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Foto de Anna


Foto de Anna
Nombre: Anna
País: Polonia
Peso: 52kg
Altura: 176cm
Edad: 20
Ocupación: Modelo

Glamourosa y Ambiciosa

El éxito es una ilusión. Pocas gentes llegan a él, y la fórmula, si es que existe, es sin duda la preparación.

PARA APROBAR los exámenes tienes que estudiar. La gran ambición de Anna es ser una modelo glamourosa, y por eso antes de presentarse a su primera sesión echó una hojeada a todas las revistas que se cruzaron en su camino. No hizo falta instruirla sobre las mejores poses: se había memorizado el repertorio entero.

Anna es una rubia natural, es sociable por naturaleza, una verdadera exhibicionista a quien le encanta la atención que una modelo recibe por parte del fotógrafo, la estilista y el equipo entero, pendientes de cada uno de sus movimientos. Está bien dotada y se siente orgullosa de su increíble silueta; cuando imita las poses que ha visto en las revistas lo hace de una manera teatral, cambiándolas hasta hacerlas suyas.

La serie de Anna con Maja, dos chicas desnudas a la orilla de un río, es una de las más populares del catálogo gráfico de Hegre-Art.


Anna y Maja en la naturaleza | January 24th, 2006
Anna y Maja en la naturaleza
puntadeleste Reino Unido

anna & maja petter, this fotos are a bit out of focus. not the quality we expect from you. Tony

John Hannaford Reino Unido

lovely photoes of two very pretty unspoiled girls.

Anna desnuda | April 4th, 2005
Anna desnuda
Alya Lover Estados Unidos de América

Anna Onr of Anna's best assets is her tush, how about more pictures of that.

KJ Estados Unidos de América

Agreed, more tush shots for all of the girls. Maybe they could even put their hands on their bums...

ardunbye Reino Unido

Anna naked A beautiful and 'Super-Sexy' lady.

Anna enseña todo | July 20th, 2004
Anna enseña todo
Kok-Yong Tan Estados Unidos de América

Angle is bad I think the angle is bad in this series. I know it's because of the closet being laid out the way it is but having Petter and the photographic equipment show up in the mirror and not being able to use the mirror to show the other (hidden) side of Anna simultaneously with the side being photographed takes a lot away from this series.

Philip Estados Unidos de América

Whatever affect you had in mind, to me you ruined these shots with you presence in the mirror.

Anna y Maja nudistas | September 7th, 2003
Anna y Maja nudistas
tom Irlanda

belly and bottom; how lovely

Anna y Maja en la cama | October 3rd, 2003
Anna y Maja en la cama
Adam Reino Unido

One of the best Easily one of the best sets on the site - a very well chosen pair of quite different beauties rolling around together on the sheets - can it get any better ?

JACK Canada


Sandsteps Estados Unidos de América

This shoot was somewhat disappointing. There was too much of the same thing, not as sensual as it could have been, and with two outstanding models, this had the potential to be exquisite.

Jim Estados Unidos de América

Best ass I sort of agree with sandsteps; with 23 pages, you would expect a little more variety. But.......I'm sold. Anna has the best ass, bar none, of everyone on your site.

Anna y Maja en un espejo | January 5th, 2004
Anna y Maja en un espejo
Jim Estados Unidos de América

Maja Maja is really beautiful.

Anna Películas COMENTARIOS

Anna & Maja en la cama | January 17th, 2004
Anna & Maja en la cama
E! Noruega

Great tention in the room! These saasy girls will keep the tention and strech all they can! And you WILL by it! It's good! Very good....I just wanted them to touch eachother more :-)

sc Estados Unidos de América

Best Yet! These two beautiful models work very well together and obviously enjoy each other. Nice to see the more free flowing-less static posing that this film offers. Very nice lighting and good musical score as well.

Steve Estados Unidos de América

This film has two beautiful girls posing on a bed, but one (Anna) seemed to force her way to the front, while her to-me-lovelier friend (Maja) too often had to peer out from behind her. They really don't relate to one another at all, except that Maja did look at Anna occasionally. Petter, think of posing Maja by herself in a future shoot.

Naturaleza & Nudismo | November 6th, 2003
Naturaleza & Nudismo
Anonymous Estados Unidos de América

5 stars for beauty, 3 stars for lust The ladies in this movie are exquisite. Couldn't be finer. Young, fresh, delectable. For that, I give 5 stars, hands down. But I do wish their sensuality seemed more genuine, so for lust I give them 3 stars. Bravo in general, though!

Jof J & K Reino Unido

Maja Maja reminds me of my wife