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Katia Profile

Name: Katia
Country: France
Weight: 45kg
Height: 158cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Model

A dream woman from another planet

Katia is possibly the sexiest specimen in the universe. Completely unaware of the power of her beauty, she has hypnotic sex appeal. Wherever she goes she turns heads. Everyone watches her, waiting to see what she does next.

And that power is all in her lips. They’re the fullest, most succulent lips in the known universe. You’ll simply fall down on your knees and worship them, just craving the chance to glue your lips to hers.

From Paris, France, Katia is a calm, quiet girl (and even a little shy). But once she smiles with those lips, and flashes her green eyes, you know she is something special.

Too short to make it big in fashion, Katia pursued a nude modelling career, working for amateur and semi-professional photographers. But this is her first time on the big stage, her first time with the professionals.

Katie is one spectacularly good-looking woman. But in the expert hands of leading nude photographer Petter Hegre, she is simply out of this world!

Katia beach beauty July 25th, 2015
Nitty Gritty
This filthy flirt really knows how to get down and dirty. Katia rocks!
love a dirty girl!
Katia hotter than hell July 10th, 2015
what a charming smile !
Not easy to be the next, just after Darina, but Katia holds the comparison and deserves our congratulations. I really like this set, especially the last pictures, when you smile, Katia !
faboulous, but ....
Katia is faboulous, but I dont like the little whisp of hair. A shaven clean pubes would be much better
last pic
<3 you too, Katia!
Heart Melting Hottie
Katia is a devilishly delightful damsel who really knows how to turn up the heat. Her sets always sizzle!
Katia white tigress June 26th, 2015
always been an ass man... but, katia has much more to look at than that!
Playful Pussycat
Would love to have this Crouching Tiger pounce on my Hidden Dragon!
OMG !!!
Katia oozes sex! She begs to be entered and gives me an instant hard on!!
Katia white tigress
Beautiful buttock and not only. Très belles fesses, le visage, etc., aussi très beaux.
Katia fitness June 7th, 2015
very motivating! maybe a video of this young lady's nude fitness routine?
I love Katia, she is pure elegance and perfection. Erotic and classy. Unique beauty.
Having a Ball!
This tight little hottie really knows how to give her fans a hard time. Let the good times roll!
Katia fitness.
So beautiful. Hope to see you again.

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Katia bodyscapes May 24th, 2015
RE: Katia bodyscapes
agreed...I love a good gyno lesson once in a while. but, it's sure nice to see some actual art on here! of course Katia is a work of art in and of herself!
Quel corps!
T'es une fille trop belle pour être réel! De quel histoire t'es la princesse charmante?? ;) Très belle fille! Bonne chance à toi!
Katia bodyscapes
Good, more art and less gynaecology, and some bush as well, keep it up!
Above and Beyond!
Katia's beauty is over the top!

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