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Iris Profile

Name: Iris
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 48kg
Height: 173cm
Age: 23
Occupation: Air Hostess

Red Hot Redhead

Iris's ability to grasp the moment, to make dramatic use of a sliver of time is close to genius and is the result, no doubt, of her job as an air hostess.

SHE USES each moment and every gesture to maximum effect. Working within the constraints of an aeroplane cabin, she combines an impetuous physicality with high glamour and a flirtatious, seductive allure - skills she brings before the camera to stunning effect.

Iris was born and has lived all her life in Simferopol in the Crimea. Iris has the ability to make men fall in love with her and, if you take one look, it is easy to see why: those big, wide open eyes are chasms that you plunge into and her curves are perfect. She has a wild side, but likes to keep in balance practising yoga.

At present she only flies within the Ukraine, but this girl is going places and the sky's the limit.

Iris Hotel July 17th, 2007
Nice and cozy
Love this girls smile as well as the rest of her in the tub as well as elsewhere! She is so beautiful!
Iris in bed January 18th, 2005
great film
Great idea for the film... very exotic nice job
Yet another flawless beauty on this site!!!
This sensual film shows Iris as a sweet supple breasted young woman. Full of desire and passion as she sprawls her slender, nude body across an inviting bed. I'm sure every straight man would like to be in the same bed with this gorgeous young woman. I know I would. I would caress every detail of her flawless body until the sunrise and then some. Petter you've done it again! You have used your remarkable taste in beauty and found yet another starlet. This website truly is the best in the world!
Immagination makes me fly
Imagination makes me flying around while I see such a beauty. I see this film and everything around me seems to disappear, I am inside another life, togheter with her. This film becomes me playing with the camera with my love while she seduces me in a funny and exciting game. And everything all around me looses it's importance, because my life becomes that few seconds that lasts the touching of her lips with my finger and the waiting for the next beautiful smile. Suddenly the film ends and I'm hardly taken back to my real life, with thousands of things to do and carrying just dreams who maybe will never realize. But it makes me feel better because this never turns me off the hope some day to meet an angel like her and to really live such magic moments. Thanks Hegre for making me dream with my eyes open bringing such a beautyness in front of them.
Iris is very beautiful model and very different from another girl..
well some real waxing on iris's beauty what more can i say? ditto and hey more
Iris red passion December 27th, 2004
Iris red passion.
Too much LIGHT destroys the pictures,...
Bring Her Back!
Absolutly Beautiful! Any chance of getting her back for another special shoot, But you've got to capture her beautiful laugh as seen on one of the videos.
Seriously. It's kinda sad she never smiles. Nice photos otherwise.
sweetest ruby lips
Nice! :-)
Iris photo shoots
Beautiful girl - wish she would smile every so often.
Iris is very beautiful, red hair, nice legs. Her competition is just so stiff, women like Yanna!
Iris red chair October 27th, 2004
You are perfect and that galery give from you your true personality
Really good set, lots of beautiful images. She looks straight into the camera with those huge, blue eyes and I melt. She pulls her long, lean legs back emphasizing her ass and the plumpness of her pussy. Gorgeous model.
if i had to vote best model iris to me has the best body of all hegre, an epitome of "The Model" olga d probably second... Iris Iris your so fine
Iris red and green October 2nd, 2004
very beautiful woman,,tight body, wow Iris
Iris is a perfect specimen of the female race . She must have Irish ancestors with her beautiful red hair and green eyes. A very well formed body without visible imperfections. I gladly award her a 9.