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Marketa Profile

Name: Marketa
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 52kg
Height: 170cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Student, Model

Intelligent and Athletic

Marketa is a 100% professional and the collections captured of her in Paris are playful, sensual and stunningly erotic.

MARKETA CAME to Hegre-Art.com during the cherry season and this shapely, silky skinned femme fatale from Prague did things with cherries that will linger on the memory and make this lush summer fruit taste sweeter every time we slip one into our mouth.

Marketa is a new woman from new times, empowered, in charge of her own destiny. With the symmetrically perfect features of a Greek goddess, the look in her eye is almost unnerving, as if Marketa is more divine than human. It is a beauty so perfect as to be almost artificial and touches us subliminally as a reminder of our genetic inheritance.

Czech and Ukrainian beauty mixed and stirred like you have never seen before: as explosive, he said, as a Molotov cocktail!

Marketa Lotion July 18th, 2006
Beautiful Marketa!
Marketa is beautiful and sexy and when she smiles well... it is like nothing in this life can go wrong when you are around her!
Marketa is stunningly beautiful!
A charming film. Marketa is as beautiful as ever. What a pity she needed to go to the trouble of putting on the lotion herself. I'm sure there were thousands of men who if asked would instantly have offered their assistance!
too mild for a Marketta film..she needs to open up a little like in her amazing photos
Marketa naked in bed April 1st, 2006
More interracial
Marketa is fantastic. There are not tons of girls like her, so you should realy set her up to pose with some black guys like Mike or some other african man. You have to so we got some nice interracial shots with Marketa. Would be superintense!
Perfection at it's best! I have to find a lady like this!!
Marketa naked in bed
When I first noticed Marketa (a previous membership), she was 'Flavour of the Month' BUT sugar and spice has never lost it's popularity and nor will Marketa. She is fabulous.
#1 Model
Marketa is like a blonde Mirta, but with slightly better breasts. "Sorry Mirta, but you're still #2." Peter, I'd love two see these two beauties together. I'll be waiting......
OK...this is just the second series into this model, and already I know I'm in for something reeeeeeal special!!! Wow!
something about that line of hair down her stomach is heavenly
I think there was a rock/folk singer called bob with a song I want you...... sooooo bad
I love Marketa!
Wow! Marketa, my dear, you are the most magnificently beautiful woman on earth! Absolutely perfect, everywhere!
Mmm... Marketa
Any photoshoot with her is awesome. She is still my favorite blonde in the world. And Keity is my favorite brunette. Could you imagine a photoshoot with these two beauties together? Oh my God!!! Petter, can you make this happen? :-)
Marketa black magic March 5th, 2006
Classic series for displaying off the models form. Really nice!
What a wonderful breathtaking girl! She do not show us too much, but the few that we see of her beauty is fantastic. Very sexy.
In my opinion Marketa has to be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She captivates me with her expressions. Magnificent!
Marketa photo quality
Petter, As an aspiring photgrapher about ready to purchase some new gear, I am curious what equipment (camera & lens) you used to capture such super-sharp images in this photo shoot. Thanks in advance.
she's hearthbreacking as ever.... A kiss.
Marketa black magic
perfection at its best!
Marketa, what new can be said, she is stunning. I wish I could pass her sensual nature to all women, She is simply BREATH TAKING.
Marketa in Portugal February 10th, 2006
Marketa is the epitome of a beautiful blonde. So stunning, so perfect in the most non-generic way, and so tiny in that pic next to Petter. I really love seeing the juxtaposition. Her package is truly complete.
Ist WUNDERBAR mein Her!
Marketa twilight December 17th, 2005
Athletic Perfection
I couldn't find anywhere that told which sport Marketa plays. I assume it must be/have been tennis. What a wonderfully fit figure. An interesting contrast when placed side by side against Luba, the difference in where the thigh bones are, versus a near similar height is.... very curious. Beautiful!
Light Blonde
Hair on her belly is amazing.. indeed
Wonderful and perfect girl. Can' you ask Marketa to show us more?
perhaps the perfect woman, the lighting in this shoot seems geared towards hiliting the fact Marketa has the fuzziest stomach on the site , I love it
In my opinion Marketa is simply perfection. My admiration goes to Marketa for her beauty and my respects to you Petter for capturing her so perfectly.
all coming together
Interesting lighting, focused/well exposed images, interesting poses, perfect model... NOW you're getting it, Petter! (bless you)
Your photo sessions with Marketa are always magical. The light worships her wonderful body and your simple compositions are stellar. Please do keep up the fabulous work.
Anatomically Marketa probably has the most perfect body of your already fabulous collection. Achieving the near perfection as in "Wild Cherries" and "Pumping Iron" will never be easily matched but you have the model for it.