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Heidi Profile

Name: Heidi
Country: Norway
Weight: 46kg
Height: 165cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Student and designer

Wild, untamed and gorgeous

Heidi, 18, is a natural beauty from the deep forests of Norway. A mysterious land filled with legends of ancient tribes of Norwegian trolls.

People wrongly think trolls are stupid and ugly. But that’s just the myth created by the film industry. In fact, some trolls are incredibly beautiful and intelligent creatures.

And you can see it for yourself with this amazing wild mane of hair and a body so gorgeous it’s as if Mother Nature herself created it. And with 6 years of ballet training, she’s pretty flexible, too.

Studying art and design, Heidi dreams of being a big time fashion designer. As soon as she turned 18 she left home to seek thrills and adventure.

New to nude modelling, she loves the tingling feeling in her stomach when she strips off. And we’re pretty sure her naked body will give you a few tingles, too!

Heidi Hedonist March 23rd, 2015
Looking Good!
Gazing upon heavenly Heidi is always pure pleasure!
Always great to see Heidi. She is so cute and beautiful. Never can get enough of her.
Absolutely gorgeous
In all respects. Beautiful.
Heidi Heroine February 12th, 2015
Yes, this lass is really something, but, please, do a shoot of her with pubic hair, at least once before I die, or an amazing opportunity will have been missed for artistic perfection. Pleeeease!!
Absolute perfection!!!
Sublimely Special!
I'm not really into hero worship, but for Heidi I will gladly make an exception. From her magnificent mane, to her bountiful bosom, to her world-class ass, this flawless flirt is truly an extraordinary beauty who deserves to be placed high upon a perfect pedestal so as to be best admired by all of us mere mortals. I am totally awestruck!
String Of Orgasms Massage January 13th, 2015
What a beautiful lady
You are a beautiful lady! I have watched this video over and over again! Incredibly expressive face tell just how much your body is responding to stimulation! Can't wait to see you more!
The reason why ive rejoined Hegre Art,just fantastic massage videos,unlike anything on the internet,please never stop making them.
Heidi's string of orgasms
I thought we had gone past the clothed masseuse phase, but sadly not here. Heidi is remarkable, and her joyous spasms are very arousing. Will we ever get to see her with pubic hair, when I for one might spontaneously combust?!!
Thanks to everybody involved for making this wonderful video. Both the model and masseuse are exceedingly beautiful. If I could only make one small suggestion, I wish the masseuse would use her free hand to caress the rest of Heidi's body more often. That was part of the reason her last massage was so wonderful.
Love the final shot
RE: Magic Wand / Baguette magique
Yes Hardhead you are right, it’s for the beautiful Heidi the second massage with a Hitachi Magic Wand. But it is for her also the third film with a Hitachi because she also enjoyed the Hitachi-chair. I think like all women she loves the incredibly Hitachi Baguette Magique.
Sensuous Woman
We have followed Heidi from being an innocent 18 to becoming a sensuous woman. In Heidi’s first massage she was barely responsive, now after massage, wet dreams, and Exotic Rituals she is a responsive, exotic woman. Zana’s delicate touch released Heidi like no other massage we have seen. Petter, your closing pan was masterful and a fitting end as Heidi closed her eyes to enjoy the afterglow. Brava to Heidi and Zana.
Finalement ........ encore une fois!
At last ……… once again a perfect erotic woman - woman massage. Very, very sensual filmed. I want more, more, more! Thank you Petter!
Zana and Heidi
Tor said it as well as I might. There is a wonderful educational aspect to your films! They help guys learn and approach some understanding about how to please our wives, loves. Women are still so mysterious. I don't know whether guys will learn all there is to know about women (no matter how hard we try).
String of Orgasms Massage
An excellent demonstration of consecutive multiple orgasms although - as a student of Tantric Sensual Massage practices - I would have liked to see more close-ups of the masseuse's fingering techniques.
love it!
Zana is amazing! Ofcause Heidi is amazing as well, but Zana has learned me so much when it comes to how to please my wife! I will be ever grateful!!
Magic Wand
Two Massage Videos with the Magic Wand!
Heidi wet dreams December 1st, 2014
Great pictures! You have to unpack super size medition (10000px) to see her secretion from vagina.
All I can say is wow
she is soooo cute and my favorit!
Heidi Erotic Rituals July 22nd, 2014
well, I thought it was hot!
Heidi Erotic Rituals
I love to see beautiful girls sitting on the Hitachi-chair, so I love the start of the film. I was very disappointed, that the “chair-time” was much to short. Heidi is very beautiful and she has a very erotic body, so I hope that we'll see Heidi back on the famous chair (please for longer time) or to get a very long massage with a Hitachi wand.
Sexy Girl. That little ass popping in and out of the water was a nice touch. You guys should blow a few hundred bucks and get the lady's a nice Sybian to play with. Scenes with a Sybian can be very sensual. Very nice Heidi, Thank You
Brings new meaning to The Lady of Shalott.......
Not the masterpiece i was hoping for
I never thought i would say this about a film with Heidi, but i'm disappointed. The cover made me expect something like Emily's "Extreme Restrains", but this isn't even close. Heidi is wonderful to look at, for sure, and there is some good lighting and camera-work in the first part, but still, this film is missing something. One thing are Heidi's killer-eyes, how could you do that? The other thing is, some shots did look more like a performance than real, i'm even not sure if there was some audio from other moments brought in afterwards to enhance a few shots. But the real disappointment is the second part with the slomos. Again, Heidi is great and i get the idea, but i wished there would be more variance, you just repeat the same two shots again and again, it looks a bit uninspired to me. Wouldn't it have made more sense to put the bathing before the punishment? Technically, the flickering is really bad this time, thanks to the contrasty (and in theory good looking) light. The different colors make the slomos stand out too, but not in a good way. The flickering simply destroys it for me this time. You know you can fix that? It's doable even in post-production. Now about the idea with the story. An ancient roman slave gets punished with what? A Magic Wand? Something doesn't fit here. ;) But, yes, stories in general are a good idea. I would love to see your take on a fully developed film. Especially this setup brought up many ideas that could have enhanced the experience and would have given more sense into everything. Flyer123 named a few. Come on Petter, you have access to some great actresses, ready to do more for you. Thats are rare opportunity. Let them do their job (maybe even with dialogues) and then mix it up with your style of shooting nude beauty and sexuality, which we all love so much.
Beautifully filmed but...
Heidi is spectacular for sure. Creative & beautifully done but would loved to have seen more in the chair, especially the process of strapping her in, blindfolding her, having someone get her out, etc. Would have made it even sexier. Oh yeah, is there a nicer ass on the planet?
Heidi - Erotic Rituals
After a promising start, this film seemed to lose direction, as if the director didn't know what else to do to fill up the time. The second half was a mish-mash of intercutting and the ending was decidedly anti-climactic. The film would have been far more effective, in my opinion, if the sequence of scenes had been reversed and the film had ended with Heidi enjoying a strong, vibrator-induced, orgasm whilst bound to her chair.
I would LOVE to see another massage with shackles and a blindfold like Leyla's. If Heidi is up for it, even better!