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Foto de Annette


Foto de Annette
Nombre: Annette
País: EUA
Peso: 55kg
Altura: 177cm
Edad: 23
Ocupación: Bailarina

Belleza Americana

Mucha gente le pregunta a Petter Hegre por qué tenemos tan pocas chicas norteamericanas en nuestra página.

HAY DOS motivos: aunque Petter estudió en los Estados Unidos, primero en California y luego en Nueva York, últimamente pasa poco tiempo en ese país; además, nos ha confesado que le gusta más fotografiar a las bellezas más inocentes y menos mimadas que encuentra en sus viajes por Europa. Lo cual no significa que no sigamos recibiendo peticiones. Al contrario. Recibimos muchas.

Annette, una bailarina de Maryland, nos envió una pequeña colección de imágenes suyas y nos preguntó si podía posar para nuestra página porque quería tener un registro fotográfico de su cuerpo firme y perfecto de bailarina. Al cabo de cuatro días se hallaba en un estudio de danza clásica en París, actuando virtualmente desnuda excepto por el par de calentadores que le cubrían las piernas.

Era tan sólo la primera sesión de desnudo de Annette... pero visto lo visto es bien seguro que habrá una segunda y hasta una tercera.

Annette Galerías COMENTARIOS

Annette silla roja | December 7th, 2004
Annette silla roja
Adam Reino Unido

Great poser She's not my number 1 model on this site but I really like her willingness to pose so provocatively in this and her ballerina sets. You just can't help but stare :)

nightwatche Australia

Annette's musical chair Good mix of colour: model & props, bold display of female form tastefully photographed.

ardunbye Reino Unido

Annette Red Chair MAGNIFICENT! I'm fast becoming addicted to this girl.

seovat Estados Unidos de América

Annette Another nice set... even a peek between her cheeks (14)!

Annette bailarina | July 15th, 2004
Annette bailarina
MrQuick Francia

Dear U Once more, I hope my complete admiration (I'm trully fascinate) will go to U. I'll be such happy to see U on stage some where sometimes with the undefinitive thought of your pure beauty. If I wont be so undelicate I'll tell U thanks for this … Love to U…Til

will Estados Unidos de América

What a gorgeous American pussy!

ardunbye Reino Unido

Annette-Balerina If Annette promises to dance for them in this costume, I will take a lifetime membership to the Bolshoi.

David Taiwan, Provincia de China

so nice ! she is wonderful girl ! very very very nice body!

Annette bailarina americana | August 1st, 2004
Annette bailarina americana
Sandy Reino Unido

Annette American ballerina Absolutely awesome photography!!!! Keep up the good work.

avogadro Francia

balerina very good modell more back side!

David Estados Unidos de América

Unfrickinbelievable I'm a proud American, and never so proud as when I see the Gold medalist for the most delectable pussy ever! What an amazing gallery! Hey Petter, get back here to North America. Mexico, Canada and the States are teaming with corn-fed milk maidens just waiting for your lens. Annette, you are fabulous! Thank you.

francesco Italia

I have joined only some days ago, and I think that Annette is the best model. She is a nude angel with the most beautiful pussy I've ever seen. Just see how her red clit sticks out from her shaven slit, while her blue eyes look at the infinite

ardunbye Reino Unido

Annette American Ballerina Not the most beautiful girt (a matter of opinion) by Hegre's standards but a body to die for and as 'SEXY AS HELL'.

toelicker Alemania

when a man.. is dreamin... he often dreams about a girl perfomriong naked ballet.. stretch her legs.. open them wiiide... exactly like this beaty here perfectly shows!

Sam C Estados Unidos de América

I don't like the black leggings. I wish she was nude. But I do like the revealing poses.

seovat Estados Unidos de América

Nice A lovely American woman displays athleticism, perfect physique, excellent natural tits and beautiful pussylips. Nice detail throughout, but too bad these are not more recent. Could we please have an encore, perhaps a glimpse between those lovely buttcheeks, Miss?

valentino Reino Unido

annette The combination of her beautiful innocent face, serious expression, gorgeous body and incredible vagina, all displayed so blatantly, make this one of the best sets EVER! This girl MUST be encouraged to return.

Annette Películas COMENTARIOS

Una Bailarina Americana en París | July 17th, 2004
Una Bailarina Americana en París
Simon Allen Reino Unido

a pirouette to my heart what can i say....she is amazing and is the encapsualtion of a fantasy.....a superb film. keep up the good work

Ck_er Estados Unidos de América

Execllent Video! What can I say, that was a wonderfull video, a very erotic fantasy...totally shaved, young girl, streaching like that...would love to see more...thank you!

Rob Reino Unido

Balletic beauty An absolutely delightful film portraying a young woman who has such elegance, femininity and control of her lithe, supple graceful body. Thank you for contacting Petter, pretty, wonderful Annette.

Ralph George Alemania

A Wonderful Dream Annette is a wonderful dream to me. The way she moves her firm slim body is also artistic and sensual not to mention her extraordinary beauty. To watch this clip is one oft the greatest moments in the history of erotic movie.

will94485 Estados Unidos de América


joseph Estados Unidos de América

your films Your photos are quite amazing, but your films could use alot of work to get up to the quility of most of you photos. some suggestions: more movement and playfullness (of the model), less seeing set poeple by accident or in reflections, better music, no flashes, less hand held footage, etc... thanks for all the great photos!

Jesse Estados Unidos de América

Annette the butterfly Wow! You are so awesome, I enjoyed every moment. Thank you and "The best to you from this moment on". Wow! Truly a beautiful woman.