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Photo of Darina L


Photo of Darina L
Name: Darina L
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 40kg
Height: 158cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Student

Filled with burning desire

Get ready to meet Darina. This girl simply oozes sexuality. She’s so hot she’ll give you second-degree burns; it’s like her body is on fire.

So you would expect her to be fiery and feisty. But somehow despite all her raw animal sexuality, she remains calm and quiet. This sexual energy is like an aura that surrounds her. And it affects everyone she meets, men and women.

Just 22 years old and from Kiev in Ukraine, Darina L holds a degree in landscape architecture. And she knows sign language (she sure knows how to communicate with her body).

Her tits are out of this world: perfectly formed and perfectly in proportion. And she has the most petite little body you can imagine. It feels like you could almost pick her up and pop her in your pocket.

And when she sticks her ass in the air… well, you’d better not miss it. Make sure you enjoy every last pixel!

Darina L Galleries COMMENTS

Darina L burning hot | November 23rd, 2014
Darina L burning hot
KOMET United States

DARINA L - A LATTER DAY NUDE MAJA Recently returned from a vacation in the Caribbean, these images of DARINA L relaxing under the summer sun brings up many happy memories for me.

nogasm United States

Licking my lips.

Runkeeper United States

Darina Now that's how you show the kitty cat. Absolutely sweet. I'm craving vanilla pudding. Kiss & thank you.

Bernard Netherlands

Un corps parfait érotique Darina is one of my favorites! Wow, what a perfect erotic body! I would like to have sex with her in the sun for hours and hours and hours........ Petter, when she finally gets a delicious sensual massage? I hope very soon.

Darina L I aesthetic pleasure | November 5th, 2014
Darina L I aesthetic pleasure
KOMET United States

DARINA L - DELECTABLE MUSE DARINA L - modern day Siren, majestic in her unabashed nakedness.

wheeler United States

very aesthetically pleasing, indeed! if WAY too short!

ailefroide Belgium

Darina ... pleasure Always a pleasure to see you

TopCat United States

Darina's Darling Derriere Ass-thetic Beauty!

Darina L black pool | October 24th, 2014
Darina L black pool
KOMET United States

DARINA L - WOMAN OF THE WATERS The oceans so loved DARINA L that, upon welcoming her into their embrace, presented her with a selkie's coat. Once she put it on her sexy body, DARINA L dove deep beneath the waves and emerged as a sleek, swift-moving sealion with webbed hands and feet, moving with ease among the creatures of the waters. Later, upon shedding her selkie coat, DARINA L (the woman) basked in the sun, letting the waves wash over her.

wheeler United States

ah yes! only soaking wet could this vision of perfection be more perfect!

Darina L explicitly delicious | October 10th, 2014
Darina L explicitly delicious
Bernard Netherlands

Ma femme de rêve / my dreamgirl Bien sûr, les images sont très clairement délicieux! Yes the pictures are very clear and delightful!

lupus Belgium

This looks like the photographer has sculptured the model. The art of creativity...

KOMET United States

DARINA L - SLEEK, OILED-DOWN & SEXY DARINA L - A deliciously wicked and delightful photo series, this.

erotique United States

perfection realized. Set the standard by which all other models are measured. The shoot is an unabashed homage to what is possible when a woman's sensuality breaks free from the chains of inhibition.

Canchahel France

…and deliciously explicit It’s a real treat. I love this kind of photos: surgical wet close-ups on a perfect, smooth and well tanned body. Of course, it’s not the first time in Hegre-Art (fortunately) but these pictures are especially successful; nr. 31 is maybe the best one. Darina has sublime tits and pussy…and a little something of Luba in her face. Bravo, Maestro. Please go on!

Voyeur United States

Darina is so easy on the eyes, from her remarkably beautiful face, amazingly hot and perfectly proportioned body. A real treat.

gatorman United States

Darina One of the best sessions I have ever seen. Darina is a goddess !!!!

