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Serena Profile

Name: Serena
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 45kg
Height: 165cm
Age: 21
Occupation: Musican

Performing miracles with her mouth

Sexy Serena knows how to get you grooving. Put a flute in her mouth and she’ll have you completely hypnotised.

That’s because the 21 year-old Ukrainian is a professional musician. With her talented little band, she plays gigs in some the country’s finest hotels and most exclusive events and parties.

Classically trained, Serena always thought she would be in an orchestra. But the more she studied music the more she discovered a love for jazz instead. And so now she plays in a quartet, spinning out funky grooves and stylish beats.

This is Serena’s first time showing off her tight and toned body to the camera. With striking blue eyes and a pure beauty, she really is a gift to your eyes. She once dreamed about becoming a fashion model. But at 165cm she was not tall enough for that industry. Well it’s their loss!

Here at Hegre-Art we don’t care about height. We measure girls in a different way. We care about the hot factor! And on that scale she gets a top score.

Serena seductive December 12th, 2014
RE: Photo number 57
I like Serena and this foto! Thank you!
I was beginning to worry that we wouldn't see this little hotty again! :( she is seductive, indeed!
Serena Passion August 8th, 2014
RE: Mmmmmmm
Absolutely gorgeous and natural looking! Also very sexy knees together and showing her kitty cat. Love that! Beautiful
So fucking hotttttt!!!
I love the way this shoot went. I want to start at her feet and work my way up. I see an awesome video of this soon.
Clover coy
Nice set although would have liked more poses and variation. Serena has Clover-like naughty girl coyness in her eyes and smile. Ladies, the shot Petter used for the album cover will get your man going every time. Hot!
Serena hot seat part 1 July 25th, 2014
hmmm... lovely Serena seems to have vanished! :( whatever happened to part 2 of this set?
what to say that has not been said? STUNNING!!! I very much agree with Jean-Pierre's final thought!
this girl "next door "excites me
I agree with all the comments below. I like her because she looks kind of "amateur", little bit shy but very natural with a lovely smile. She doesn't have this supermodel attitude of " come on guys, here is my pussy , look at me !" It's more like " please don't look at me, I'm naked.." I'm sure I'm not the only guy excited by her natural shyness. If a model is too much self-confident, it doesn't give me an erection. I hope to see videos of her ( if possible where you can hear her speaking) as well.
Serena is adorable, especially when she smiles. I hope she keeps coming back.
The Kind of Girl Who Should Pose Nude
Serena has a healthy naturalness about her, and I agree with Mojo: it is great to see a beautiful girl smile as she poses nude. Great tits, fantastic figure, pretty face and alovely smile. The kind of girl who should pose nude! Thank you Serena!
Serena - Hot Chair
How nice to see a model really enjoying herself during a shoot.
Serena super sexy July 11th, 2014
Serena super
Thank you for this moment of happiness.
lovely!! although, with such light skin, I think a darker background would have worked better
Serena sunset in bed June 30th, 2014
RE: Shadows
what he said! lol
she lost her pussy?????
Stunning! Photos 19-25 especially! What curves! Wow!
Love these images. Your use of shadows made these images, for me, artful, interesting, and sensual. Some of these images would be classic in black and white. Beautiful model.
Pillow talk? Afterwards.
terrific set! great girl - love the lighting.
WOWSERS!!! love!!! love!!! love!!!