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Photo of Simone


Photo of Simone
Name: Simone
Country: Ghana
Weight: 56kg
Height: 180cm
Age: 25
Occupation: Basketball player

Guaranteed to make you dribble

Simone has possibly the best ass we’ve ever seen on Hegre-Art. And that is one mighty big claim. But look at it. It’s splendid. Wonderful. For connoisseurs of the crack, this must be your lucky day.

Yet another championship winning athlete has decided to strip naked for Hegre-Art. Simone, 25, plays basketball for the Ghanaian national team, recently winning the Afrobasket (one of Africa’s most prestigious tournaments).

As the largest producer of gold and diamonds, the Republic of Ghana is no stranger to beautiful natural resources. So Simone is in good company. With these gorgeous dark curves surely she is one of the great natural wonders of the African continent.

And if you’re ever lucky enough to meet Simone, you’re guaranteed to want to grab that ass with both hands and giving it a squeeze. It’s bootylicious.

Simone Galleries COMMENTS

Simone black Sapphire | November 26th, 2014
Simone black Sapphire
KOMET United States

SLEEK, SENSUAL & SERENE = SIMONE BEHOLD, an oiled-down, sexy African Afrodite!

Jeff Germany

Very beautiful girl but bland set. And please: could you show your black model without oil? Would be great to see the natural shining skin.

wheeler United States

I count at least 5 sets where she's NOT oiled up! beautiful either way! the oil enhances all her beautiful, natural curves!

rmondial United States

SIMONE Sublime beauty. Perfection.

Simone beach watch | November 9th, 2014
Simone beach watch
Bernard Netherlands

Le goût du chocolat noir/the taste of dark chocolate Le goût du chocolat noir: magnifique, intense, pur et simple. / The taste of dark chocolate, magnificent, intense, pure and simple.

KOMET United States

SIMONE - AU NATUREL & GLORIOUS Bliss was in that dawn to behold SIMONE fully nude on a beach buffeted by warm and breezy waves!

MrEarl United States

I really don't like sand-covered buttocks. Photographing on the beach is fine, but why must the bottom always be covered in sand?

Runkeeper United States

Sweet Simone Flawlessly gorgeous. Amazingly proportioned. All I can say is.... Sweeeeeeet

athell9 United States

breath taking. A awesome model. A real work of art.

JerseyJoe5 United States

Simone sunshine Simone on the beach -- a beautiful set for a beautiful model. Sand covered or not, she has a luscious tush. More of this lovely lady, please!

ailefroide Belgium

Simone beach ... J'aime beaucoup votre visage. I love your face. Pas seulement ! Not only !

wheeler United States

the sand is there so I can help wash it off! (in my dreams! lol)

Simone knee socks | October 20th, 2014
Simone knee socks
Saldo-2 United States

Perfect ass for sure, but that is it.

dave United States

beautiful great body great pics. looking forward to more pics from her!!

ailefroide Belgium

Simone knee socks So beautiful. J'adore. Merci.

Doc United Kingdom

Simone knee socks I watched the slide show once, and then again but this time with my hand in front of my screen so that I couldn't see the socks at all, and what a dramatic improvement that manoeuvre made! What were you thinking of?! She is a real beauty, and needs no props at all. And don't get me started on the shaved 'lady-garden' either, WHY??!! You wouldn't draw a moustache on the Mona Lisa, would you? Would you?!

Ferrari Impulse United States

Couleur Café She needs a wet and creamy massage sans the socks.

Vimmer Denmark

Ohh would she smile, just a small one ;)

Bernard Netherlands

Le noir est beau A very beautiful woman with a beautiful black skin and a fantastic butt. I hope that she soon gets a delicious long erotic massage (please without the ugly socks) with lots of sexual eruptions from the very best masseuse. I can't wait for the next massage film.........…… With Simone?

JerseyJoe5 United States

RE: She has much more than a "perfect ass." She is a beautiful, curvaceous, almost statuesque model. She is gorgeous.

wheeler United States

I agree the socks don't help. but, then again, I'm not really looking at her feet!

Sandy United Kingdom

RE: Agree with Saldo-2. in respect of not seeing what's between those thighs! Looking forward to more erotic poses or better camera angles to finally make my mind up

Simone creamed | October 1st, 2014
Simone creamed
wheeler United States

that kind of messy I like! lol way too short, though!