Goodsamurai Japan

Smooth,,,, Sha has the best smooth pussy I ever seen. Looks like she doesn`t have any hair naturally.... Love this

TopCat United States

Slick Spread Caution: Slippery when wet! Delighting in Darina's dangerous well-oiled curves delivers an exhilarating experience that leaves my imagination spinning out of control. Dare to stare at your own risk! Darina's distracting display will quickly send you over the edge!

archcon212 United States

WET and very Hot !!!

wheeler United States

83 sculptures that Rodin himself would long to duplicate! of course, he didn't have the lovely Darina as a model! she would have definitely helped his game!

ailefroide Belgium

Darina delicious Unforgettable

Jevousadore Australia

Stunningly beautiful,erotic, sensual and feminine. Thank you Darina and Petter. Breathtakingly beautiful woman, all power to you Darina you goddess!

Darina L Renaissance Model | September 25th, 2014
Darina L Renaissance Model
KOMET United States

DARINA L - LIVING SCULPTURE What was once a statue of burnished bronze, the pride of the artist's studio, is now a beautiful blonde woman fully nude and seated on the table like a lotus blossom.

Slickwilly United States

RE: DARINA L - LIVING SCULPTURE She's one hot lotus blossom.

mcnasty77 United States

Darina L More Darina, Please. Nice tight @$$.

TopCat United States

Bronzed Beauty Darina daringly displays her sublimely sculpted silhouette for all to savor. A Mesmerizing Masterpiece!

wheeler United States


Rick United States

Mmmmmmmm Absolutely stunning!

Darina L erotic art | September 12th, 2014
Darina L erotic art
TopCat United States

Sweet Treat Revealing Spread. Delicious "Centerfold." YUM!

KOMET United States

DARINA L - UNABASHEDLY EROTIC Daring, demure, beguiling and beautiful: DARINA L. (AU NATUREL)

swplf United States

Stunning While this is another perfect example of your style of shoot, Darina L today exemplifies the perfect artistic nature of this style, the images she created with body positions, i.e posing here, make this a standout of your work. Great job...

zorro United Kingdom

lots of nice sets recently, but this is one of the best, imo.

Jesse James France

Movie ? When a massage of Darina L ?

ailefroide Belgium

Darina L erotic art What a pleasure to contemplate your face and your pussy ! Very exciting.

wheeler United States

lovely! nuff sed!

wheeler United States

RE: Movie ? good question

Phil092 United Kingdom

video I love your behind the scenes video's. Hope there's one coming for this shoot. Beautiful model.

Darina L beach life | August 30th, 2014
Darina L beach life
archcon United States

Darina L Awesome pictures. I love to see a naked girl at the beach or in the pool.

Slickwilly United States

Darina What a foxy lady. I wish she would smile and I hope her friends and family are ok given the situation in Ukraine

Sandy United Kingdom

Darina Wow lovely model and some good poses. Hope she enjoyed her saline douche as much as I did!!

wheeler United States

sexy lil mermaid!

Darina L hot as hell | August 20th, 2014
Darina L hot as hell
KOMET United States

DARINA L - SIRENA del CAMPO DARINA L, dazing and resplendent, lounges blissfully in the summer sun. Freshening breezes off the river tickle her sleek, naked body.

Jered Germany

Hot as hell - indeed, but a little bit understated. AND Darina is really pretty as well - her beautiful face is the perfect complement to her stunning body. And again, Petter captures Darina's beauty better than anyone.

Marvin Germany

Girls in the sun Great set! I love these sets with girls oiled and wet and stretching out in the sun. More please.

James Michaels United States

Darina L Hot has Hell is an understatement. We need to see Darina L in a massage. She and Emily would make quite the pair.

archcon212 United States

Darina L WOW !!! That is HOT and WET. She needs to have a naked, hot and wet man give her a massage and then she needs to massage him, until the "end." This outdoor shot is awesome and to see her wet body in the sun made my day Thanks

ailefroide Belgium

Alina hot Is paradize cold ?

irenastevo Australia

Darina L Great set! Stevo,Australia. Posted 17.9.2104

wheeler United States

RE marvin yup!

Darina L body shots | August 11th, 2014
Darina L body shots
ichbinsschon United States

Absolutely fantastic!

KOMET United States

HAIL DARINA L! Darlna L emerges nude and fully formed from a large, sturdy and leathery, quil-studded cocoon, which had been secured from the highest branches of a massive Mazok tree months before and placed in a well-lit white room. Wearily, she stretches her arms and legs, all the while gathering her strength for new experiences.

