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Darina L

Darina L Profile

Darina L
Name: Darina L
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 40kg
Height: 158cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Student

Filled with burning desire

Get ready to meet Darina. This girl simply oozes sexuality. She’s so hot she’ll give you second-degree burns; it’s like her body is on fire.

So you would expect her to be fiery and feisty. But somehow despite all her raw animal sexuality, she remains calm and quiet. This sexual energy is like an aura that surrounds her. And it affects everyone she meets, men and women.

Just 22 years old and from Kiev in Ukraine, Darina L holds a degree in landscape architecture. And she knows sign language (she sure knows how to communicate with her body).

Her tits are out of this world: perfectly formed and perfectly in proportion. And she has the most petite little body you can imagine. It feels like you could almost pick her up and pop her in your pocket.

And when she sticks her ass in the air… well, you’d better not miss it. Make sure you enjoy every last pixel!

Darina L insanely sexy January 21st, 2015
Girl Crazy
Darina's provocative posing always sends me over the edge. A mind-blowing beauty!
Darina L follement sexy
Je rêve d' Un peu d'alpinisme Sur son mont de Venus
When a " very deep massage " to Darina?
Super Hot
Most precious and not shy. I wait for her return.
She knows how to pose!
Refreshing to see a girl who knows how to pose! Thank you Darina!
In a word: GRROWL!!!
darina l
Darina has that special X factor. Perfect in every way. What a body.
insanely sexy
yes...yes she is
Your right
Darina is insanely sexy and absolutely gorgeous and what a stomach wow. Peter
Darina L mermaid January 2nd, 2015
Darina Rocks!
Our good fortune that this mesmerizing mermaid has become stranded for a time on terra-firma. Darina definitely dresses up the landscape. What a Rock Star!
Darina L mermaid
Always a pleasure to look at you, Darina. Merci.
this lady's sets always seem to go by too quick! this was particularly lovely, imho
Cruel it was that the Fates replaced what was a lovely diaphanous scaly fish-tail with a set of shapely legs with which DARINA L struggled to stand upon the wave-splashed shore.
Darina L wet extreme December 5th, 2014
Pussy of darina
What a splendid abundance of pussy!!!Marvelous!!!!!
Darina wet ...
Great idea. Very beautiful. Just regret not seeing also your face. Going back to your gallery !
What a fantastic photo set. Picture 6 is stunning in particular. Fantastic body and beautiful. I love to see wet soft soles it is such a turn on for me and gets me so wet. Keep up the good work Darina and Peter
super hot wet body
To see Darina's super hot body wet....super hot!
what hegre-art is all about
Visually stunning and erotic. This is what Hegre-Art is all about. Darina sets the standard. have noticed that the last four new models have thus far proven to be too reticent to fully reveal their sexuality. That disappoints. IMHO, only those who are comfortable to be fully nude should receive the honor of becoming Hegre models. Viva Darina!
Imagine the smile on the pescador's face when he went to the salt house to inspect the large Marlin he caught late in the day after a ferocious struggle and finds instead DARINA L - au naturel - (transformed from a fish into a woman once again) in its place looking sleek, sexy, and sweetly demure.
well, that was just lovely! only thing better would be to see this in motion!
Darina L Voyeur December 2nd, 2014
What we all wouln't giv e to spend a few hours naked with this beauty
Suggestion up the next film up Darina
from you Petter I expect me for a film all full photo in close up of the pussy of opened Darina, with well in sight his small and great lips, her vagina and his clitoris, all and always in close up. Tousands tanks
Comment up the film of Darina
Very beautiful film.Especially the second part of the film, that with the scenes it took back on the green couch. There the whole eroticism of Darina, the whole beauty of her carnality, the whole beauty of the carnality of his body, the density and the compactness of her meat and the splendid exuberance of her pussy he can be seen, abundant, pulpy and soft. But it misses however a detail: in these scenes, in the scenes in which show her pussy, Darina had to widen with the fingers of his hands, the small and great lips of her pussy, as ago in the photo n° 6 of the gallery proposed in preview. It had in short to open her pussy to show her vagina and his clitoris. I hope for Petter that another film will do with darina, but with inside the scenes and the shots of its pussy,as I have described her to you. Merry Cristmas. I wait for one message of yours in answer to this comment of mine. Thanks
Hypnotic Erotic
Peter- This is as close to Luba perfect as you have ever filmed! Great job.
RE: More, more more!
More, more more!
Darina's the best model on this site at the moment - a perfect 10! A massage video would be fantastic, perhaps with Charlotta?
a feast for the eyes
This voyeur is glad that Darina looks at the camera from time to time--makes my heart beat that much faster when she does. I hope she knows she's being watched and that I strongly appreciate everything she has to offer.
She got some serious SEXY moves !!!!
Darina l Voyeur
Lovely production. fabulous model, great set and lighting. Classy, I am still mesmerized.
one of the best
well, that was lovely! though, hardly what I'd call voyeur, as the lady looks at the cam frequently. anyway, that girl sure has the moves! and, if she doesn't mind me saying so, a world class popka! :P
Darina L burning hot November 23rd, 2014
Fabulously Hot!
Only hope I look as hot when my full nudes come out soon
Hot as hell
Absolutely superb gallery, she is an extremely sexy lady with an extremely edible pussy which I would love to savour
Un corps parfait érotique
Darina is one of my favorites! Wow, what a perfect erotic body! I would like to have sex with her in the sun for hours and hours and hours........ Petter, when she finally gets a delicious sensual massage? I hope very soon.
Now that's how you show the kitty cat. Absolutely sweet. I'm craving vanilla pudding. Kiss & thank you.
Licking my lips.
Recently returned from a vacation in the Caribbean, these images of DARINA L relaxing under the summer sun brings up many happy memories for me.