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Darina L

Darina L Profile

Darina L
Name: Darina L
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 40kg
Height: 158cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Student

Filled with burning desire

Get ready to meet Darina. This girl simply oozes sexuality. She’s so hot she’ll give you second-degree burns; it’s like her body is on fire.

So you would expect her to be fiery and feisty. But somehow despite all her raw animal sexuality, she remains calm and quiet. This sexual energy is like an aura that surrounds her. And it affects everyone she meets, men and women.

Just 22 years old and from Kiev in Ukraine, Darina L holds a degree in landscape architecture. And she knows sign language (she sure knows how to communicate with her body).

Her tits are out of this world: perfectly formed and perfectly in proportion. And she has the most petite little body you can imagine. It feels like you could almost pick her up and pop her in your pocket.

And when she sticks her ass in the air… well, you’d better not miss it. Make sure you enjoy every last pixel!

Darina L skin and concrete April 1st, 2015
Darina's Latest
This is why I bought a subscription to Hegre.
A Firm Foundation
Concrete is a most appropriate backdrop for this hard-body hottie. Darina is one well built beauty!
Darina is STUNNING, and the natural light only makes her more so!
One of the hottest models on this site
This is a prett7 good gallery. Darina is one of my favourite models, she is very sexy and deserves the label "Sex on legs".
I love that I don't even know what Darina looks like in clothes. :-)
Amazing as always :D
Darina L skin to skin March 18th, 2015
Video !
More Video ! Please of her Beautiful Skin
Hegre needs more ass shots!!!
Darina always looks amazing. I would love a Darina week, always look forward to her new sets. Keep it up.
Datine skin ...
Perfect. Especially for bi mainly hetero like me.Thank you so much.
Devine Divan!
Darina is definitely one HOT couch potato!
Darina L .. THE BODY !!!
always rocking that hot BOD !!! do it girl !!!
Incredible tan, and freshly waxed... Yum!
Darina L
Exceptional beauty. The golden patina of her skin - marvelous !
Darina L always looks amazing, I would love for you to do a Darina L week. Always look forward to her sets.
STUNNING LADY!!! what more is there to say???
Darina L nude beach March 4th, 2015
the beach is very appropriate for this sexy siren! (RE:Doc: shave her head? I wouldn't go THAT far! I prefer a lady with pubic hair too, as I've said many times. but a shave down there doesn't prevent me from enjoying what I DO see!)
Amphibious Angel.
On land or in the sea, Darina is a naturally gifted Goddess - one delightful divine design!
Fabulous lady, but shaved, which just looks wrong. Why don't you shave her head while you are at it, kind of balance things up?
I'm totally in awe of Darina's natural beauty. More more more.

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Darina L glowing February 18th, 2015
This photo shoot needs to transition into a naked massage with a man and Darina caressing and massaging each others wet and hot .bodies in the hot sun. Now that would be awesome !!!!
Darina .. rocking it
i would crawl 42 miles across broken glass to jump on that.. !!! very nice
ein Wunder dieses Mädchen........
I would love to lick Darina's body until she was dry.
My Tongue Got Hard
Beautiful labia minora but I still have to see what's inside.
it seems that lovely Darina has been skinny dipping! I do hope we get a video of it!
Darina L i perverse perspective February 4th, 2015
rock that hot body Darina !!!
wrong description!!
For me substitute beautiful for perverse, I don't suppose I could ever consider any models poses perverse but it is certainly a shame we don't see many other of your models in similar poses. I agree with a lot of the other comments here as am certainly a staunch fan of open lips and erect clitorii done in the legendary Hegre artistic and non crude way
not pervers, its beatiful.......
Oil the lips
This is the kind of stuff that keeps me coming back. Add oil to the inner lips so they will not stick together... would love to see some of her natural juices betraying her arousal.
Needs lip oil
Almost perfect... oil the inner lips so they will tend to spread open.
RE: Smiling angel
I agree. Not at all "perverse" rather "natural" and "healthy." It is healthy natural for girls to want to show their beauty. It is in their nature. Darina does it so well and so refreshingly and satisfying fully.
Hot perspective
Great pics! They are not perverse - they are hot! More of that stuff, please.
Amazing Images.
Beautiful girl.
Beautiful lady Beautiful collection
Darina is quite lovely. Please have her in for a massage session with Michael or someone else soon.
Darina L perspective
Amazing .... So beautiful. Congratulations. Extraordinaire. Si beau. Félicitations.
Darina, thank you so much for sharing your most intimate self. Wow!
More Video's
Darina is Perfect , I Really Love This Perspective in Still's ,But I'd Loved it On Video, Please More Video of that Beautiful Body !
About the pussy of Darina
Here.....the only thing that these photos of Darina miss it is its open pussy, widened in way to make to see some the inside of the vagina, of the small lips and of the clitoris.
Darina L
The best photo's in the last week... She keep's the subscription paid
Sintillating Standout!
The eroticism of Darina's provocative poses is totally over the top! Hegre's voluptuous vertical view of this ample angel is simply heavenly. Life is looking up today!
The body and the meat of Darina
With these images Darina overcomes herself showing two stupendous legs, a florid, abundant, dense, compact, elastic pussy and a bodily meat really position of eroticism. Perfect imagine for a perfect eroticism!!!
Oh my soul, I can never get enough of Darina. What a woman!
Darina is lovely from every perspective! but, there is just something about this ant's eye view that I love!
Smiling angel
« Perverse »? Not really; I’d say “Dream perspective” since Darina is a true dream girl, a golden statue, a wingless angel. In this series, I like particularly the low-angle shots, especially in photos 41 to 48 but I have a weakness for the photos 47 and 64, because of her smile then her laughter. Excellent!