwards, if you must....

wheeler United States

ah yes! this is what I came here for! feminine beauty in it's simplest and finest form!

draco United States

Heidi = gorgeous Pure natural beauty... Heidi is incredible. Could never tire of seeing her naked, but she could melt a glacier wrapped up in an Eskimo suit with nothing but her eyes and smile exposed...

Heidi red sheets | February 12th, 2014
Heidi red sheets
zorro United Kingdom

Wow! what a beauty!

abelard Brazil

Oh, my...what a beauty, what a beauty! Keep coming new sets from her, please. And I hope for some video.

Nelson Poland

That's a true natural beauty. Everything is perfect. It would be great to hear an interview with her.

Umberto Italy

Heidi is such a beauty and those curling hairs drive me crazy! I'd love to see her smile a bit more, anyway she's terrific! We definitely need a video...

Heidi introduction | February 2nd, 2014
Heidi introduction
Kikomon United States

It's nice not to see ribs and jutting hip bones for a change.

wheeler United States

yet another stunner!

carmark Germany

Heidi Wow, from Petter's own country ! Who said angels must be blonde and blue eyed. Heidi is a vision and UN must create beauty heritage. Petter more of Heidi and faster please.

zorro United Kingdom

lovely girl. let's hope we see more of her.

Umberto Italy

I love Norway What a wonderful girl!!! I love her curly, long hairs and her amazing, natural and young body. As always Petter work is perfect in showing us all her qualities. I'm looking forward for more Heidi

simon Switzerland


Rico Portugal

Congrats Petter , amazing woman Heidi :) , sexy curves she has ! give us more

Maik Germany

Welcome Heidi You are right, this photo-set gave me a few tingles. What a beautiful girl. I hope many shoots will follow.

bell India


ailefroide Belgium

Heidi introduction Wonderfull. You 'll be in my dreams ... Congratulations.

Steve (aka MrBig) United States

WOW...what a find Petter...another spectacular beauty from the homeland.'re beautiful and I hope to see more of you in the weeks to come. You make my membership worthwhile and now considering a lifetime version. When will you be in film?

Doc United Kingdom

Heidi What a girl! A true beauty, like the ones the great artists used to paint. Now, imagine her WITH pubic hair!!?? Oh Lordy! Help, call 911!! A great set of pictures, but the smutty drivel that describes her is embarrassing. That is not art, that is cheap porn. Please, just let her appearance do the talking, if that is the best you can do.

Heidi Films COMMENTS

Heidi Erotic Rituals | July 22nd, 2014
Heidi Erotic Rituals
clqrvy United States

I would LOVE to see another massage with shackles and a blindfold like Leyla's. If Heidi is up for it, even better!

Mojo55-7 Switzerland

Heidi - Erotic Rituals After a promising start, this film seemed to lose direction, as if the director didn't know what else to do to fill up the time. The second half was a mish-mash of intercutting and the ending was decidedly anti-climactic. The film would have been far more effective, in my opinion, if the sequence of scenes had been reversed and the film had ended with Heidi enjoying a strong, vibrator-induced, orgasm whilst bound to her chair.

Flyer123 United States

Beautifully filmed but... Heidi is spectacular for sure. Creative & beautifully done but would loved to have seen more in the chair, especially the process of strapping her in, blindfolding her, having someone get her out, etc. Would have made it even sexier. Oh yeah, is there a nicer ass on the planet?

Maik Germany

Not the masterpiece i was hoping for I never thought i would say this about a film with Heidi, but i'm disappointed. The cover made me expect something like Emily's "Extreme Restrains", but this isn't even close. Heidi is wonderful to look at, for sure, and there is some good lighting and camera-work in the first part, but still, this film is missing something. One thing are Heidi's killer-eyes, how could you do that? The other thing is, some shots did look more like a performance than real, i'm even not sure if there was some audio from other moments brought in afterwards to enhance a few shots. But the real disappointment is the second part with the slomos. Again, Heidi is great and i get the idea, but i wished there would be more variance, you just repeat the same two shots again and again, it looks a bit uninspired to me. Wouldn't it have made more sense to put the bathing before the punishment? Technically, the flickering is really bad this time, thanks to the contrasty (and in theory good looking) light. The different colors make the slomos stand out too, but not in a good way. The flickering simply destroys it for me this time. You know you can fix that? It's doable even in post-production. Now about the idea with the story. An ancient roman slave gets punished with what? A Magic Wand? Something doesn't fit here. ;) But, yes, stories in general are a good idea. I would love to see your take on a fully developed film. Especially this setup brought up many ideas that could have enhanced the experience and would have given more sense into everything. Flyer123 named a few. Come on Petter, you have access to some great actresses, ready to do more for you. Thats are rare opportunity. Let them do their job (maybe even with dialogues) and then mix it up with your style of shooting nude beauty and sexuality, which we all love so much.

