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Tania Profile

Name: Tania
Country: France
Weight: 52kg
Height: 174cm
Age: 25
Occupation: Healthcare

Slender, sleek and graceful

Like the cheetah hunting her prey, Tania has a need for speed. As a passionate biker and racing car enthusiast, she likes nothing more than to feel a powerful machine between her legs.

The 25 year old from France studied Asian culture, enjoying the rich history of art, literature, food and music that make up this diverse part of the world.

Tania is also an animal lover and environmentalist. She believes we all have a responsibility to look after the planet and care for all the creatures living on it. From global warming to green energy, from deforestation to overfishing, Tania likes to get involved and to be a part of the solution, not the problem.

And like the big cats she loves, Tania is sleek, slender and beautiful – with intense, piercing green eyes. Just be warned, this super cat may look cute. But when you go to stroke her, she might just bite!

Tania extreme fashion December 19th, 2014
Tania sure knows how to model. Scorching!
Tania a day at the beach November 3rd, 2014
La belle sirène sensuelle
Une belle sirène sensuelle est lavée à terre sur la plage. / A beautiful sensual Mermaid is washed ashore on the beach.
Tania toned October 16th, 2014
a delightful ambrosia, indeed!
Beautiful French cat / Beau chat Français, mince et musclé
Tania, beau chat Français, I also love biking, maybe we can bike together at night and after that we make love on the French way at full moon ………..
Tania dirty beach bum September 18th, 2014
gotta love a dirty girl! :P
A sexy sleek feline physique - Purrfection!
Tania is in fine feline form - a very sexy sleek physique. Meow!
Tania beach
I adore (love and respect)
Tania sculptures August 28th, 2014
tania is a work of art in her own right1
edible sculptures!!
Beautiful model absolutely incredible poses which conjure up untold erotic fantasies. She rocks my boat!! more please
Incredible women, incredible position, a lot of imagination, this is beautifull Please say Tania she is beautifull