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Katarina Profile

Name: Katarina
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 46kg
Height: 167cm
Age: 21
Occupation: Student

Pastry Girl

Petter Hegre and Luba were taking a stroll down the main street in Kiev one warm afternoon when they saw cute girl sitting outside a pastry shop.

THEY BOTH stopped, looked at each other, then look back at the girl. She had a moustache of white cream and big brown eyes filled with life. "A Hegre Girl?" Petter asked. Luba nodded solemnly and they went back to the table to join her.

Katarina said she had always dreamed of being a model and thought at first they were making fun of her when they invited her to attend a casting the following day. Was her dream coming true? She loved posing for the camera, fully dressed, half dressed, until slowly but slowly she removed her clothes and got all messy eating another cake Petter had thought to buy before she arrived.

She got cleaned up in the big Jacuzzi and decided to give up eating pastries now that her modeling career had begun.

Katarina bathing May 8th, 2007
oh yes i'd like to dry her off... cutie lil imp.... !!!!
Katarina bathing
This is my first experience of Katerina but I gather she is a past favourite. I do not like Bath or Shower sets but her wonderful toned body encouraged me to find out more. 'Katerina Standing' is totally breathtaking and she is a truly natural beauty not to be tampered with. Oh! I don't know though!!!
Needs a trim
Katarina is a cute enough girl, but definitely needs to trim the shrubbery.
It's nice to see your bringing back some of the old models.
Katarina bathing
This beautiful young girl is so cute! I would really like to see more of her! Thanks!
Very pretty! Wonderful smile. Nice to see a natural look.
its been a long time since we last saw katarina,but this young lady remains as beautiful as ever.
Katarina is glorious, and a complete woman. PLEASE do not shave her ever. Leave her as a natural girl, not a prepubescent nimph!
Katarina cake orgy July 19th, 2005
I've praised nearly every aspect of this model, but I haven't mentioned her eyes. I hope you guys are looking at those beautiful eyes, if you're not you are really missing something special. What a delightful, sweet, lusty, little woman. Great set.
im not a cake fan but be could grow to like it especially if the crumbs land in the right places would that be fun!!!
cake orgy
please cake and orgy in the same breath... pretty much have to include katarina,Katarina
Very good
Very nice. Any chance we'll see a third "cake" set?
Katarina standing tall June 13th, 2005
She's so sexy, confident and strong. One day she's sitting at a pastry shop, the next day she's bent over showing off her pussy and anus. I guess you never know till you ask, thank you Mr. Hegre for asking Katarina to pose for you.
kat standing tall
two hands two cheeks nice
Absolute Perfection
Katarina is the perfect woman. If she is as stunningly beautiful and bright in personality as she is in her physical beauty, then Katarina is a goddess. I may never get my breathing back to normal after seeing her photos.
Katarina with towel August 30th, 2004
So beautiful
Katerina is my all-time favourite. I would love to be with her!
Oh Katarina!
So fresh, so lovely. I dream of being her towel.
Katarina on green sofa July 17th, 2004
Where's the other comments?
Am I the first? Too bad. I like this one alot. With all of her wonderful assets, her best feature is probably that amazing smile.