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Alya Profile

Name: Alya
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 53kg
Height: 175cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Fashion Student

Living Angel

Some girls would never have imagined that they would enjoy posing naked.

ALYA IS just such a girl: she is a living angel, fragile and marvelously skinny. Like a Hollywood icon from the 1920s, she has a beauty spot on her upper left lip which gives her face an individuality, a classic grace that sits well with her aristocratic movements and attitudes.

Not that there is some secret fortune or lost lord of the manor in her background. On the contrary, Alya is from a poor family in the Ukraine whose mother has a modest fabric shop. With her good eye and minimal resources, she always made Alya unusual outfits during her school years and now Alya is attracted to the world of fashion.

She was shy at first, but slowly began to enjoy the experience and continued the session at a studio, where Petter was able to light her with classical backdrops.

Alya and Emily long live Ukraine November 17th, 2014
Alya and Emily
Alya or Emily alone are great. Seeing Alya AND Emily together makes me happier.
RE: Emily
I remember Emily teasing us about this set back when it was shot. I wonder why it wasn't released earlier, or better instantly, because it was shot in a good spirit and to send a message. Best wishes to all those lovely Hegre-models from the Ukraine. And no way, there is never enough of Emily and Alya.
Ver nice...
..but you should do this set with two russian girls....;))
RE: Emily
never enough emily!!!
I wished you would have shown Alya's lovely backside.
Enough of this Emily already. What is up with that?
Whilst here on holiday in Sint Maarten, I'm enjoying the sweep of this photo set. Alya and Emily are radiance itself when they're fully au naturel. (Frankly, I'd love to see more photo sets featuring Alya sem roupa. She has a beautifully slim, svelte body.) Emily is as bubbly as ever.
Alya and Emily
Looks like a fun shoot. I like it when the models are obviously enjoying themselves.
Alya angel Emily emissive by Alya October 17th, 2014
must say, I'm starting to agree! please put the camera down, and let us see your lovely face, Ms Alya!
Alya and Emily
J'ai toujours autant de plaisir à regarder Alya et Emily. Awesome, yes.
Well, I suppose you saved money on a cameraman. Good to see some pubic hair in there somewhere, at last. Let it grow, man, let it grow....
two awsome
Two awesome girls with a huge potential, only if peter had the camera!
Well, not so sure about this one. Alya and Emily are beautiful for sure, but they almost seem to be trying too hard to play up to the camera- with a camera in the shot no less! Because of that, it felt to me sort of not genuine. Not a bad set, but not outstanding either...just eh...
I love Alya and Emily - but I wish Alya would lose that camera now, it hides her face and dominates every photograph!
Awesome, two amazing babes, love it!
Art arousal by Alya September 17th, 2014
was a little different...worked for me!
art ... Alia
Very original, artistic, and quite new idea. Congratulations.
Does it getting any hotter... Alya Rock Star!!!
nice concept
Wonderful idea. Love the shadows and angles. Beautiful model.
nice concept
Wonderful idea. Love the shadows and angles. Beautiful model.
RE: Alya's selfies
So am I. She is so pretty but you need to take the camera away from her and give her a photo set she deserves
RE: Photo number 16
Always awesome Alya, I love the lighting and how it highlights her perfect body and that sweet trimmed pussy!
Alya's selfies
I' am tired of Alya's selfies.
Alya has used the mirror idea before but never has it been this stunning and so creatively used. Some of her best work ever....
Alya and Emily bathroom fantasy by Alya August 21st, 2014
In her vulva is the simplicity of a universe harboring the Orphic egg.
stunning indeed!
oh wow - she is hot!
My Favorite...
My favorite dynamic-duo. Alya and Emily put Batman and Robin to shame every time.
I´m glad Alya has shown us a little bit more of her labia.
Alya & Emily
Alya makes a cute "photographers-face". Love the vibe those two gorgeous ladies create together. This never gets boring. Please make a BTS-film next time.
Love this, two amazing babes!!
Alya and Emily girl power by Alya July 9th, 2014
Emily and Alya - girl power
Girl power - yes! They do it well. Emily is hot!
I know we're going on about the camera but just to emphasize: look at the very first shot. Alya might as well be wearing a gas mask... I know some people get off on that kind of thing, but this isn't supposed to be that kind of site.
Super models and super set, if there would'nt be that allways present disturbing camera. I really would like to see a set of these both cuties WITHOUT that bleeding eternal camera of Alya...
I don't like seeing the photographer involved in the picture, it just gets sensuality out of it! I wanna see beautiful nudity, not a pose photo shoot with a camera the size of a head!
Again with the Camera
Does Alya ever read these comments?? No more camera in the picture sets please!
Unconvincing and unsatisfying? I saw another set of images then. Yes the camera is special, and as i said before, i wish Alya gets a remote trigger into her hands next time. But those images work for me and this series is something new, which is refreshing. I still like them a lot. And Alya deserves applause, because the work she does isn't easy, directing a model, photographing and posing by herself, all at the same time. She sacrifices a big part of her own pleasure to get some pictures for us. Now that is some dedication. And Emily tries everything to distract her, she is so unbelievable tempting and hot. All male photographers would have fallen already. :) So, for me, this a good set with a fantastic Emily and Alya and great chemistry between the two. I wish there would be a video of those sessions. All power to the girls!
Alya and Emily
We all know that Alya is a photographer, but her obsession with using the camera during shoots is becoming excessive. Here, it prevents her interacting fully with her partner, which makes the pictures unconvincing and, to that extent - despite the beauty of the two girls - unsatisfying at an aesthetico-erotic level. It should be possible, using a mirror, to set up a sequence in which the camera - operated by a long lead - is virtually invisible and Alya can interact properly with her companion. An alternative would be for Petter to do the photography when Alya is an active participant.