KOMET United States

SIMONE - SLEEK, SEXY & OILED-DOWN SIMONE celebrates the freedom of the body da tirania de roupa.

rmondial United States

Perfection = Simone These photos are mind-blowing! But... I don't believe that it's possible to take a bad picture of this kind of beauty. Every single photo, from every single angle is amazing. Simone is just radiant!

André French Polynesia

wanna see her pussy !!!!

mobetaman United States

AWESOME and yet there MUST be more-- I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!!! She is SO BEAUTIFUL~ SO SYMMETRICALLY PERFECT!!! Lotions only set what you have on STEROIDS! YET I know there is MUCH MORE that is being withheld. While I feel this is just wrong, meaning to leave me with my tongue dragging the ground sopping wet, please don't keep us waiting too long!!!

Simone a day on the beach | September 21st, 2014
Simone a day on the beach
KOMET United States

SIMONE EN LA PLAYA Blessed with callipygian virtues, SIMONE lets the waves carry herself ashore onto a sun-drenched beach. Free from the tyranny of clothing, she happily frolics in the sand.

Dexter United States

Not cute What happened to Valerie. She is the best model on this site. Also, Looking forward to another Milena video with some anal play.

mobetaman United States


Andrew United States

Not a fan. No disrespect but I don't find this model very attractive. Maybe there will be a set in the future that will change my mind.

rmondial United States

Perfection! Simone is unbelievably beautiful from every angle! Exquisite photography! Perfection! More please!!

wheeler United States

I'm a fan! of the lady, and the set!

Simone old style | September 8th, 2014
Simone old style
KOMET United States

LOSE THE SOCKS!!! I trust that in the next photo series, SIMONE will be set free to be FULLY NUDE.

EmmSea Australia

Simone, old style ***** Sensational set! With the right model and the right set & lighting, B&W shots seem to reveal something that colour doesn't. This is the right model and the right set & lighting. Bravo! 5 stars.

mobetaman United States

B&W or Color is HD AWESOME!!! Simone ~ You are the PRIME example that leaves ALL others at bay! The TOTAL PACKAGE, SUPREME in every way! I am SO ready to delve deeper into your DARK discovering your EXQUISITE PINK! PLEASE reveal yourself to your ever-ready, sold-out on you, #1 FAN. I am all but obsessed with you, so take me over! Please!

ailefroide Belgium

Simone old style Old style ... and exceptionaly amazing.

rmondial United States

Simone the Supreme Unequaled beauty! Simply beyond words...

United States

RE: Photo number 23 bend over bb and take it all

wheeler United States

B & W is a nice change, once in a while. lovely!

Simone classics | August 24th, 2014
Simone classics
KOMET United States

RADIANT SIMONE Next time, LOSE THE SOCKS!!! (Simone stands out best when she is au naturel, without a stitch of clothing or footware to mar her beauty.)

ailefroide Belgium

Simone Perfect. Take care of you.

Doc United Kingdom

Simone 'classics' Ludicrous socks, just ludicrous. I mean, really?! She has endless legs, why cover them up?!

Mazungu United Kingdom

Magical Simone has everything going for her. Her body is just so natural and so so to see her more in various postions to explore her more

Hardhead United States

RE: RADIANT SIMONE She is still naked and that's what matter the most. We get to see frontal shots too.

dave United States

beautiful,great pics,fantastic body. keep the great pics coming.

don United States

pussy o pussy

rmondial United States

Stunningly beautiful!!

mobetaman United States

Simone YOU have BY FAR the most beautiful physic of the century! Cut, Firm, Even toned, Robustly AWESOME! BEYOND the standard of elite! WHY can't I ever have the fortune of meeting (and eventually meating) you - or one like you! I can only hope and dream that your personality matches your unlimited beauty!!! Your SMILE just completely melted me in my chair!

guest India

It seems that these pictures are a bit over sharpened. I would have preferred a more diffused lighting (because the lighting is a bit harsh), and also softer images with less sharpening. Probably a subjective matter but in my opinion there is something like too much sharpening.

wheeler United States

I can overlook the socks. lovely simone has lots to look at! would love to play one-on-one with her, some day!

United States

vag? beautiful girl, but not enough vagina.

