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Cathleen | Poland Galleries: 6
Photo of Cathleen


Photo of Cathleen
Name: Cathleen
Country: Poland
Weight: 50kg
Height: 171cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Tennis player

Tennis star’s sexual fantasy

Cathleen is a future tennis champion. One day she hopes to win a Grand Slam. And the competitive spirit in those sharp green eyes makes you think she might just do it.

Just 18 years old, this Polish tennis star is hard at work training at her local academy. It might be early in her career, but she’s already supporting her entire family with her winnings. They travel with Cathleen to every tournament she plays in around the world.

She always had a fantasy to be photographed naked. So this is her first time in a nude shoot and she thinks it will probably be her last. She has ticked that box. As you can see, playing tennis has given her a super tight and toned body.

So no longer do you have to imagine what a female tennis player looks like without her short skirt. You’re about to see for yourself.

Cathleen Galleries COMMENTS

Cathleen public exposure | September 26th, 2014
Cathleen public exposure
KOMET United States

CATHLEEN OUTDOORS - BOLD & BEAUTIFUL CATHLEEN embraces both the warmth of a summer sunny day and the freedom of being au naturel.

TopCat United States

Golden Girl An unabashedly open blonde beauty extends a warm welcome to all admirers. I need a hug!

wheeler United States

public is where that body belongs! would be a sin to keep it hidden!

wheeler United States

public is where that body belongs! would be a sin to keep it hidden!

Cathleen slim sensation | August 22nd, 2014
Cathleen slim sensation
KOMET United States

CATHLEEN AU NATUREL - COY & SEDUCTIVE CATHLEEN has that teasing and beguiling look.

Ben France

White is so beautiful As Hegre allow us to take this "white spot", there will men be happy to look at those pictures. Thank you Hegre

wheeler United States

sensational indeed! slim, but nor overtly so!

Cathleen exhibitionist | July 19th, 2014
Cathleen exhibitionist
Voyeur United States

It would be a shame if this young beauty doesn't continue to do nude modeling. She not only has a fantastic body but is amazingly pretty.

gary United States

RE: Photo number 16 Creative presentation of her lovely pussy.

Cathleen studio nudes | July 6th, 2014
Cathleen studio nudes
Mojo55-7 Switzerland

Models It would be so much nicer if the models smiled more because that would shew that they are enjoying the experience. This model seems very nervous, almost frightened. One of the roles of the photographer is to put the model at ease.

Laury Bulgaria

Cathleen, you're having an awesome body, but I would like to propose to you to look at your fans a bit more friendly.... Otherwise, if you feel uncomfortable posing nude, just stop it.

wheeler United States

I suggest you guys look a bit closer at her last set! she is not frightened! she smiles plenty in there! I think this is very nice! at least, unlike Nataly N, this girl doesn't look like she wants to kill me!

Maik Germany

facial expressions I agree to wheeler's comment. Look closer guys and see the whole work. Cathleen doesn't look uncomfortable, nervous or frightened and i count on Petter to not take pictures of a model with such emotions. Come on, this is Hegre-Art. Different facial expressions are good, they make a model versatile and give us some variance, here we have a serious looking model and she is gorgeous. And those pictures woke up emotions in you guys. Think about that. It's a great thing. I totally love when we get to see some spontaneous smiling beauties, but i'm glad Petter isn't asking for acted "big smiles". This would get boring real quickly.

Cathleen sunrise | June 26th, 2014
Cathleen sunrise
Mojo55-7 Switzerland

Galleries - Cathleen It makes such a pleasant difference when the model(s) - as in this shoot - look(s) happy.

wheeler United States

lovely view...fore and aft!

Cathleen first nudes | June 16th, 2014
Cathleen first nudes
wheeler United States

I, for one, sincerely hope this is not her last!

KOMET United States

WITAMY CATHLEEN! This is a very fine photo set. A veritable feast for the eyes: CATHLEEN, BEAUTIFUL, SENSUAL & FULLY NUDE.

Greeneyes United Kingdom

Cathleen Lovely girl: I hope it isn't her last set.

finderweb Italy

Welcome Welcome aboard, Cathleen. You're sweet and very nice, I hope for see more set!

sid United States

very nice is that a touch of jazzma we see in there.....or her womanly juices?

Maik Germany

perfect tease How brutal you are Cathleen. ;) If this is your first and last set of images, then you really know how to tease us poor members. You will probably make history by having just a short appearance and leaving a big impression at the same time. It was a good choice to go to Petter for that adventure, as these image show. Thanks for granting us a look at your perfect beauty. I hope you liked it, maybe enough to think about doing more?

Master United States

Poor Little Girl Got So Aroused You're right sid. This poor little girl got soaked during this shoot. If you go in for a closer look on the Super Size Edition, you can see that deliciously yummy pearlescent girl cum pooling up in her little hole. God I want to lap it up with my tongue so badly. I bet she made herself cum so hard as soon as she got some privacy after this shoot...

ailefroide Belgium

Cathleen Nice beginning, nice face etc. I'd like to see you smiling more.

Edwin Maerzluft Canada

Cathleen is a very beatiful young lady Cathleen is a very beautiful fit slim lady . Just could smile a bit more but just about perfect otherwise.