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Photo of Gia Hill and Noma


Photo of Gia Hill and Noma
Name: Gia Hill and Noma
Country: USA
Weight: 66kg
Height: 186cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Models

Two bodies, one personality

Meet the identical twins, 22, from Florida, USA. These striking girls are two bodies but just one unique personality. So for the first time we have one profile for two models.

And what bodies. Not just tall, they tower above other models. In fact, they’re the tallest models Petter Hegre has ever worked with. And while they may look like refined catwalk models, they’re actually more likely to be chilling out with their feet up, munching peanut butter sandwiches.

Surprisingly, both the twins have difficulty holding on to boyfriends (so you still have a chance!). Their bond is so deep and strong it’s hard for any man to come between them.

Coming from small town Florida, they were picked on as kids due to their remarkable bodies. But, united, nothing could touch them. They’ve grown into very playful, confident and sexually open women.

They share the same incredible looks, but also a bond that can only exist between twins. With these models, you really do get twice the pleasure.

Gia Hill and Noma Galleries COMMENTS

Gia Hill concrete nudes by Noma | October 9th, 2014
Gia Hill concrete nudes by Noma
ailefroide Belgium

Gia Hill and Noma Still different and always so beautiful. Encore différent et toujours aussi beau.

Gia Hill and Noma trouble twins | August 25th, 2014
Gia Hill and Noma trouble twins
Mike1050 United States

Trouble Twins Gia Hill and Noma are as sexy as ever, and both so entirely natural and at ease in front of the camera! Excellent set.

Pog Thailand

Again wow

James Michaels United States

Trouble Twins I did not find this at all sexy. What I did find was work that was artistically sensational.

wheeler United States

re: james michaels I found it to be both! nice to see some actual ART on hegre art!

Gia Hill photographed by Noma | June 6th, 2014
Gia Hill photographed by Noma
Mike1050 United States

Gia by Noma Wow! What a great set. Obviously all the women on this site are beautiful, but too many fail to engage with the camera. That's certainly not the case with the lovely American twins. Gia comes right through the lens (as does Noma) and makes one feel like they are in the same room! Very hot, very sexy!!!

Gia Hill fingering by Noma | July 4th, 2014
Gia Hill fingering by Noma
Sailor Germany

pussy hair removing wonderful pussy, however i'd like a movie cleaning here pussy and around from all the hair.

Gia Hill and Noma identical twins | July 30th, 2014
Gia Hill and Noma identical twins
ailefroide Belgium

Gia and Noma Creative.

Pog Thailand


Mike1050 United States

Twins So glad to see the ever so beautiful American twins once again. They both love the camera, and vice versa. Great work!

Voyeur United States

Ah, twins. And the interesting fantasies one comes up with.

wheeler United States

two are better than one!

Noma photographed by Gia Hill | May 15th, 2014
Noma photographed by Gia Hill
Zeppelin13 United Kingdom

RE: Photo number 10 Ohhh for gawd sake! Such beautiful titties!

wheeler United States

very nice! they gonna trade places next?

Mike1050 United States

Twins Outstanding! Both of the twins love the camera, and it returns the favor.

Tom Germany

One Twin shoot by the other Twin? She is also beautiful alone. But No! ;-( I want to see the twins as twins! Okay, now I know who is who. Before, I was not sure.

Gia Hill and Noma twins in love | April 25th, 2014
Gia Hill and Noma twins in love
Mike1050 United States

Twins In Love Magnificent! The twins are superb! Both display a highly erotic presence and seem to thoroughly enjoy what they do.

windmill Netherlands

Gia Hill & Noma Gia Hill and Noma so Lovely and sweet in a great ste of pictures.

wheeler United States

pic 23 kitty just couldn't resist taking a peek! who can blame him?

Gia Hill and Noma extraordinary twins | April 12th, 2014
Gia Hill and Noma extraordinary twins
Pog Thailand

I just love the two you,both are lovely.

Kevin United Kingdom

And a black pussy as well !!

windmill Netherlands

Gia Hill & Noma the obvious joy and fun showsof well. I enjoy tese twins more every time.

pierhart54 Italy

Gia Hill and Noma Fantastic!!!!How much fantasies of the positions!!!!Splendid!!!!

wheeler United States

looks like you had a furry voyeur on set there! doubt I could resist either, should that opportunity present itself!

