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Penelope | France Galleries: 5
Photo of Penelope


Photo of Penelope
Name: Penelope
Country: France
Weight: 50kg
Height: 168cm
Age: 24
Occupation: Ski instructor / Trekking guide

Poised and perfectly formed

Just like the mountain lion, 24 year-old Penelope is a perfect match for high altitudes. A genuine mountain girl, she’s strong, fit and has no fear.

When you live and work in the mountains, one thing is for sure – you’re going to be in great shape. Penelope’s incredible body is a mirror of her healthy lifestyle.

During the winter she’s a ski instructor, swooshing down the mountain without a care in the world. And when she’s not teaching people how to ski, she likes to steer sledges pulled by a pack of 12 fierce dogs! This girl has serious extreme sport credentials!

In love with the great outdoors, she believes it’s important to enjoy the wonders of nature and to look after your body at the same time.

When she’s not gliding down the slopes, she loves to dance. Each year she travels to the Rio Carnival in Brazil dancing for 10 hours every day – wearing next to nothing!

Penelope Galleries COMMENTS

Penelope white out | October 31st, 2014
Penelope white out
KOMET United States

PENELOPE - UNE FEMME BELLE et SEXY Majestic, sensual, sleek, hot and unabashedly nude = PENELOPE.

Canchahel France

Dieu, comme elle est belle ! (God, she is so nice!) J'espère qu'il y a encore plusieurs séries de photos d'Elle en réserve, mais, si ce qui est rare est cher, je ne puis écrire à quel point Pénélope m'est chère. "Heureux qui comme Ulysse" (Joachim du Bellay)... sera aimé de Pénélope.

ailefroide Belgium

Penelope white out Merci pour ce beau moment. Thanks a lot.

wheeler United States

merci indeed! stunning!

TopCat United States

She Shines! A beautiful beacon that sparkles in any storm! A glowing Goddess beckoning you to the safety of her warm embrace.

Penelope life is a beach | July 16th, 2014
Penelope life is a beach
wheeler United States

lovely, once i get past the chubby photo-bomber on pic #18!

mace75 Germany

Picturebombing Great pictures with a real and natural atmosphere. The only thing, that disturbs it, is the big guy in the background of Picture 18. He does not really fit in. I know it´s difficult, to keep such things out of sight, but here Petter could have just left the picture out. Apart from this, great work, Petter. More of this.

Canchahel France

Pénélope est encore trop rare Penelope is still too rare, but I hope it’s only a beginning. Just following “Summer time”, this series of photos is in season but, according to me, it was possible to do better choices for the board and the poster of “Life is a beach”. Indeed, in the photos nr. 1 to 41, as the background is entirely made of horizontal lines (which is evident in front of the sea and on a sand beach), Penelope is the only being showing curves with oblique or vertical lines, this geometrical contrast enhancing remarkably her beauty. However, in some photos, people pass by occasionally. I know that, around ten in the morning, it’s virtually inevitable during the shots but, later, you can sort. Even if I can admit that some photos including passers-by may be in the series, I don’t understand why these have been chosen as board and poster, as if they were exemplary ones when, to the contrary, the presence of these alien vertical forms in the background constitutes a structural break and, in the end, a visual inconvenience. Perhaps it was with the intention of doing other than “Summer time” or adding an existential – and even promotional? – dimension with, in the case of the poster, a touch of humour, considering the aesthetic contrast between the “little mermaid” and the “sea monster” (I hope he is not a sponsor of Ocinum). But, precisely for aesthetic reasons, I don’t like it. One more thing: the sand (wet in « Summer time » then dry in « Life is a beach ») on Penelope’s perfect skin is not unpleasant but I would prefer to see her covered with watery, glistening and/or smooth substances.

CarterG United States

that could be me in background LOL fat guy in the background looks like me

Penelope pure nudes | May 31st, 2014
Penelope pure nudes
wheeler United States

100% nude female. and, no distractions! this is the way it should be! lovely lady!

Voyeur United States

Penelope is a wonderfully beautiful model, perfectly proportioned and delightfully pretty. I can see her getting to the level of popularity of Dominka or even Anna S as she become more creative and more willing to share her most intimate self.

Lago United States

Penelope is flat out gorgeous. I suspect by the artistry of the poses, Petter was behind the camera.

KOMET United States

LA BELLE PENELOPE Elle est tres sexy. A perfectly nude woman. Magnifique!