Jered Germany

I was sure: the combination of this model with this photographer would be a match made in heaven. But this set even manages to go beyond my - extremely high - expectations. A flawless woman in all her pure beauty and nothing else - this makes one perfect set.

McNasty77 United States

Darina Love the @$$ shots... Darina is a rising star.

francesco Italy Italy

wonderful body Wonderful body, well shaved and oiled.

erotique United States

perfect simply perfect...

Saldo-2 United States

Stunning photography and 100% cock hardening!!

nogasm United States

Open those labia... show us the juice.

jeffmouton France

Spendid, at least the shots of the month ! Thank you Darina.

ailefroide Belgium

Darina Who is the best ? Darina or the author of the shots ? The photographer and / or the director are to be known. Amazing "débuts" dear Darina. Take care.

simon Switzerland

Pic 61-63: Do you want to sell fresh apples in the supermarket?

archcon212 United States

Darina L i wish you could collect the moisture from her body and send to me. That would be quite an delicious drink.

CarterG United States

magnificent. if I told what I'd let her do to me I'd probably get kicked off.

wheeler United States

RE:CarterG get in line! lol

Darina L introduction | August 3rd, 2014
Darina L introduction
Jered Germany

Finally, one of the hottest women of the Internet here on my favourite site -- and the set beats every expectation. Hegre dares to show Darina very natural and without any gimmicks, and the results are breathtaking, because he not only captures her hotness (which is incredible) but also as an amazingly beautiful woman, who doesn't have to make any efforts to appear as a true goddess. Hope, there will be a lot of more of her!

KOMET United States

BIENVENUE DARINA L! A supernova has emerged from the depths of the firmanent: DARINA L.

McNasty77 United States

Waxed of Lazered? Darina... a very pretty brown eyed girls.

simon Switzerland


Maik Germany

Ukraine What is it with the Ukraine? Is there something in the water? I agree to the other comments and what you wrote in her profile, she is a flawless beauty and hot as hell. A feast for the eyes. What a lucky photographer you are. I hope many shoots will come. Welcome to the Hegre-Family dear Darina.

ailefroide Belgium

Dorina first Nice to discover you. Take care of yourself.

Dunn United States

She Beautiful She's incredible. Hot, tempting...hopefully she will explore the lesbian, and toy action of Peters Work.

Mister Plums United Kingdom

Darina L Great to see Darina here at Hegre-Art, one of my favourite models on the 'net... my membership was due to expire, now that Darina is here I will be reassessing that state of affairs... she is always stunning but here especially so. I look forward to seeing so much more of her photographed so exquisitely.

DiggyD United States

She's flawless- wow

wheeler United States

stunning indeed! there is just SOMETHING about these girls from the former soviet bloc!

Darina L Films COMMENTS

Darina L Dashing | September 30th, 2014
Darina L Dashing
Mojo55-7 Switzerland

Darina L Sensual and sexy. Beautiful body. Magnificent movement. Simply super.

KOMET United States

DARINA L - NAKED ANGEL DARINA L treats the viewer to an ancient dance in which she, in thrall to Ecstacy, moves or rather slithers with serpentine grace. It is in these moments, that her fully nude body takes on the majesty and power of a sleek, oiled cobra. (Indeed, one could imagine the delight of the wizard snake charmer, Priya who, upon letting loose the largest serpent in her basket, uttered a hypnotic incantation at it and with a clapping of the hands, the serpent with florescent copper scales squirmed and flashed its forked tongue --- all the while quickly assuming the form of a slim, sleek, seductive blonde woman with steely and teasing eyes. Thus emerged DARINA L, naked angel, to delight and charm the world.)

erotique United States

extraordinary This is what hegre-art is all about. Darina L is easily the best model on the site right now. If only all the other models were as comfortable with their bodies and sexuality as she is!

Bernard Netherlands

Beautiful and trained Ukrainian women are very beautiful and Darina is no exception. She is very beautiful and she has a fantastic trained body.

ailefroide Belgium

Darina film of the week Perfect.

Djones United States

Hot Flesh perfection !!