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Alma | Ukraine Galleries: 4
Photo of Alma


Photo of Alma
Name: Alma
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 52kg
Height: 175cm
Age: 20
Occupation: Student

Beauty from another time

Some people seem to come from a different age. As if they were born many years ago, yet somehow live with us today. Alma is one of those people.

Like the mysterious girl from the famous painting The Girl With The Pearl Earring, Alma has a beauty that crosses centuries. She has a classical look, the kind of beauty that was once worshipped by aristocrats and artists during the Renaissance. Back then people idealised the female figure in its natural form. There is no doubt they would have celebrated Alma’s soft, natural and graceful curves.

From Ukraine, and just 20 years old, she is currently studying at university. But Alma also has an adventurous spirit. The sort of strong-minded, independent girl who just packs a bag without telling anyone and heads off to discover the world and find herself.

She’s a quiet and shy girl, barely saying a word to anyone. But this only adds to her sexual appeal and mystic.

Alma Galleries COMMENTS

Alma angelic | July 21st, 2014
Alma angelic
wheeler United States

an angel of pure delight!

Alma pink on pink | July 3rd, 2014
Alma pink on pink
wheeler United States

hmmm...missing a but shot! :P otherwise, very nice

maggie and Peteg United States

She is such a sweetie... and so hot!

suaviter France

more of Alma The sight of this young beauty is a treat.May be,next time she offers to us some doggy poses.I anticipate the plea

don United States

now thats the way to shoot

Alma explicit | June 21st, 2014
Alma explicit
finderweb Italy

Wonderful Very very nice. Hot and exciting shooting, she's wonderful

wheeler United States

still a lovely lady! although, IMHO, the set is a tad monotonous.

Voyeur United States

Beautiful woman, full lips (yeah, I mean on her face), great set. In my quest to find someone as beautiful and explicit as Anna S, Alma may be the one.

Lago United States

Naturally beautiful.

Jamesrjs United States

Highly erotic, Alma certainly does it for me; such quiet, dignified beauty. And beautiful breasts and nipples and such an inviting, perfect pussy. Irresistible.

Jamesrjs United States

Wonderful set. Love how Alma opens her legs and gives us so many varied views of her beautiful pussy. Her face (especially her eyes) and her pussy are just exquisite. So nice to see both in all photos. And her direct eye contact adds to the eroticism too. Beautiful and exciting.

Michael United States

I could not agree more with you on this one, Wheeler!

Rick United States

Delicious Would love to taste Alma.....so wet and thick lips.....absolutely delicious!

don United States

nice one

ailefroide Belgium

Alma Something like another "origine du monde". With a beautiful personality.

Alma good morning sunshine | June 9th, 2014
Alma good morning sunshine
wheeler United States

good morning, indeed! DAYUM!!! what a beauty!!!

Doc United Kingdom

Alma Very pretty lass, but another set of photos of a shaved Gynaecology textbook wannabe?! Yawn....Zzzzzz

Maik Germany

Welcome Alma! Welcome Alma! What a gorgeous girl you are. There is no doubt her beauty will be celebrated here and now. You described her perfectly, a wonderful body and a face one could quickly fall in love with. Shy? Hard to believe, but indeed very sweet. So, thank you Alma, for overcoming your shyness and sharing your outstanding beauty with us. I hope to see a lot more pictures of you, maybe films too?

Jamesrjs United States

RE: Photo number 8 So arousing! Such a beautiful girl!

Wildman United Kingdom

Wow What an introduction! So bold for a first set! I cant wait to see what comes next!

Slickwilly United States

Alma Alma really is lovely, but I think it's a shame she's clean shaven. When a woman is fortunate enough to be a "genuine blond" (or red head for that matter) this is something to be marveled at and cherished, not waxed off because of the prevailing custom. If her eyebrows are any indication, Alma is a true blond and I would love to see that confirmed. And I also would wager the girl with the pearl earring had a full bush.

wheeler United States

RE: Alma and, the bush debate continues!

Auricman United States

Bare Pussy Clean is keen!

ailefroide Belgium

Alma Welcome. Quand je pense à Fernande ... Bref, je bande aussi. (Brassens)

Maik Germany

bush debate What, really? We have a stunning new model here giving us the chance to enjoy her perfect beauty and all you can think of is complaining about missing a few hairs? Now that is a shame. The girl made her decision. And thats it.

Slickwilly United States

I personally prefer a landing strip or "dab" to the lil girl look. Waxing and shaving is uncomfortable and spreads nasties from what a doc friend of mine reports.

Voyeur United States

Can't wait to see more of this beautiful model. Enticingly tasty pussy.

Andy, USA United States

I love UUUUU...Soooo sweet...Love your pale skin and pussy!!!