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Kasia Profile

Name: Kasia
Country: Canada
Weight: 54kg
Height: 178cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Student

A perfect mix of genetic material

If God and Mother Nature competed to design the perfect creature, they would struggle to beat Kasia.

She’s the perfect mix of genes, the ultimate combination of parts making up a world-class beauty. Somehow timeless, yet at the same time modern.

With a Canadian and Egyptian heritage, Kasia’s beauty spans the Atlantic Ocean. She is the product of a globalised world, with the most beautiful elements of each country coming to the surface in a stunning mixture of good looks.

Just 18 years old, Kasia is a freshman at university, studying psychology. She’s vegetarian, teetotal and loves long walks in nature – so you can be sure she’s in tiptop condition.

She had ambitions of a career as a fashion model, but her gorgeous ass and big bust put those plans on hold. Amazingly, she’s considered too sexy for the Canadian fashion market!

Well, this genetic masterpiece is their loss and our gain. So enjoy every last stunning curve!

Kasia teen January 10th, 2015
New-Age Cleopatra:
Exotic beauty with classic curves. Bet she has a killer asp!
RE: Kasia
I heartily agree Plumpton! Kasia is indeed a most shapely gorgeous girl and that bottom of hers simply demands to be celebrated to its fullest!
Fantastic photo series. KASIA au naturel is a true delight.
Ebony Art
Loving all of your women of color.
Kasia is the very definition of BEAUTY! BRAVO! ~ MORE! ~ DEEPER INTIMACY! ~ & FASTER! I just can't get enough of this work of COMPLETE ART! The only question - WHEN?
Wonderful photo series. Absolutely dreamy. MORE, PLEASE.
Gorgeous model but I've yet to see the photo that really shows off that lovely bottom to it's full erotic glory. Could we have one of her with the camera behind her as she kneels with her bottom up, her head down and that fully rounded bottom revealed? Come on Hegre-Art, do the right thing!
Wow! A very beautiful lady.
Kasia leather jacket November 13th, 2014
WHY WHY why why why??!!
Why did you stop at THAT POINT, I was just getting into you!!! PLEASE, PLEASE tell me there is MORE to see of you!!! SOON BABY PLEASE ! I'm sending out an SOS FOR YOU!
you stopped just as it was getting really good! lol kasia is lovely
Kasia tropical October 11th, 2014
Gorgeous beautiful woman. All power to you my dear. Thank you
Kasia Trop Pical ...
Belle et différente. Beautiful and unique.
stunning lady! it almost got to the point where i wanted to rip that thong off of her!
There is something muscular in her nudity, and a certain harshness to her look. Although as a rule I don't care for either in a nude and prefer more softer gentler nudes, I still find Kasia stunning. Perhaps it is 18 years of age that softens her. Love the "openness" of 66 and 69-70 and am just stunned by her butt in 85-86. What buns this girl has! Love how she elevates on her tip-toes to better show them off. Those butt shots are true works of art. Thank you Kasia for showing your nude beauty to us.
We need videos with Kasia!!!
high heels
Thank you Mr Hegre ! Wonderful set of pictures. I hope that the next one (maybe a film ?) will be with Kasia and the other tropical goddess Simone both in high heels ! It will be great in the studio because the light is ideal.
Botanical Beauty
Coy Kasia makes me want to turn over a new leaf or two. Would definitely like to participate in a little cross-pollination with her. Would eagerly pluck her perfect petals!
Another perfectly excited set. Bravo.
Kasia tropical
Wonderful pictures of a very beautiful Girl in a dreamlike situation! Thank you very much!!
If the aim was to achieve a real naturalness with this theme, this photo series has failed in its object. Truly, it is rather galling to put high-heeled shoes on a fully nude (or semi-nude) model in a tropical milieu. The shoes are an artificial construct that can only detract, not accentuate or enhance KASIA's beauty. (The saving grace is that the shoes were eventually dispensed with.)
Kasia from Canada September 28th, 2014
I agree with all the nice things said about Kasia. She is gorgeous. But, there have only been hints of her smile, which I think might be sensational and in my opinion would heighten her sexual allure.
Such a precious gem... every part of her body is Kissable
Beauty Shot by the Beast!
I think that it is just down-right abominable that you would waste this much time and effort upon yourself and Miss Kasia duplicating nothing more than her INTRODUCTION!? Not to mention the obvious disdain being portrayed towards ours (the viewers) time and anticipation, waiting for professionally provocative sets, prop's and exceedingly expressive intimacies exposed. I simply LOVE viewing Kasia, she is the fantasy of many of us. To your merit, when you guys do find a woman of color ~ she is a SHEER PRIMA-DONNA! But how you disposition her path at time is a little lacking. Of course this is just my opinion and while I do respect your definitional platform, and she IS VERY beautiful: I do expect to more from such a professional as yourself. That being written, please, you've exceeded our expectations before (and maybe I'm just spoiled from the past), I encourage you to continue on said course. Thanks in advance
Oh Canada!
Canada is well known for its spectacular topography and Kasia is definitely one of its greatest natural wonders. Exquisite, eh?
Great set of shots. Statuesque, flawless skin, beautiful body, alluring face and exuding a natural femininity, Kasia is definitely one of your best recent finds. So refreshing, also, to see a model without any tattoos or navel piercing, just completely au naturel. A Nubian goddess, perhaps?
Oh Canada... thank you for KASIA au naturel et sans chaussures. She is a veritable delight for all the senses.