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Katarina | Ukraine Galeries : 12
Photo de Katarina


Photo de Katarina
Nom: Katarina
Pays: Ukraine
Poids: 46kg
Taille: 167cm
Age: 21
Profession: Étudiante

Mademoiselle pâtisserie

Petter Hegre et Luba flânaient main dans la main dans la rue principale de Kiev lors d’un après-midi chaleureux lorsqu’ils aperçurent une ravissante demoiselle assise devant une pâtisserie.

ILS S’ARRÊTÈRENT tous les deux, se regardèrent puis jetèrent de nouveau un oeil en direction de la fille. Elle avait une moustache de crème blanche et de gros yeux marrons emplis de vie. "Une Fille Façon Hegre ?", demanda Petter. Luba acquiesça sollennelement. Ils s’approchèrent de sa table et l’abordèrent.

Katarina leur dit qu’elle avait toujours rêvé d’être mannequin et pensa de prime abord qu’ils voulaient la faire tourner en bourrique lorsqu’ils l’invitèrent à faire un casting le lendemain. Son rêve voyait-il enfin le jour ? Elle a vraiment pris son pied devant l’appareil, vêtue de la tête aux pieds, puis de la taille aux pieds, pour enfin se défaire du reste de ses vêtements tout en mangeant - et se salissant - un gateau que Petter avait pensé à lui acheter avant son arrivée.

Elle a fait un brin de toilette dans le grand jacuzzi et a pris la décision d’arrêter de manger des pâtisseries maintenant qu’elle vient de mettre un pied à l’étrier du mannequinat.

Katarina Galeries COMMENTAIRES

Katarina bain | May 8th, 2007
Katarina bain
Foxbarn Australie

Katarina is glorious, and a complete woman. PLEASE do not shave her ever. Leave her as a natural girl, not a prepubescent nimph!

alex Royame Uni

katarina its been a long time since we last saw katarina,but this young lady remains as beautiful as ever.

d l Etats Uni

Very pretty! Wonderful smile. Nice to see a natural look.

Dan from Texas Etats Uni

Katarina bathing This beautiful young girl is so cute! I would really like to see more of her! Thanks!

Lou Etats Uni

It's nice to see your bringing back some of the old models.

Ralph Etats Uni

Needs a trim Katarina is a cute enough girl, but definitely needs to trim the shrubbery.

Mike Royame Uni

Katarina bathing This is my first experience of Katerina but I gather she is a past favourite. I do not like Bath or Shower sets but her wonderful toned body encouraged me to find out more. 'Katerina Standing' is totally breathtaking and she is a truly natural beauty not to be tampered with. Oh! I don't know though!!!

Joe Etats Uni


FastEddie Etats Uni

oh yes i'd like to dry her off... cutie lil imp.... !!!!

Katarina orgie de gateau | July 19th, 2005
Katarina orgie de gateau
JohnH Etats Uni

Very good Very nice. Any chance we'll see a third "cake" set?

ben Etats Uni

cake orgy please cake and orgy in the same breath... pretty much have to include katarina,Katarina

FastEddie Etats Uni

im not a cake fan but be could grow to like it especially if the crumbs land in the right places would that be fun!!!

luv_yanna Etats Uni

Eyes I've praised nearly every aspect of this model, but I haven't mentioned her eyes. I hope you guys are looking at those beautiful eyes, if you're not you are really missing something special. What a delightful, sweet, lusty, little woman. Great set.

Katarina de tout son haut | June 13th, 2005
Katarina de tout son haut
BeanieBoy Etats Uni

Absolute Perfection Katarina is the perfect woman. If she is as stunningly beautiful and bright in personality as she is in her physical beauty, then Katarina is a goddess. I may never get my breathing back to normal after seeing her photos.

ben Etats Uni

kat standing tall two hands two cheeks nice

luv_yanna Etats Uni

Gulp! She's so sexy, confident and strong. One day she's sitting at a pastry shop, the next day she's bent over showing off her pussy and anus. I guess you never know till you ask, thank you Mr. Hegre for asking Katarina to pose for you.

Katarina et la serviette | August 30th, 2004
Katarina et la serviette
Vin Japon

Oh Katarina! So fresh, so lovely. I dream of being her towel.

GeoffW Royame Uni

So beautiful Katerina is my all-time favourite. I would love to be with her!

Katarina arcboutée | April 8th, 2004
Katarina arcboutée
ben Etats Uni

white skinned beauty

Katarina sur une table de verre | July 2nd, 2004
Katarina sur une table de verre
Glenn Etats Uni

Kat on table Geez. What a fantastic table dance ! Beautiful. Perfect.

tom Irelande

fabulous body, fantatic photos, enchanting clit and moving experience. It all hangs out. Thanks for the dance.

luv_yanna Etats Uni

Model's choice When a model wants to spread her legs, Petter is perfectly willing to capture the moment. It's not up to him, it's the model's choice. Some model's don't do it, period. Thank you Katarina for showing off your sweet little pussy with such obvious delight.

Katarina au lit | April 9th, 2004
Katarina au lit
Jim Etats Uni

Old pics She is such a doll. I'd love to see these pics in today's digital quality.

luv_yanna Etats Uni

Sweetness! Her body is very nice, slim and toned. Her breasts are just so sweet. She seems so confident and she's having fun. Great model.

Katarina à la fenêtre | April 12th, 2004
Katarina à la fenêtre
ben Etats Uni

kat in the window are you kidding this model is sick !!!! a subtle combination of cute,slender body, nice smile, sensual expressions and excitingly wild hair lets always see more

michael neve Royame Uni

General plus Katerina I return to this extraordinarily beautiful model because ( inter alia) it allows a brief comment on the otherwise excellent Hegre collection : some of us really like unshaved pudenda, the full thing and not the adolescent and shaved pudenda ( fine as they are) that now dominate. So please remember us. Katerina is almost in the room and the full on sight complete body is why. Many thanks.

DANIEL Etats Uni


russ Etats Uni

very sexy indeed, do it Katarina!

aps Inde

katya p Surprising there isn't a single video of this hot and famous chick on this site, HDV or otherwise!! Petter doesn't consider Katya P to be video worthy, or what?

Katarina sur le fauteuil | April 10th, 2004
Katarina sur le fauteuil
robin Etats Uni

Goodness perfect =)

Katarina sur un divan vert | July 17th, 2004
Katarina sur un divan vert
Jim Etats Uni

Where's the other comments? Am I the first? Too bad. I like this one alot. With all of her wonderful assets, her best feature is probably that amazing smile.

Katarina gateau en bouche | April 7th, 2004
Katarina gateau en bouche
JohnH Etats Uni

Wow She's getting cake all over herself! And she's naked! And her legs are spread! Can it get any better than this?

Vin Japon

crumbs And now I've been reduced to the envy of a crumb...

ben Etats Uni

cake oh yes tasty morsels everywhere... okay lets play delightful humor in this one

luv_yanna Etats Uni

Oh My! What a fun, sexy girl! Great find Mr. Hegre, and lucky too (I like the little story). She really opened up for you (and I mean that in both the literal and figurative sense).

Katarina dans un jacuzzi | April 11th, 2004
Katarina dans un jacuzzi
Raglanlad Australie