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Jolene Profile

Name: Jolene
Country: Netherlands
Weight: 58kg
Height: 175cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Singer and pianist

Get ready for the ride!

No one can call Jolene boring. She’s wild and wonderful and she’ll have you on your knees begging for more. A free spirit with a strong independent streak, Jolene wants to determine her own destiny in life.

Just 19 years old, Jolene comes from a small artistic town in the Netherlands. And that creativity has been in her blood since she was a child; whether it’s art, performance or music – you name it she loves it.

But it’s singing where her creative talents really shine. She writes her own music and performs with many famous Dutch artists. She believes music is incredibly powerful and writes songs to inspire and move people.

An old soul in a gorgeous young body, Jolene follows an Ayurveda lifestyle (an ancient system of medicine practiced in India for over 5000 years). She believes things happen for a reason and that we’re all responsible for our own happiness and inner peace.

With her whole body a blank canvass, Jolene just loves to get naked and express herself. So don’t miss the show!

Jolene - The Making of the Viking Warrior June 10th, 2014
I agree with Wheeler. SoooBoring is out voted. Seems he is the only one that feels that way. Jolene is a very sexy healthy looking beauty. I was glad to see all those tats were not permanent. I think Jolene needs a nice long massage from Engelie. But then again what the hell do I know. Very nice Thank You
Stunning !
This is sooooo erotic !!!
For my money one of the most exciting new models to appear on the site... the picture set and accompanying video are an enticing teaser to what I hope will be a long and prodigious appearance from Jolene on Hegre Art... she is stunning, simply stunning More, more, more, please, please, please!
Mesmerizingly Beautiful Jolene
Has there ever been such a canvas!! Stunningly beautiful young woman ~ truly a work of art. Good musical selection but then most of Petter's film seem to be accompanied by music which adds to the film work. Well done all around ~ and kudos to the artist as well!
RE: SOOO boring
I think you're out voted, sir! don't worry! you'll get used to it! lol
Making of
This video is very nice and gives us an idea of the atmosphere during a photosession. Very intimate and nicely done. Jolene has a nice attitude and a perfect body. Hope to see more of this.
A work of real professionals
Interesting, instructive and relaxing. The choice of the music (Chopin, Satie…) is excellent, too. Doing this kind of body painting in front of the camera is certainly difficult but the job is well done. Fortunately, it was’nt tattooing! A very good film, indeed.
Jolene - The Making of the Viking Warrior
the model: I think one of the best Hegre models !! the film: one of the best Hegre films !! Congratulation! I hope there will be a lot of galleries, films and massages with Jolene !
RE: 'Making of' gives greater appreciation of photo shoot
Jolene is right, its awesome. I liked those images a lot and i like this film, because it really enhances everything about it, makes that shoot complete. The process of creating that art on her body is as important as the result. Doing a movie about that was the right choice. Nice usage of black & white too, good to hear Jolene and the artist speak. Great work all of you. Thank you very much. Don't stop here, do more of those new and refreshing experiments and more of fusions of stills and films like this time, and maybe release them together in the future.
Thanks you
My thanks for sharing the birth of the images on this amazing model. Your use of black and white truly enhanced the effect and indeed the images. Wonderfully done. Great choice in music as well.
'Making of' gives greater appreciation of photo shoot
I was not a big fan of the gallery. But the film provides wonderful and erotic context showing creation of her body art. I envy this guy's assignment. But it's obvious it was far more work for both the model and artist than what the finished product might show. Nice job, Petter.
Making of Viking Warrior
Did I take up the wrong profession?. Should I have been a painter or photographer?. Films like this, and so many others at Hegré-Art, do make me wonder. Nevertheless, I can appreciate the results of others' talents in those activities.
SOOOOO boring, dont do a video like that anymore!
would love to have that guy's job! lovely to hear this lady speak! hope to see (and hear) much more of her (with and without the paint, if possible)!
Jolene Viking warrior May 21st, 2014
Jolene is absolutely STUNNING!! Can we have more shoots with her, please? Preferrably no ink... maybe take a page from the Maria Osawa sets and do some nice nuru jelly? :D
sorry but not into this
The next film must be a quick response from those who whined and complained about her body marks. Petter came prepared which is awesome
ok...seeing next week's film, I see that it's all just paint. (as I suspected) I like it now! lol
Pros: black and white pictures, very pretty girl, Cons: those shoes, what were you thinking of?! Shaved pudenda, when she is a dark character and the bush would enhance the artwork big-time. One legged poses, they just look silly. And are they tattoos, or just drawn on with a crayon? If they are real tattoos, she should get her money back, as they are poor quality, and the thigh/calf images really spoil the effect, as do the upper arm ones. The covered left nipple give her breasts an asymmetrical look, and only an idiot tattoos their face. What a missed opportunity, for the torso artwork and her swarthy looks are really something.
I like it!
Why would someone with such a great body decide to do this to herself ?
I don't understand why pretty girls want tattoos so much; it is like spraying graffiti on a Michelangelo or Rodin sculpture.
RE: hmmm...
Not permanent ... unless it was a permanent magic marker. But no tat. Either way, don't find it sexy or up to Hegre's usual standards.
The body tattoos are sexy but the face tattoos are not. Very distracting. And espadrille wedges are a very strange styling choice for such an edgy woman. The close ups of the images toward the end of the set look more drawn on than tattooed.
my prayers go out...
Hope upon hope that her body graffiti can wash off. 'Tain't one bit attractive.
I'm pretty sure Katya had a tattoo, so I don't think there was ever a time when none of the models here had them.
B&W....don't cut it!
Makes me miss the old days when Hegre held to a strict standard of "all natural" and none of the models had any tattoos.
Symbolically picturesque; especially if you can read the runes.
interesting...but, I must say, I do hope that all that ink is not permanent! cool if it's temporary! but I, for one, couldn't make that kind of commitment!
Her tattoos makes her less naked. There I said it.