Boom United Kingdom

Brings new meaning to The Lady of Shalott.......

Justplaying United States

Sexy Girl. That little ass popping in and out of the water was a nice touch. You guys should blow a few hundred bucks and get the lady's a nice Sybian to play with. Scenes with a Sybian can be very sensual. Very nice Heidi, Thank You

Bernard Netherlands

Heidi Erotic Rituals I love to see beautiful girls sitting on the Hitachi-chair, so I love the start of the film. I was very disappointed, that the “chair-time” was much to short. Heidi is very beautiful and she has a very erotic body, so I hope that we'll see Heidi back on the famous chair (please for longer time) or to get a very long massage with a Hitachi wand.

wheeler United States

well, I thought it was hot!

Heidi 180 Frames Per Second | May 13th, 2014
Heidi 180 Frames Per Second
wheeler United States

well, that was just LOVELY! definitely one of your more artistic efforts of late!

MojoMa55 Switzerland

Heidi 180 fps Although a little repetitive, this performance is almost poetry in motion.

Maik Germany

slow motion Are you reading my mind? ;) Something like this was my first idea when i saw Heidi's "High" photo-set. Great artistic film, nice music too. Slow motion is made for you and well placed here. Heidi can move, it looks like an angel is dancing. Yes, you are right, she never fails to melt my heart. A look into her eyes is enough to forget everything and fall in love again and again. Words can't describe her good enough. You are really lucky to have found her, and i'm happy about that too. A little nitpicking at the end, you have to fix the light for high fps-stuff, there is some flickering going on, and secondly there are some shots that are too soft. Overall, great film with a wonderful model. Hope to see more of Heidi soon. Do we get a chance to hear her speak one day?

twobe1 United States

Heidi Art is sexier than eroticism.

JerseyJoe5 United States

Renaissance girl Heidi has classic beauty. You captured it perfectly at 180 fps. Nice work.

murf United States

beautiful and musical Love the slo-mo. Artful and sensual. What a joy to watch. My only negative comment is that I would have had her take the ring off before filming (bizzare comment in light if the compelling images, but there you have it).

James Australia

Eyes have it Those eyes....................

Rico Portugal

AMAZING !! Love it !! so peaceful .... erotic and sexy . Great work ! Thanks

Auricman United States

Do it Again Love it. All those frames that you can freeze with good resolution.

Jamesrjs United States

Lovely Beautiful girl, love her cute, tight camel toe pussy.

Heidi Red Sheets | March 4th, 2014
Heidi Red Sheets
wheeler United States

just...WOW!!! I must say, that was the best thing I've seen on here in quite some time! as you say, "no gimmicks, just perfection!!!" Thank you Heidi (and, all these ladies), for making a hellish life just a bit more heavenly! much love to you!

Maik Germany

dream sequence Congrats for another masterpiece. This is just like a dream sequence. Beautifully shot and tasteful, nice and slow, with a good balance between showing everything but not too much. Extremely hot. A perfect tease, that makes me want more. I really like the cuts from close-ups of Heidi's magical eyes and lovely face to her perfect body. Heidi is a goddess. Good camera and focus-work too. Overall, great.

Jon United Kingdom

Just lovely Beautiful really.

Rico Portugal

Amazing , sexy ... and super relaxing .

JerseyJoe5 United States

Heidi in Red This is simply a beautiful film involving a very feminine nude model. A joy to watch with an endearing sound track to match. It more accurately could have been titled "Heidi in Red" with the gorgeous red hair on top of her head cascading down over her enticing breasts, to her pinkish red nipples and the light red body hair evidenced by Hegre-Art's typical fine image techniques. I like the more erotic massage videos and films on this site but this is pleasing in a very natural way without the explicitness, too.

