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Photo of Katia


Photo of Katia
Name: Katia
Country: France
Weight: 45kg
Height: 158cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Model

A dream woman from another planet

Katia is possibly the sexiest specimen in the universe. Completely unaware of the power of her beauty, she has hypnotic sex appeal. Wherever she goes she turns heads. Everyone watches her, waiting to see what she does next.

And that power is all in her lips. They’re the fullest, most succulent lips in the known universe. You’ll simply fall down on your knees and worship them, just craving the chance to glue your lips to hers.

From Paris, France, Katia is a calm, quiet girl (and even a little shy). But once she smiles with those lips, and flashes her green eyes, you know she is something special.

Too short to make it big in fashion, Katia pursued a nude modelling career, working for amateur and semi-professional photographers. But this is her first time on the big stage, her first time with the professionals.

Katie is one spectacularly good-looking woman. But in the expert hands of leading nude photographer Petter Hegre, she is simply out of this world!

Katia Galleries COMMENTS

Katia hypnotic | October 23rd, 2014
Katia hypnotic
Doc United Kingdom

Katia OK, not the prettiest girl on your books, but apart from some 'anatomy book' poses, some great shots of her wonderful figure, and a very welcome return of some pubic hair so she looks like an adult, Yay! Long legs, which I suspect will be prone to varicose veins one day, given the dusky hue when standing, but not when laying/sitting.

Bernard Netherlands

Beauté adorable One of mij favorites! A fantastic body, beautiful big lips and a perfect vagina. Chère Katia, je t'aime.

Longtimefan United States

Katia Katia, I think your fully aware of your presense in front of the camera (stunning with overtones of a super hero). I don't know who scouted you, maybe Luba? But Petter is lucky to get camera time with you. Love to work with talent like yourself. Continued success to you.

Zeppelin Germany

she won't get 100% In the Hegre top-girl-votes. My vote goes elsewhere.

TopCat United States

Captivating Katia A Truly Bewitching Beauty!

wheeler United States

stunning from all angles!

Katia fantasia | October 4th, 2014
Katia fantasia
finderweb Italy

Katia Only one word: SPECTACULAR

mcnasty77 United States

Katia Breathtaking.

JJ United States

Ass Lover Those last few pictures are incredibly hot, her wet ass looks so damn good, wonder if she likes anal sex.......

mulethief United States

Although more explicit, this set is somehow less sexy than Katia`s previous sets

Longtimefan United States

Katia + rose Katia + Rose as a suggested Duo Themed shoot, if they were open to it. Ladies, you both obviously from another planet and we're fortunate Petter has (once again) found you to collaborate with. I can only imagine how much fun you are to shoot with. Kudos, Longtimefan

TopCat United States

Hot Mess! Looks like Katia just got rode hard and put up wet. Must have been a wild ride! At least that's my fantasy and I'm sticking to it. Katia is one Thrilling Thoroughbred!

United States

Classic. One of the best.

wheeler United States

well, that was just lovely! she has me sweating too!

Bernard Netherlands

Un corps magnifique & sensuel et un vagin perfait! Wow, what a marvellous and sensual body. And a perfect vagina! I’m in heaven when I see that France girl.

Katia high key curves | July 31st, 2014
Katia high key curves
Hardhead Singapore

This a great set and she looks like she just came out of the shower.

Saldo-2 United States

Awesome!!! Love her tasty pussy

longtimefan United States

Never stop shoting with Katia How did you manage to stop taking pictures? Perfect lighting, setup and Katia obviously is from another planet. Lucky for us all she is visiting. : ) Katia, you obviously know what your doing, as does petter, so the two of you just keep going. Cheers, longtimefan.

ailefroide Belgium

Katia curves I love you ... your curves ...

McNasty77 United States

Katia Forgive me for saying, but Katia's ass is bubblicious. Damn.

