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Katia Profile

Name: Katia
Country: France
Weight: 45kg
Height: 158cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Model

A dream woman from another planet

Katia is possibly the sexiest specimen in the universe. Completely unaware of the power of her beauty, she has hypnotic sex appeal. Wherever she goes she turns heads. Everyone watches her, waiting to see what she does next.

And that power is all in her lips. They’re the fullest, most succulent lips in the known universe. You’ll simply fall down on your knees and worship them, just craving the chance to glue your lips to hers.

From Paris, France, Katia is a calm, quiet girl (and even a little shy). But once she smiles with those lips, and flashes her green eyes, you know she is something special.

Too short to make it big in fashion, Katia pursued a nude modelling career, working for amateur and semi-professional photographers. But this is her first time on the big stage, her first time with the professionals.

Katie is one spectacularly good-looking woman. But in the expert hands of leading nude photographer Petter Hegre, she is simply out of this world!

Katia sizzling hot April 19th, 2015
Katia Sizzling Hot
The title of this session does not do it justice. This is the best pictorial Hegre has published in months ! Would love to see more like this.
Sorry, Jered.... I can't live without the close-ups on her bare soles ! Fantastic shoot !
So very hot. If I were taking these pictures I would find it impossible to not ask Katia a couple of "probing questions." Really great shots. As fantastic as Katia's special parts are, what's best are her facial close ups.
what I want
Five Alarm Heat!
Caution: Viewing this pictorial may lead to spontaneous combustion! Any volunteers to hose this blazing beauty down?
Katia Sizzling Hot
Is it too much to ask for a couple shots of her upper body at f/8.0? I can tell you love shooting your very expensive glass wide-open but I'd like to see ALL of the model's attributes in proper focus. Gospode.
All of you is sensual, all of you is so pretty, you are emotionnal aroused, your eye, your pussy tell us the truth. I love you
Sizzling hot indeed. So hotness of the model and quality of the photography both justify the exceptional length of this set. (I could live without the close-ups on her feet, but surely some men will like especially these features, so that's okay with me.) Only complaint: Katia should smile more often - like in pic 55, she's very pretty and likable there.
Katia crotchless March 27th, 2015
These don't work for me as well as the standard thigh highs. but, katia is always lovely
For the record
Katia's lips don't earn her a hundred percent hoorays. Make it a hundred percent minus my vote.
Consummate Crotch
In Katia's case, less is definitely more! Thank you for this arousing revelation.
So tender is the pink... A caress... A soothing touch... A watercolor brush stroke... Monet knew pink! Renoir knew pink! Degas knew pink! If Katia lived in 15th century Da Vinci would paint in pink!
Riddle me this : Why do we get so much details in this pictorial of the lovely Katia & earlier this week of the incredible Valerie and not even a sniff in so many of the other pictorials of the other so called "hot " Hegre models ? What's the deal ?

Gallery Tags

Katia sucking good March 7th, 2015
Oral Fixation
Katia is one delicious mouthwatering dessert. Very tasty!
Best fake mouthy overflow I've ever seen. Creative, well done and, of course, a beautiful model.
the popsicle gave it's life for a good cause! <3
Katia mouthwatering February 19th, 2015
1st Class
This has got to be the best gallery for a while. Great poses, lighting and angle this is hegre at his best. Why cant we have similar quality with the other 90% of the girls on this site, starting with Amber! Come on Petter we know you can do it, this gallery is superb
Katia, you are not only beautiful but you exude sexy and naughty perfectly.
Truly mouthwatering, top notch!
Sublime et sexy
Katia delicious
mouthwatering. Yes. Délicieuse à regarder, écouter; sentir ... Take care ...
what to say that hasn't been said? Katia is stunning!!! and the little beads of "sweat" all over her gorgeous body heat me up too!:P
Tasty Treat!
No ifs, ands, or butts, Katia is an asstounding beauty. Delicious!!!
Girls look so much better wet. Very nice set.
Awesome Bubble Butt!!!!
Katia - A Day In The Life Of An Erotic Model November 11th, 2014
Katia is wonderful for sure. I truly don't like this style of film, and I notice that Petter doesn't do many of these, how shall I put it, ADHD style eye twitchers. I generally love Petter's films. So is there any chance we could get more Katia films? Because despite my film objections, Katia is fantastic.
She is a lovely young woman!!!!
I get my connection back and my pc craps out on me! :( well, Ms Katia's ice cream bath was the perfect welcome back! :P
The Finer Things in Life
Done with such great taste definitely not a porno flick you know how to tease the senses without being crude.
Brilliant video
Kudos to Peter for these exquisite "one day in the life of a model" videos, they are really entertaining and enjoyable. Nicely done!
Move well done, just as you are on the sport. Beautiful lady with gorgeous smile and eyes and off course body curves are great. Love to see more of here in different settings.
cool movie
great story idea, love to see her naked in the public etc and all the fun stuff. but please do not clip so frequent. less clipping for us to be able to study her beautiful body please.
nice girl with wonderful charm
Actually before seeing this movie, I was not really Katia's fan ( she looked too "cool" for me). But on this film , I could see lot of her smile and her intimate side. Especially after the scene where she eats the fries , my mind changed 180 degree. In future, I wish a kind of this film for every Hegre-Model. Because some models seem to be more charming in those "intimate" movies rather than in front of the camera lens during the photoshoot.
She just might be one of Hegre's hottest models.