Auricman United States

Excellent Beautiful girl; excellent photography this is what I like about Hegre.

jered Germany

I agree with everyone who likes this set because of the "pure nudes"-concept: No distracting gimmicks or weird experiments, just a very pretty girl with gorgeous (and natural looking) body in great poses - for short: classic Hegre! More of it (the concept and Penelope)!

Penelope summertime | May 23rd, 2014
Penelope summertime
wheeler United States

oh dirty girl! I find this strangely...YUMMY!!!

Canchahel France

Elle a tout d’une grande (She has everything of a great one) Penelope is a great one; no doubt about that. Here, this wet sand suggests a lot of creative ideas for the future: paint, oil (massages), clay, etc. on her wonderful body, photographed and filmed, of course. More of Penelope, Maestro, please!

Fischerin Germany

Pics 23-32 either Penelope used a good amount of Sun-Protection or she got excited. Look close

Penelope first nudes | May 17th, 2014
Penelope first nudes
Wildman United Kingdom

Magnifique! Very very sexy! Cant wait to see more of this gorgeous girl

wheeler United States

would be nice to run into her at Carnival some day!

finderweb Italy

Welcome Great welcome to this new model Penelope. Nice body, I think for see more and beautiful set in the future. Ciao

Hardhead United States

yes yes!

Joshua France

Merveilleuse française Bonjour Penelope, Quel corps !! ouch Votre corps est magnifique, bienvenue sur hegre-art, J'espère un jour vous voir en livecams, et je pourrai faire du ski avec vous, vive la France bisous!!

Auricman United States

Fantastic Great to see new blood. Keep pics of her coming.

Maik Germany

Welcome A warm welcome from me too. Perfect introduction of a perfect model. Teasing us about Penelope loving to dance, wearing next to nothing, leads inevitably to some ideas for films, right Petter? ;)

phaedeaux14 New Zealand

Penelope Beautiful! And Peter, Please....If a Model can stand with her feet together with such a wonderful Gap between her legs, shot number 1 is an absolute must.

Canchahel France

« Ô toi que j’eusse aimée, ô toi qui le savais ! » (C. Baudelaire – À une passante) « Je vous salue, Pénélope, pleine de grâce… » Comme vous avez eu raison de choisir d’aller vous épanouir sous un autre ciel que celui de la Corée du Nord de l’Occident (vulgairement : « la France ») ! En effet, même si vous êtes la preuve que la beauté, par la grâce de Dieu ou de la Nature (pour paraphraser mon cher Baruch), s’y incarne encore, vous savez que règnent désormais en ce pays plus que déchu une laideur, un obscurantisme et une vulgarité programmés, dont l’infâme Mimie Mathy, les portemanteaux lobotomisés de l’abjecte Madame de Fontenay ou les grues étiques de l’archéomagazine « Lui » constituent quelques exemples parmi les plus emblématiques. C’est pourquoi, bien sûr, vous ne pourrez briller qu’ailleurs, où la beauté féminine est encore réellement aimée, talentueusement promue et professionnellement mise en valeur, notamment chez Hegre-Art. Et, de grâce, veuillez ne rien changer à ce que vous êtes : repoussez les pervers comme les jaloux toujours aux aguets qui vous conseilleraient de vous tatouer, de vous scarifier ou même de vous maquiller lourdement, ce qui serait pire qu’une faute : un sacrilège. Ici également, vous avez fait le bon choix : la montagne, les eaux, le soleil et le grand air, soit, analogiquement, les quatre éléments à l’œuvre pour sculpter, irriguer, colorer et vivifier votre sublime corps athlétique, glabre et luisant, statue de chair éclairant notre millénaire. Enfin, chère Pénélope, quand vous-même et le Maestro le voudrez, bien sûr (les occasions ne vont pas manquer, je l’espère et je le crois, en photo comme en vidéo), nous ferez-vous bientôt la grâce d’un premier sourire ? Merci.

Andrew United States

Perfect I have loved hegre art for many years and have never commented. I have to comment on perfection though. The absolute beauty of Penelope and the way she is captured is nothing short of perfection. For once I can not think of a way to improve a woman or set of pictures, even if its a little improvement.

Bertram France

Merveilleuse Penelope Merci de nous offrir ce corps magnifique long,sportif, proportionné. J'en suis ravi et attend avec impatience d'autres vues et films de ce modèle que je trouve vraiment magnifique.

roy, england United Kingdom

penelope please more of Penelope she is a great find, and some videos of her would be even better. Thank you.