Simone spectacular | August 14th, 2014
Simone spectacular
KOMET United States

SIMONE AU NATUREL Like Aphrodite, SIMONE arises from the roiling waters, sleek, sensual and without adornment.

mobetaman United States

SPECTACULAR is NOT sufficient Simone is a PHENOM! Spectacular does not begin to describe the her sheer beauty! Cut, trim, firm, detailed shapely, beautifully black in her prime! True natural beauty of this level is rare to find often illusive to even the best of men! Oil and Water elements only amplify her radiance! I am TRULY excited & looking forward to seeing her and knowing her more intimately in the immediate future. Maybe a dual set with Valerie even! PLEASE DO MORE EXPLICIT & SOON!!!

rmondial United States

Wow, Wow, Wow! Those are some nice pictures. What a gorgeous woman!!

ailefroide Belgium

Simone callipyge, right ? Of course yes !

Hardhead Singapore

I would not mind more frontal body shots

snizzled New Zealand

massage please!

dave United States

beautiful pics. fantastic body,hope to see more of her in future pics.

Mazungu United Kingdom

Such Beauty Simone - such a beautiful lady , perfect viewing after a has work. More please

wheeler United States

wish my rear end looked that good! (I know...TMI!!!LOL)

Simone NBA All Star | August 1st, 2014
Simone NBA All Star
Marvin Germany

Simone Great! Simone is wonderful. More of her please. Soon.

KOMET United States

MEENG-GAH-BOU, SIMONE! And also, I say: 'Ete-sen', 'Sannu' & 'Kawula', Simone! Like a flower hitherto unknown, you have arisen to grace us with your presence here. Sensual, lithe, and beautiful. May we see much more of you in future photo shoots/videos.

Hardhead Singapore

She has a very nice physique. I want to see more of her.

Petr Canada

simone Lovely, athletic beauty, more action sets please.

ScorpioNC United States

More Simone I hope to see a lot more of Simone!

Doc United Kingdom

Simone You shaved her, didn't you?! Please stop doing that!!

NakedTravel Canada

Gorgeous! What a body! amazing aSS! :D

rmondial United States

another great model! absolutely stunning!

Steve United States

Ebony Goddess I joined for this girl!

wheeler United States

another goddess on your beautiful roster since I left! can't wait to see more!

Simone Films COMMENTS

Simone Behind the Scenes | September 2nd, 2014
Simone Behind the Scenes
JerseyJoe5 United States

Beautiful lady This is a wonderful film giving us another look at a beautiful young lady. Classic face, perfectly formed breasts right down to the aerolas and nipples, slender waist accentuating strong, curvy hips and a luscious ass, all atop long beautiful legs. During the usually quiet overnights a former guard in our building used to do wood carvings of nude women -- long, smooth, curvy, seductive finely honed pieces of art you would proudly have in your home or office. Simone brings them to life.

Tom77 Germany

Simone is so beautiful. Her brown/dark skin is just fantastic. Although she is clean shaved or waxed, her pubes and her armpits are even darker. It looks so sexy!

adfomf Reunion

high heels ! Her beauty is astonishing. I look forward to seeing her wearing high heels shoes (Louboutin !) Her legs are amazing !

Bernard Netherlands

Black is beautiful A very beautiful woman with a beautiful black skin and a fantastic butt. I hope that she soon gets a delicious long erotic massage with lots of sexual eruptions from the very best masseuse. I cannot wait ………

snizzled New Zealand

simone yes a massage definitely - in an outdoor setting with LOTS of oil...

KOMET United States

RADIANT SIMONE Perish the tawdry thought of Simone wearing high heeled shoes!!! She's perfect here in this video, FULLY NUDE, body sleek and oiled-down, with her shapely derriere on prominent display.

TiaMat77 Anonymous Proxy

Magi Wand Oh my god you are a dream. Please Simone gives us a long magic wand session as soon as possible.

rmondial United States

Simone She makes me shake all over... frighteningly beautiful! Be forewarned, viewing this might cause a heart attack!!

toga United States

She is so sexy; she just turns me on. I would love to meet her.

wheeler United States

to heel, or not to heel? that is the question! Simone would be lovely, either way! thanks for the BTS!

dave United States

simone Absolute beauty.great video Simone has beautiful body. hope to see more of her!

manz Australia

Sensasional sexy Simone This is one of the sexiest movies. When will we see another ????