Petr Canada

Red Sheets sensual , sensational. Hot and yet respectful of Heidi. Best I have seen. Nice work to all involved.

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Heidi in Red She looks like a Pre-Raphaelite model. Perhaps I should have taken up painting or photography, rather than poetry, in oder to be able to spend more time admiring the beauty of the naked female form!.

Kalonphile France

request to Peter Hegré Through your camera young Heidy presents us amazing pictures of a youngish female.Thanks God, there was no place in your film for spreading poses and even the fingering was light.May you keep that line ,dear PH ,with this young pure looking Heidy. Unless she wishes, as many of young models, to become a pornstar...

James Australia

Those eyes.....

Heidi Massage COMMENTS

Uncontrolled Ejaculation Massage | February 25th, 2014
Uncontrolled Ejaculation Massage
Maik Germany

what a gift What a tremendous gift you made us here. I'm a bit speechless. There is simply no better way to capture and share the beauty of female orgasms than with Hegre-Art. You found a new way to do this, so beautiful and relaxed. The massage videos here are a new genre. I love them. And today we have a gorgeous young girl giving us the chance to witness her very first orgasm and on top of that with that rarely seen female ejaculation. Stunning! I'm feeling lucky for the opportunity to watch this. Well, that was a outstanding first video for a new model. Unforgettable. No more words, just a big thank you dear Heidi and Petter.

Rob United States

Ejaculation Exactly where does she squirt? Time would be helpful

freestyle55o United Kingdom

toys I love the massages on this site they are so unique but why on earth are they now featuring toys instead of the skilled hands of the masseur to give the receiver an orgasm...I am really disappointed and hope Hegre Art reconsider their fixation with toys.

Gluteluver57 Italy

When did she have an orgasm (time)? When did she ejaculate?

Canchahel France

Fairy tale A Norwegian woman, virgin at 18? Who knows… No orgasm before 18? Highly unlikely, specially for a girl “with 6 years of ballet training”. One female ejaculation? It doesn’t exist (ballistically impossible) and, here [10:05 -10:11 and 10:46-10:54), the phenomenon is a lot more banal but, as Flora should say, “it’s just business”. Anyway, the film is pleasant: the masseuse is a real pro (we already knew it) and Heidi is a fairy.

Yola United States

Good for you! Wow--beautiful girl, beautiful orgasms!

johnny United States

Gorgeous young lady, if she could have just kept her legs apart would have been slightly better. The ejaculation was kind of left to our imaginatiions. Good video, disappointed with the orgasm.

Maik Germany

real vs. fake Guys, what we see here is real and thats so much more beautiful than just the typical porn-business. Those massage-videos are exceptional, and this one is just mind-blowing, because of Heidi's story, her brave step to come out with it and to share this once-in-a-lifetime experience and a huge part of her sexuality with us. She lets us witness her first orgasm! No, a girl doesn't have to scream out loud, she doesn't have to spread her legs wide open and female ejaculation doesn't mean it has to be a powerful "squirt". What Heidi and Petter gave us here is a lot more intimate and exciting than a faked performance and orchestrated orgasm ever can be. Erotic-Art can't be more real, puristic and intimate. And if you don't believe the story, call it even a fairy-tale, then thats just your loss. The magic wand was Heidi's choice, this film is about making her happy, so let her do whatever she wants. This film is wonderful, Heidi is gorgeous in every second. I applaud you Heidi for your exceptional and brave step to do this here for Petter and us.

Canchahel France

RE: real vs. fake Amen.

Massager Switzerland

Fantastic! Really fantastic! Just one comment: It is difficult to believe that just a gorgeous girl is still a virgin, but if it is true, why not show it? the massager could have opened her lips to have a close look at her virginity. Can you try for the next show? But don't delay too much because for sure she will not remain a virgin for long!