JimD United States

I've Been Waiting I've been waiting patiently for the sets from the shoot that is shown at the top of her model page and boy the first set doesn't disappoint! Excellent work once again Petter! Katia fully nude, showing off every inch of her perfect body! Of course what I looked forward too most was seeing Katia's exquisite bare soles finally revealed, displaying in detail every wrinkle of those delectable soles and suckable toes. Thank you for the set and look forward to more sets from this shoot.


i love models who are not just naked but oiled or in this case their whole nude body is moisted...makes it even more sexy!!!

wheeler United States

gotta love a shiny girl! :P

Katia beach umbrella | July 23rd, 2014
Katia beach umbrella
KOMET United States

KATIA DO OCEANO Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, for the mermaid had come ashore, diaphanous tail fin transformed into 2 sleek and sexy legs. Woman au naturel on the beach.

Zeppelin Germany

Lips do not always give you the truth Not sexy for me.

MrBloom Italy

Katia beach umbrella Definitely does it for me. Beach voyeurism - you can't beat it. Katia doing just what we want the lady under the next umbrella to do.

Boom United Kingdom

Still trying to work out why this model is on Hegre........

re: Boom United States

she's here cuz she's HAWT!!!

Katia pool party | July 18th, 2014
Katia pool party
wheeler United States

gorgeous! would definitely love to party with lovely katia!

longtime fan United States

Katia and team If the talent were interested I would think Karia, Flora and Alex would make an unforgetable combo. Katia is obvioulsy fearless and it seems so is Flora, so who knows how strong those sets could be. That's your homework petter. (and your welcome). Kudos to all.

carmark Germany

blessed be God for creating her. blessed be Petter for finding her. blessed are we watching her.

naturalist India

your galleries Please show at least some close up shots of pussy. tits and buns.

Katia crotchless pantyhose | July 10th, 2014
Katia crotchless pantyhose
carmark Germany

this shoot is no justice to this beautiful woman , the red eye and hazy shots. peter has done better with ordinary women. pls bring fine quality shots for this fine woman

longtime fan United States

Katia I hope you keep hiring her. I bet she will increase your membership numbers. Very classic Hegre, a lot going on that she can bring to the camera - other than just being pretty (which is boring). Katia will end up being (im sure) a muse for you, and a true collaborator. Those are the best talent to work with, at least in my option, from my years of shooting.

carmark Germany

What have you done to this angel? Those red eyes mar her beauty.

Maik Germany

Terminatrix Be careful, Katia is too sexy and perfect to be real. And now those red eyes! That should be a big warning. Is she a Terminator? ;)

Petr Canada

Katia Great props and costume, Katia with slicked back hair is stunning. Love the "red eye" effect.

Slickwilly United States

Dunno about the red eye effect but Katie is smoking hot. I love the tiny tuft on her mons.

Saldo-2 United States

Ohhhh to eat that sweet tasty pussy!

Katia Introduction | July 2nd, 2014
Katia Introduction
wheeler United States


Saldo United States

100% stunning amazing cock hardening beauty! Love that perfectly trimmed pussy. Just a real treat and I certainly hope there is much more of the stunning Katia on the way!

carmark Germany

a wonderful creature indeed. lovely appearance

Draggin United States

RE: Photo number 23 Oh! Ow! Ouch! Katia is so good it hurts. Exquisite. Katia's muscularity and curves are devastatingly attractive!

carmark Germany

fantastic goddess. drool inspiring beauty

Zeppelin Germany

nice but will you bring back Anna S., please?

Doc United Kingdom

Katia Great looking lass, even some pubic hair, but swim-suit sun tan marks? That is not good, not good at all. Otherwise not bad at all.

stever United Kingdom

All good.. Lovely hour glass figure - not unlike Luba in a way. Tan lines are sexy - you're seeing the bits you're not supposed to see!

Slickwilly United States

Of which lips do you speak, Petter? Both sets are mighty appealing.

Katia Films COMMENTS

Katia - A Day In The Life Of An Erotic Model | November 11th, 2014
Katia - A Day In The Life Of An Erotic Model
mcnasty77 United States

Katia She just might be one of Hegre's hottest models.

Jean-Pierre Belgium

nice girl with wonderful charm Actually before seeing this movie, I was not really Katia's fan ( she looked too "cool" for me). But on this film , I could see lot of her smile and her intimate side. Especially after the scene where she eats the fries , my mind changed 180 degree. In future, I wish a kind of this film for every Hegre-Model. Because some models seem to be more charming in those "intimate" movies rather than in front of the camera lens during the photoshoot.