Gia Hill and Noma crazy twins | March 10th, 2014
Gia Hill and Noma crazy twins
wheeler United States

lovely sister act!

Nanuk Switzerland

Gia and Norma Hill - Crazy Twins These two ladies are absolutely TOP !! Congratulation! I hope there will be a lot of galleries with These two darlings!

Hardhead Singapore

As long as it's not going to be explicit.

Canchahel France

Bi-witched Some of us remember « Bewitched » (in French “Ma sorcière bien-aimée”, my beloved witch), the TV series of the sixties, with Elizabeth Montgomery (who had, like the twins, a nice turned-up nose). If, today, a major studio - with a good director! - exploited this vein again, with hot “wine”, devilish fires and magick sex, I am sure Gia Hill and Noma could be the stars, and it would be a tsunami. But here, in Hegre-Art, I think it is only the beginning (like I wrote: they have strong potential) and I hope that we will not wait until Halloween to see a photo/video development on this theme, by Petter Hegre and/or Alya, since Alya loves (magic) mirrors games and, with these twins, the possibilities are infinite. I have the feeling that red and black could suit them very well, not only with make-up or dressing but with an environment, a background, an atmosphere in which these tones should prevail. In fact, it was more or less the case in “Bondage femdom massage” then in “Shopping Spree”, two nocturnal masterpieces where the tyranny of sun/sunlight is abolished so that the stars – the star above the stars and the double star (the morning one and the evening one) – may shine. Petter Hegre have to go on in this way, maybe, now, by doing with them the same kind of photos he made with the unforgettable Marketa, in “Doing the Palm Dance”, a.k.a. (to me) “The Triumph of the Paganism”.

Gia Hill and Noma American twins | February 23rd, 2014
Gia Hill and Noma American twins
Pog Thailand


wheeler United States

yes! these girls are very "wow"! hope they stick around for a long time!

HumanDesire United States

Wow. But Could you bring a virgin pussy to teach us what it look like.

Bill United States

Very nice very nice and no tattoos. so rare these days

Sandy United Kingdom

another OMG!!!!! The mind boggles as to the erotic games you could play sandwiched between these 2 sexy vixens. superb and extremely arousing

ailefroide Belgium

Gia Hill and Noma Does God agree ? Yes of course. Something like paradise. On earth.

Gia Hill and Noma twins from Florida | February 9th, 2014
Gia Hill and Noma twins from Florida
Kevin from Hertfordshire in England United Kingdom

Those Twins OMG Apart from the twin with the tattoo on her ankle being just slightly taller they really are identical in every other way (apart from the tattoo of course). Look at the close ups of photo number one. Their pussies look identical. Even their kneecaps look identical. Petter, please can we see more of these sexy sisters.

Tom Germany

Oh my God! The two are incredible. The cutest and prettiest twins I've ever seen.

GreenM United States

AAAAAHHHHH I don't know which one to like more! Twins! Also I don't know which one is which. I'm going to guess, Gia is the one on the left? She looks like the extroverted twin and Noma looks like the introverted twin. Very Very Beautiful!

Canchahel France

Ohm's law Both the girls really make sparks fly, not only because they know how to move their splendid athletic bodies and are easy in front of the camera, but because, clearly, “the current flows” between them (on that point, they remind me of Gloria and Nicole). If Gia and Noma are twins, fortunately they are not identical, what increases their electrical potential. Dynamism and personality, keen gazes, nice smiles and great butts: yes, they have strong potential. With these two atomic piles, Petter Hegre is going to start a new power station that will supply Hegre-Art for a long time (and no risk of accidents in Chernobyl sort). Now, let’s dream a bit. Shouldn’t they try to sing something, one day? I’m sure they’ll do it better than the Pop Tarts. A threesome with a man or a woman, maybe? And why not a four-hands massage given by the Floridian flowers to Flora?

Yummy United States

Twins With the range of expression these two beauties offer, they look to be formidable girls. Bravo! 2 real beauties. Love the lines, be nice to see this outside in a natural setting.

Auricman United States

Twin Amazon Beauties Perfect twins I hope to see double in the future. By the way which one has the tatoo on her foot??

Edwin Maerzluft Canada

Very beautiful fit slim perfect young models and twins double the enjoyment.