Yola United States

RE: real vs. fake I agree wholeheartedly. Some people will not believe in a woman's ejaculation no matter what anyone says, but the truth is that women can and do expel watery fluid that has more in common with male prostatic fluid than urine. Sometimes it's a hard stream, sometimes it's a gush. Not everyone does. Even those who do don't always do it or do it the same way each time. It's just a beautiful expression of sexual pleasure like all others ways to express such things! And for those who missed it, you are probably looking for it too late in the video. It happens when she is face down, more towards the 10 minute mark than the end. You don't really see it come out, but you see it spray around the magic wand and the masseuse's hands. If you want a big show, google Cytherea. Otherwise, even if it wasn't truly her first orgasm ever, I thought it was lovely and a welcome addition to the Hegre repertoire.

krullmaster United States

First orgasm?? Aww come on guys, there is no way on earth that this was her first orgasm. Further, I'm not totally convinced that what we saw was the so-called "mystical female ejaculation". Having said that, the massage videos here are fantastic nonetheless, and are without equal anywhere on the internet.

Mangate Morocco

I'm sorry -- yes, she is a beautiful, young, sexy girl. But if you think I believe that a girl like this -- whether she is "squirting" or urinating -- would "save her first orgasm" for an erotic photo internet site, using a vibrator of all things, is preposterous. Sorry, I'm just not that stupid. Is he young, Norwegian, and sexy? Absolutely. A virgin? Doubtful. Now she does have lips that suggest being reamed hundreds or thousands of times, so I'll accept that she has some "quasi-virgin territory between her thighs. First orgasm? Oh, COME ON!

Steve (USA) United States

RE: real vs. fake I agree 100%... Heidi is a rare gem of a woman. Thank you Petter for finding another beauty and fellow Norwegian.

Steve (Texas) United States

Tasty... It's official...I'm in love!

two-together United States

re: re: real vs fake I am the female partner in "two-together". That some continue to think that women cannot ejaculate amazes me. Why is this so hard to believe, and why would we women (and the men who know better) make this up, to what end? And that some think that the appearance of a woman's sexuality will demonstrate her state of virginity is preposterous. I can only think that those who subscribe to this notion have not seen very many vaginas. Whether this her first orgasm we will never know. I don't know that Peter would say otherwise, after all it is his reputation on the line, so to speak. If this is her first orgasm then I'm sorry it had to be by means of a vibrator instead of simple human touch. A final note, I'm very distracted by the power strip in this video. I'm sure it was an oversight.

freestyle550 United Kingdom

massages I'm not saying I didn't enjoy this massage but when I watch some of the massages from 3 or 4 years ago and compare them to this they are worlds apart,maybe some would say the site had to move on and evolve but personally if you are going to have a massage section then make it more like the yoni massage with Zana back in 2010...pure sensual eroticism,no plastic toys to excite a girl just the skill of the masseur and her hands. Surely making a girl cum with toys has plenty of space to be found in the films section...lets face it the net is awash with toy sites but has very few massage videos.for me they are sublime and hope they return to the purest form of previous times. Rob.

twobe1 United States

Sensual Absolutely lovely.

freal United States

RE: massages Which is the Zana massage you mention?

Mix_Bit Italy

Sweet sights The sighs and the joy on the face of this beautiful girl, tell no lies the intense pleasure she is trying. A pleasure but too technical, very professional, but not natural. I hope in the return to massage between bodies without mechanical tools, just stroking, looks and mutual pleasure.

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Uncontrolled Ejaculation Massage. Heidi is certainly beautiful and she responded well to her treatment which, I am sure, she greatly enjoyed. Efficiently effective and rapid the 'magic wand' may be, but it is rather impersonal. I would prefer to watch the giver's digital skills working on the receiver's body so that I can observes the techniques and learn more ways to please and satisfy my partner without any recourse to mechanical aids.

clqrvy United States

By far my favorite part of this massage - and one that makes it stand out from many of the others - is the way the masseuse caresses and teases Heidi's whole body throughout the whole massage (especially her breasts and nipples). There's more than one erogenous zone on a woman!

KM4Wolf Canada

RE: Fairy tale Fairy tale, just a little info to educate you yes female ejaculation exists and it isn't urine it contains much of the same properties as a male ejaculate!! It comes from directly stimulating the female prostate or skene's glands behind the g spot!! It can happen before during or after orgasm this is the 21 century isn't it!! It doesn't happen for 100% of all women but all women have the necessary mechanics to ejaculate!! Please google female ejaculation or read up on the subject you will be pleasantly surprised!!