Kim United Kingdom

cool movie great story idea, love to see her naked in the public etc and all the fun stuff. but please do not clip so frequent. less clipping for us to be able to study her beautiful body please.

lupus Belgium

Move well done, just as you are on the sport. Beautiful lady with gorgeous smile and eyes and off course body curves are great. Love to see more of here in different settings.

NakedTravel Canada

Brilliant video Kudos to Peter for these exquisite "one day in the life of a model" videos, they are really entertaining and enjoyable. Nicely done!

Gary United States

The Finer Things in Life Done with such great taste definitely not a porno flick you know how to tease the senses without being crude.

wheeler United States

I get my connection back and my pc craps out on me! :( well, Ms Katia's ice cream bath was the perfect welcome back! :P

Katia Massage COMMENTS

Awakening The Senses Massage | July 29th, 2014
Awakening The Senses Massage
Doug United States

Great therapist! Loved the video! Would love to see Bara in more videos.

Mojo55-7 Switzerland

Bara - Awakening the Senses A gentle, sensual massage, despite the token employment of feathers, fur gloves, whip and paddle lightly to stimulate the model's skin early in the action. It all seemed rather tentative, as if Bara were literally feeling her way towards something more confident. It would be very interesting to see how she massages Mike, Alex or Brendon.

Jansan Denmark

A modest erotic massage Very beautiful and sensual - but I miss a more erotic element in this scene. Bara avoids real eroctic stimulation except at the very end where she carefully uses her thumbs on the mons veneris. To call this an erotic massage is a bit false advertising - it is a wellness massage. I accept the tantra philosophy and to move slowly towards climax, but to me this film is a bit too slow. Otherwise, I am an admirer of your Work and will go on following your fine Work also in the future.

lovejill22 United States

action between the players love to see more interaction between the model and the mussese

Heidji Brazil

Bara's tantric When Bara will do her Tantric ritual. It'll be great!

Justplaying United States

I considered this a very erotic massage. As always the lady's were beautiful. I'm sure Katia enjoyed her massage as much as I enjoyed watching. Thank You Lady's

Michael United States

RE: A modest erotic massage Folks, let's keep in mind that the model very likely has a voice in the structuring of the massage, and should have, I might add! Bara makes it very clear in her intro and blogs that the structure of any massage that she gives is controlled by the client. So it may well be that Katia told Bara what kind of a massage she would like, and Bara, being who she is, respected those wishes in this massage. So let's just enjoy this film for what it is, a beautiful model being given a sensitive, sensual and relaxing massage. I say, well done!!

Justplaying United States

I considered this very erotic and sensual and sexy and I liked it. Katia is a beauty and Bara does a great job. Thank You Lady's

Doc United Kingdom

Katia/Bara Sorry, clothed masseurs just don't cut it any more. Naked, please.

simon Australia

RE: Katia/Bara Bara is not a masseur, as "masseur" is male and clearly she is a beautiful young woman. masseur ( male), masseuse (female) massage therapist ( politically correct and gender neutral.) I don't want to be picky, but since the entire area of comment and these videos are totally about the subject of massage, we may as well use the correct term. Cheers.

Mojo55-7 Switzerland

Masseurs/Masseuses All sexual activity must be consensual. Whilst most of us would definitely prefer that both the giver and receiver of a sensual massage should be naked - what I call the Principle of Reciprocal Nudity - the giver's state of un/dress must always be voluntary. This means that, if the masseur/masseuse prefers to be more or less dressed, (rather than naked), hez personal preference must always be honoured and respected.

wheeler United States

RE: Katia/Bara just enjoy the one that is naked!

Doc United Kingdom

Bara/Katia Sensual Massage As I have said on other comment boards on this site, and having watched films with clothed and naked masseurs/masseuses, all the massage-givers should be naked, in my opinion. This dramatically increases the intimacy and the sense of trust between the two on camera, and provides us with a remarkable visual treat, which is why we are here.

Gary United States

It is nice to see the response in the giver Love is so missing from our society today it is so nice to see this love portrayed in your films. We so need this in our lives today with all the cuts in the social safety nets who will really care about US? The right wing religious nuts are so strung out on pornography it is great to see films like this great job you are doing.