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Radka Profile

Name: Radka
Country: Hungary
Weight: 51kg
Height: 170cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Dressing model

Mysterious mannequin

Radka is a mystery, a mannequin who takes on the personality the designers imbue in their dresses and keeps her own persona private.

HERE’S WHAT we do know: she is 22 and comes from Hungary, where she lives in an apartment with sweeping views over Budapest. She is 170m, 51kg and has the slight, boyish figure that becomes ultra feminine when dressed and breathtaking when she undresses for the camera.

There is a wild side, too, to Radka, with her thick tousled mane of sandy gold hair and lustrous eyes like pools of liquid onyx that are so deep the meaning behind her expression is hidden, a secret world you may glimpse like a traveler on a train seeing a landscape that is fleeting but leaves an indelible impression.

Radka is like a doll, a child-woman we want to both protect and ravage, a true Hegre Girl who belongs right here on the archives.

Radka Revealing August 19th, 2008
Radka Teases delightfully
I have just found this film and I will revisit it often I think. Radka is really lovely, and I do enjoy watching girls in miniskirts and minidresses. When one sees them about (Oh so rare in the UK - our summers are pretty useless!) one can be excited by imagining what is just out of sight, so when it is sensually revealed, as Radka does here so well, for me, it is a real thrill. We have the short summer dress, the sexy mini, and that charming little black job in which she is shown eventually on her back with legs widely spread, her treasure exposed and offered for us! Oh joy Radka, do it again! I like these teases Petter -sign of a true DOM (with apologoies to Eolake!)
Radka is amazingly beautiful, 2nd only to Yanna (imho) This video did not do her justice.
can we have more radka please!!! she really is a amazing woman!!!
one amazing woman.
Radka - The orange chair January 10th, 2006
radka is a sensual beauty
Thank you.
The film was excellent, I only wish you would list the music that you use for your films because you guys have great taste.
Radka super woman March 31st, 2005
Gosh this gallery was posted in 2005 (so 7+ years ago). I have been surfing around some of the photos I admired years ago. Radka is marvellous. I hope she has gone on to great things since - and has found someone truly worthy of her beauty!!
Perfect hot body.
lovely cheeks of your ass, and between the legs gosh
super woman super hot hot hot hot
Radka's Secret March 8th, 2005
Hot, Hot, Hot.
This one is so hot that I burnt my hands on my monitor!!! I thought I had died and gone to heaven as this is how I imagine heaven would be.
Radka is a expression GODDESS
Radka, I found, a subtle combination of expression complexion and movement. Her unique smile is very heart rendering for me. I shall be happy to see more of this GODDESS
nice - very natural and alive
nice color and lighting - Radka looks like she's comfortable and having fun. How about some pantyose next time!
Beautiful body and Hot video
Petter, you have the best job in the world and you are great at it. This is a truly hot video of one of the most beautiful women in the world. Radka and you can be very proud of this one.
Fantastic!!!!...I'm a new customer of the site..My suggesion to include closeups of your models..I'll be thankful for this...
The denouement was worth the wait.
Radka in summer dress March 3rd, 2005
The dress so excitingly shows off the lovely tush and pussy. Thanks for the moment and for the catching view of a well shown off soft place
Knockout !
This lady really hits the spot for me. That little peach fuzz of hers really gives me a buzz for some reason ! I like all her shoots, but this is the best for me. Shots 24 and 29 are the best 'upskirt' shots I've seen anywhere.
Please publish more of Radka