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Simone Profile

Name: Simone
Country: Ghana
Weight: 56kg
Height: 180cm
Age: 25
Occupation: Basketball player

Guaranteed to make you dribble

Simone has possibly the best ass we’ve ever seen on Hegre-Art. And that is one mighty big claim. But look at it. It’s splendid. Wonderful. For connoisseurs of the crack, this must be your lucky day.

Yet another championship winning athlete has decided to strip naked for Hegre-Art. Simone, 25, plays basketball for the Ghanaian national team, recently winning the Afrobasket (one of Africa’s most prestigious tournaments).

As the largest producer of gold and diamonds, the Republic of Ghana is no stranger to beautiful natural resources. So Simone is in good company. With these gorgeous dark curves surely she is one of the great natural wonders of the African continent.

And if you’re ever lucky enough to meet Simone, you’re guaranteed to want to grab that ass with both hands and giving it a squeeze. It’s bootylicious.

Simone sensual nudes April 15th, 2015
it is sexy, but high class : no vulgarity it reminds me a super famous 80's girl : Grace Jones let me wish her the same story!
You are far more than sensual, no word to explain the feeling I have deep in me looking at your fantastic body and beauty
sensual or silly, this girl is HOT!!!

Gallery Tags

Simone Los Angeles Laker girl March 21st, 2015
maybe lovely Simone can come play with the lakers! they need all the help they get! lol
Simone; your body so tight Your back; out of sight Your curves, a delight Your nipples; just right. Simone, thanks for this.
Simply Lovely Butt ~
Isn't it time for something a little more sensual?
please much much more of her (films and photos)!!!
Simone stars and stripes February 7th, 2015
Bold & Free Hopefully, Eventually
I long for the days when Simone will be Bold & Free enough to shoot pictures 1 through 15 without her Stars & Stripes 1 piece suit on!!!
nice shoot
beautiful photoshoot, can't wait to see her vag.
But . . .
Great, but oh, dear, we DO need a real ass-shot so we can see that lovely black cunt peeping out between her thighs!
Stars & Stripes Forever!
Simone is SO AWESOME! Glazed in that signature oil and her skin so subtly soft, she is beauty in motion! MINUS THE UNNECESSARY and AWKWARD SHOTS in pictures 11 and 12; this is another HALF COURT, LAST SECOND, ON THE BUZZER, NOTHIN' BUT NET GAME CHANGING WINNER!
Simone ebony and pink January 15th, 2015
Simone's pink
We want to see another pink of Simone.
We're being teased - it's all good!
We're being teased - it's all good!
Double Bubble
A gallery devoted to Bubble Butt. Nice shooting, very natural, very awesome
Part 2?
I'm a huge fan of Simone (show us some more naked basketball action) and I know you think her butt is her best feature but surely surely - more than any other set in the entire Hegre Archive - this set is crying out for Part 2!!! There is so much more to Simone than just her butt!
Nice body, but way to boring. Show us something we want to see
Butt, (pun intended) what happened to Her Rear View, Wide Open Glimmering, Shiny Sexy Long Leg Shots! Additionally, Her Wet Glimmering Sexy Luscious, Soft Milk-Chocolaty Creased Vaginal Lips. Along with Views of what is within Her Tone, Firm Sexy Legs, and the Hope of Viewing Her Beautiful Pink Flesh Within! Coupled with Her Full Body Frontal Shots of Her Beautiful Shiny Face, those Bold Bright Beautiful Pearly White Sexy "Come Hither" Eyes, those Awe-Inspiring Wet Full Lips Smiles with, or without Her Great Pearly White Teeth. Her Perky Soft Wet Firm Breast, with Her Sexy Shiny, Puffy, Nipples. Her Tone, Fit, and Muscular Six-Pack Stomach, viewing down to Her Shapely, Well Defined Hips, Her Shiny Sexily Luscious, Soft Milk-Chocolaty Creased Vaginal Lips, and again the Hope of Viewing Her Beautiful Pink Flesh Within! Please ~ Please FEED US!
that rear end deserves it's own temple! definitely worship worthy!
Simone beach art December 27th, 2014
Beautiful girl, very elegant!
but I'd sure like to see more, or any, pussy shots.
Simone beach art
So beautiful. Always happy to see you.
more sandy butts..... ugh.
All That Stunning Beauty on the Beach
I fell extremely cheated by the photographer in a BIG way. If that was your intent - you have made a BIG score.
Feels like Christmas has been extended thru the weekend now that SIMONE graces us once more with her presence (au naturel).
stunning!! this is what I call art!