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Alma Profile

Name: Alma
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 52kg
Height: 175cm
Age: 20
Occupation: Student

Beauty from another time

Some people seem to come from a different age. As if they were born many years ago, yet somehow live with us today. Alma is one of those people.

Like the mysterious girl from the famous painting The Girl With The Pearl Earring, Alma has a beauty that crosses centuries. She has a classical look, the kind of beauty that was once worshipped by aristocrats and artists during the Renaissance. Back then people idealised the female figure in its natural form. There is no doubt they would have celebrated Alma’s soft, natural and graceful curves.

From Ukraine, and just 20 years old, she is currently studying at university. But Alma also has an adventurous spirit. The sort of strong-minded, independent girl who just packs a bag without telling anyone and heads off to discover the world and find herself.

She’s a quiet and shy girl, barely saying a word to anyone. But this only adds to her sexual appeal and mystic.

Alma up close May 25th, 2015
RE: Stunning
I find myself having to bitch about the lack of a butt shot! otherwise, perfection! Alma is a stunner! and I agree. we need to see her in motion!
Would love to see her in a film or massage video
A so pretty blonde. Her pussy and ass is calling for us. GREAT
Alma up close
Alma up close
Alma is one of the most beautiful girls in your collection
Alma portraits October 22nd, 2014
Sie ist sehr schön. Ich will mehr.
RE: Alma
I've seem a lot more "gynecological" looking sets on here of late! lovely lady! lovely set!
All way too gynaecological, a real meat fest. I do agree, her face is easily her best feature in these pictures, and she deserves to be painted with that in mind.
Alma Matters
Remarkably photogenic face. The eyes definitely have it.
alma beauty
Love this one. Her body is beautiful, but her face is remarkable, too. Nice that you spent so much time on that, Petter.
Alma girl with a pearl earring August 23rd, 2014
strange title indeed. lovely lady. but, the set is a tad monotonous!
what about the rest?
Not much here for you if you ain't a tit man! I happen to be a lover of the other end, with equally close scrutiny!!!!!
Yola. If the point of the shoot was the earring, why wasn't she asked to wear one?. It is not sensible to refer to an earring if it doesn't appear in any of the pictures. Vermeer's painting would not have the title it does if it depicted a milkmaid with her ears hidden by a bonnet. Would a set titled 'Springtime Beauty' make sense if - because it hints at the dark realm of Pluto where Persephone went - all it shewed was a dimly lit subterranean cave?. Is every photoset of Alma going to call her 'the girl with the pearl earring' just because she has some perceived facial resemblance to the original model and has a few holes in her earlobes?. That would be nonsensical type-casting and most unfair to Alma herself. As anyone with eyes can see, Alma is in the set for more reasons than her face. So the shoot could have been more appropriately titled 'Blonde Beauty', 'Bare Beauty', 'Curtained Contrast', or anything else relevant to what is actually in the pictures.
Gorgeous. A classic.
Buy The Girl a Pearl Earring!
I see the likeness to the girl in the original - so why no earring? Very odd.
I get it.
If the member had read your intro it would have made perfect sense. And whether you compare Alma to the original painting or to Scarlett Johansson from the award winning movie she deserves it. And not every set "must" have the models butterfly to examine which you have already given us in June with "Explicit". And yes She has a classical look, the kind of beauty that was once worshipped by aristocrats and artists during the Renaissance. And still to this day here...(I hope!)
You may have missed the point
It's not about an earring, it's a reference to the famous Vermeer painting of the same name. Alma is a dead ringer!
By here way to look at the camera she's having the irresistible charme of a trusting, curious, sonny and a bit naive girl, living in a friendly world of no harm. So who cares about an earring?
i have discovered my new muse and it is her. my god she is just too gorgeous for words...
Alma - Pearl Earring?
Unless my eyes deceive me, she isn't wearing an earring, let alone a pearl. Is that why she doesn't smile?.
Alma naked on the balcony August 9th, 2014
love nude
I love her shaved vagina she a vary sexy girl
Alma angelic July 21st, 2014
Find for me the root for earthly violence's to take root in this body?
Butter wouldn't melt. Or would it? :)
an angel of pure delight!