Kikomon United States

Absolutely Gorgeous I love their tall, slender, non-anorexic bodies with no bones (ribcage, hipbones) poking through.

wheeler United States

definitely a couple of stunners! Hope they stick around for a while!

Gia Hill and Noma Films COMMENTS

Gia Hill And Noma Twin Shooting Twin | March 18th, 2014
Gia Hill And Noma Twin Shooting Twin
wheeler United States

AWESOME!!! thanks for another great look behind the scenes! and, for letting me hear the conversation!

Laury Luxembourg

Twin shooting twin What´s that? These both are no amateurs even having started recently at this site. And sorry, I can´t believe Petter allowed to use one of his precious cameras without his OK. However, these both girlies offers a fascinating performace show of her delightful bodys. Will there be a gallerie? There are differnt very interesting photos I´d like to isolate. I´m definately a fan of Ghia and Norma.

Rick United States

Next.... When these two touch each other's pussy, let me know

Rico Spain

unreal !! crazy moment with the crazy twins !!! Great fun to watch this !! Thanks

wheeler United States

RE: Next.... do realize they're sisters' right?

GoodSamurai Japan

Wow,,,,, Wowow, Wowow, Wowow, Woooowwwwowwww!!!!!!

Canchahel France

Alya's dream We have here a very good esthetic approach to the problem of the self and its double, a theme that is always Alya’s explicit obsession but, considering « Twin shooting twin » and some other signs, is probably Petter’s implicit obsession too. The appropriation, by our astounding twins, of the Maestro’s symbolic object is clearly heavy with Freudians implications but constitutes also one mythical reference since, through this device that fascinates, captures and reproduces, it is the presence/absence of Petter Hegre which gives itself to be thought in the Osirian mode. Lively, hotter and hotter, this film is both playful and pro: Gia Hill and Noma are splendid and show controlled natural (like in “American Apparel”) while taking up very well the space with no time-out ; of course, camera shots, angles, lighting and the excellent editing have had a lot of influence on it. The music fits well, too, at least in the first half of the movie. It will be interesting to see the results in photos. But… what have I read? « Don’t let the twins down »?! -Inconceivable: the twins are the kind of women who may let down somebody but nobody can let them down, in this world or in the hereafter.

Tom Germany

Oh my God! Amazing! Hot, hotter, the hottest. The two drive me crazy. ;-)

Tomaji United States

pictures from this shoot So, how do we see the photos from this shoot?...that would be fun to see the results.

snizzled New Zealand

that was a classic - is there any way to get portuguese erika into a shoot like that?

Gia Hill And Noma American Apparel Shopping Spree | February 4th, 2014
Gia Hill And Noma American Apparel Shopping Spree
cc United States

welcome to HEGRE!

Maik Germany

best nude in public Welcome Gia and Noma! Well, that was something new for this site and really fun to watch. Great to hear the girls speaking in a relaxed way. This, their unmissable bond and the fun they have together makes this video probably the best nude in public-film. The Hegre-touch is there. Good camera work too. Great job overall. Hey girls out there, thats a way to make shopping not boring for your male companion. ;)

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Gia and Noma A fun shoot for the girls. They are so beautiful that it would be super to see them in some massage videos/films.

Zeppelin Germany

Cool twins! I am glad they don't share the style of the latest American-Apparel-mannequins.

simbat Anonymous Proxy

RE: It's so funny, cute, and hot sexy!!!!

lember92 United States

Got my attention Slightly erratic but nevertheless very enjoyable introduction of two gorgeous and fearless ladies. With such an easygoing, devil may care attitude, I wonder what other antics could be in store. I will definitely keep my eyes open (and fingers crossed) for much more from these two.

frenchlover1 Denmark

Wauuuuuv Which city are we in? Baecelona?

Canchahel France

Gòtic flamígero First, this genuine short film is a real treat for voyeur: both the girls (gorgeous!) scarcely ever look at the camera or strike a pose. But it is also a well-designed work, full of freshness and imagination, with quite a lot of humor (“Come with me” [9:50], “Nothing to see here” [15:05], etc.). Petter Hegre has let the girls a share of initiative, just what the film needed to get a real natural, while avoiding uncontrolled improvisations that should have sometimes led to some floating moments. That’s why, in my opinion, Shopping Spree would deserve to be award-winning in an international short film festival, if only there was one for this kind of film. Yes, this is like nothing we’ve seen before and, for Hegre-Art, it’s certainly one more step to the acquisition of a new dimension. Of course, you absolutely have to go on and work this vein, with other situations, environments and/or actresses but according to the same principle. Outstanding, Maestro!

