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名前: ストリシャ
国: ウクライナ
体重: 50kg
身長: 174cm
年齢: 18
職業: 学生



ストリシャは小さな田舎町の出身で、初めて「ミス・ウクライナ」をテレビで見た時、輝くその栄冠を目指して進むことを決意した。今そのために彼女は計画する。ストリシャは18才、50キロの細い体をダンスとジョギングで維持しながら、 キエフ大学で言語を勉強している。

ストリシャは一言で言えば、キュート。 色気たっぷりの顔立ちや潤いのある瞳を見ると、ブラジルやアルゼンチン人にも見える。実際、彼女はサンバを踊り、このスタジオの目の前を通過するマルディ・グラではラテン女性のように踊る。今彼女は目標に向かって進んでいる途中で、初撮影後は興奮して落ち着かない様子だった。


ストリシャギャラリー コメント

ストリーシャ ロストシリーズ | January 19th, 2009
ストリーシャ ロストシリーズ
Kracker 英国

Nice pussy.

chris アメリカ

strisha a truly sensuous woman.Show more please.

ay オーストラリア

incredibly beautiful lady...some pics reveal a tampon string(?)

Laurie 英国

Trish A beautiful girl,stunning face,lovely hair and a perfect sylph like figure. The \"string\" maybe why this set was \"lost\".

Kevin 英国

Strisha. On one of her films a subscriber noticed a 'string'. It was only visible for a few seconds. A 'string' was also visible on a previous photo gallery. I put both of these down to the fact that yes, sure, she had a tampon in for all of the photo shoot but Petter had not airbrushed it out in all of the photos. If this was NOT the case, then I know I'm going to 'open Pandora's Box' by saying that I wouldn't mind seeing the girls with a tampon in. Obviously not the 'Yanna totally spread' shots. Think about it guys, it would show that these women we adore and therefore put on an ivory whatsit are indeed just like our wives/girlfriends/ex's. I know I put my tongue there when my ex was 'on'. I am just chatting about being able to just see the tampon in her pussy. Not any open pussy shots. This comment is just to open the discussion. Please tell me what you think. Kevin.

ST 英国

The String I welcome the debate Kevin! The glimpse of a tampon does not bother me in the slightest. Obviously I'm not after a whole 'fetish' type of gallery, I'm sure there are specialist websites for that!! But this just reminds me of how real these girls are, not super-sized ego supermodels but real women, with real tits (mostly, there are a few with implants) and pussies that haven't had the inner labia trimmed to look more 'neat'. This site should be viewing for all girls. the variety of difference in the female vagina is a beautiful thing - too many girls grown up believing theirs looks ugly. Beautiful, real females is what Petter Hegre does best. Keep it coming!!!


Shame on you Petter for losing such a beautiful photo shoot. Or did you really - maybe you just wanted to keep them to yourself :).

wheeler アメリカ

I could be blind... But,I dont see a string!I even clicked on the biggest pic, and looked reeeeeeeeeeeally close!!!! :P anyway...I dont care if there is one!she's a woman...its "that time of the month"...be glad she is still kind enough to share her beauty with us!!!

Basia ポーランド

Ehem... woman's comment.. Hi, I just wanted to add to the discussion that for about 2 years I subscribe to this site and I am a woman. I love to see the different kinds of bodies, faces, breasts and labias etc. I am purely heterosexual but... this site reminds me about the beauty of being a woman... the grils here are real, natural, beautiful very sensual. That is the site from which I learn how to be sexy without overdoing it and without being artificial...the beauty of this site I think lays in the fact that Peter loves woman just as they are...and there lots of different kinds of them... and I love the comments of the subscribers of this site - meaning you guys! Basia

Michael アメリカ

For those of you who appreciate a natural woman - with string - watch Strisha's Table Dance movie. Primitive by today's Hegre videos, yet undeniably charming.

wheeler アメリカ

Basia... WELL SAID!!!

ストリシャ ブルーのカーテン | February 13th, 2005
ストリシャ ブルーのカーテン
Michael カナダ

Strisha In my next lifetime I may come back as a chair.

Tom カナダ

more Strisha gorgeous girl, hope she gets over her shyness... :-)

ストリシャ シルエット | November 18th, 2004
ストリシャ シルエット
salvador rios メキシコ

the best simply the best pictures in a diferent concept

ストリシャ テーブルダンス | September 8th, 2004
ストリシャ テーブルダンス
ardunbye 英国

Strisha table dance I would simply say WOW but she gets me so tongue tied I keep saying backwards.

ストリシャフィルム コメント

ストリシャ テーブルダンス | December 13th, 2005
ストリシャ テーブルダンス
ninafan 韓国

i love the girl she surely is a stunning little baby, i love her dance and flirting eyes..more nina vids plzzzzzzzzzz

Ales Galli ロシア

gorgeous I love this girl, she's gorgeous !

BubbaGimp タイ王国

Nina Nina... she leaves me absolutely stunned. Terrific! Ukrainian girls are very pretty... I want to move to Ukraine!!!

Nina fan アメリカ

Exceptional film! This model and this film is one of my favorites! Very sexy and very hot! Thanks!

Jack オランダ

Very, very impressive. She´s moving in a very sexy natural way. Thanks Nina.

Mark アメリカ

A nice looking girl, but why does she appear to have a tampon in for the shoot? See 1:36 & 1:39 in the film and a couple of the stills... Does that turn anyone else off... or am I just a wimp who do not repsect the female cycles... ;-)

wheeler アメリカ

You have a good eye Mark! I didnt notice it until I read that! Doesnt bother me though! HOT STUFF!!!

ストリシャ 10代の女王 | October 2nd, 2004
ストリシャ 10代の女王
aaa 中国

cdma8922@yahoo.com.cn Good imgs! I like it.

Baba 韓国

great films by Hegre is excellent in quality.In my opinion its not an adult movie but Art film .