StinkFinga United States

The Cutest Chicks EVER!! Holy crap these two are amazing!!!! So THAT'S what hot girls do in the dressing room.

Donie Sweden

Twins Really nice movie!! : )

Rico Portugal

Brilliant movie Petter !!! loads of fun and sexyness by the twins ... Ps : loved the guy watching his watch passing by the twins haha !

Sandy United Kingdom

it takes all sorts Not my cup of tea as I found it rather boring in content and subject. But that's what I like about this site there is something for everybody!!

Tom Germany

Fantastic, fantastic, absolute fantastic. I hope we can see more soon!

nudist372 United States

Love Gia Hill she is awesome person ,

Danden Canada

That's it! Awesome Hegre! You rock! The concept is one of a kind. The models could have been more voluptuous but the raggea vibes was cool! Bless up! Dan

Daphne United States

Gia and Noma You both have the best asses of the net! Love ya

Elephant United Kingdom

Simply one of the best things I've ever seen, fact.. Just have to come on that this video was the reason I joined the site after seeing the preview. I adore movies the most and love ones that are spontaneous with girls getting naked and having fun. Its a niche though that is exemptionally rare whilst most sites show solo girls I much prefer couples or groups of girls. I would of loved to of seen many more films like this on the site but understand that the site is more of a solo photography site and I except that groups of girls and videos like these might not take preference. Watching this movie last night though, and I was like, Oh wow, this is amazing, loved the daring and fun nature of the twins, they were captivating throughout and made you laugh with their sense of humor. You couldn't of picked a more perfect pair to film this movie with. I really hope you get these girls back sometime for a new movie maybe in a similar style to this with some public nudity. Watching this was worth the join fee alone.

Gia Hill and Noma Massage COMMENTS

Yoni Worship Massage | April 22nd, 2014
Yoni Worship Massage
MojoMa55 Switzerland

Yoni Worship Massage One of the more vocal and physically reactive massage recipients, and she clearly enjoyed the orgasmic experience. I am always surprised by the stamina of the masseuses in these videos. Each has her own techniques which are deployed for half an hour or even longer. I greatly appreciate this because I have learned a great deal from them.

windmill Netherlands

yoni massage There is clear steaming hot excitement in this massage. The masseuse is using her own technics, strokes and attentions, with lots of joyfull responses. Revisiting the previous yoni massage in nr 15 I do like to see the masseuse in her complete nudity working with the whole of her body.

freestyle United Kingdom

classic Such a lovely massage and for me just the sort of classic video I like to watch on this site.Be nice one day if the site could revisit some of the hotel massages and perhaps the nuru chair.

minty United Kingdom

one of the best massages i have ever seen here

Ecstatic Vaginal Massage | February 11th, 2014
Ecstatic Vaginal Massage
O Norway

what a beauty!!! and that therapist is amazing! would order her any day for my wife if i could!!

windmill Netherlands

Ecstatic This is a never ending state of permanent excitement. Great movie

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Ecstatic Vaginal Massage. I'm sure that the receiver thoroughly enjoyed her massage but, (unless the talented masseuse asked for anonymity herself), I don't approve of hiding her face. It adds to the overall interest to see, from time to time, how deeply involved in a massage the giver is and the face reveals this. After all, such an intimate activity is essentially a shared experience.

Diggles New Zealand

Confusion I don't know if anyone else is confused like me as this girl looks more like Emily than one of the twins and if it is one of the twins, which one is it?

Hardhead Singapore

The return of the Magic Wand!

MrHCLover Hungary

Love the videos Love all the videos on this site... I wished you had a chance to change the update schedule to 1 film, 1 massage and 5 photosets a week (doubling the video upload frequences). Watching the preview of the upcoming film or massage for 2 weeks.. is painful :)

hendrik Switzerland

RE: Confusion She is Noma, Gia has a tatoo on her right feet, visible on one of the potos. Gia is the bigger one, as i font out else where on the net :)