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Photo de Naomi


Photo de Naomi
Nom: Naomi
Pays: Afrique du Sud
Poids: 46kg
Taille: 172cm
Age: 19
Profession: Danseuse

Danseuse joviale

Sculpture en ébène. Perle noire. Le noir est si beau.

CES MOTS nous viennent inévitablement à l’esprit lorsqu’on dévisage Naomi, une découverte étonnante lors d’une des expéditions de Petter Hegre à Cape Town. Tout comme sa sublime homonyme, la mannequin Britannique Naomi Campbell, notre propre Naomi a des jambes élancées et prend soin de son corps en travaillant comme danseuse et en prenant des cours de danse. La joie lui colle naturellement à la peau et cela se répercute tel le soleil chaud de son Afrique du Sud natale au travers de son sourire radieux.

Dû aux destinations habituelles de Petter Hegre, il y a peu de mannequins noires sur Hegre-Archives, Naomi est alors la candidate idéale pour faire pencher la balance. Elle a 19 ans, mesure 1m72, pèse 46 kg et sur l’ensemble de cette belle silhouette on doit dire que c’est son derrière qui trône.

"Un des plus beaux derrières que j’ai pris en photo," a précisé Hegre, et n’oublions pas qu’il est spécialiste en la matière.


Naomi pelouse verte | June 18th, 2007
Naomi pelouse verte
Buc Etats Uni

Lovely Naomi Petter's sessions with Naomi never disappoint me. Naomi is the object of my desire. Absolutely exquisite. So sweet, so beautiful, so fine... As always, thank you Naomi.

coolbrz240 Etats Uni

Naomi More, more, more! Naomi is just too special. My one complaint about this gallery is "such an awesome subject, and setting... why so few pics?" Ooh wait... that's actually a compliment.

Sean Etats Uni

BEAUTIFUL!!! Hey Naomi, First of all, I want to tell you that you are the reason why I a member of Hegre-Art. I am sure you are as sweet as you are beautiful and lastly you are very sexy and you have perfect skin color for ME

Ralph Etats Uni

More often Naomi really needs to appear in the rotation more often. There does not exist a woman with more natural beauty.

peter Jansen Allemagne

naomi has the most gorgeous smile ever. i love it when she smiles... please petter, give us more sessions with her !!!

Karl-Heinz Delfs Allemagne

please more dark skin models like naomi

tonyblume Etats Uni

naomi the beautiful naomi is the reason i joined your site. i saw some of her photos on spicegirls site or someing that. i have not seen such beauty in a long time. i had to see every picture of naomi that is available

ftdrag_vrtt Australie

Naomigreen gras Naomi and Petter discovered the missing colour in the spectrum. I would call it Naomigreen, a unique blend of spontaneous beauty radiating in a smile.

Naomi zone mouillée | December 18th, 2006
Naomi zone mouillée
jimmy Etats Uni

Naomi is so hot! What a beautiful smile and an incredible body.

joe Irelande

Naomi,Your cheeks arouse,you make me wet. Your water nakedness is beautiful and uplifting

Jan Erik Norvège

Naomi Highy arousing set. Especially the pics with Naomi's round ass protruding out of the water.

william746 Etats Uni

RE: Photo number 50 This is the girl of my dreams

Slickwilly Etats Uni

Naomi's bottom is one of the world's wonders.

Naomi fauteuil blanc | June 27th, 2006
Naomi fauteuil blanc
Sean Etats Uni

Wow The nicely lit full on front and rear spread shots are -outstanding-...great work Petter. Thank you Naomi, you're beautiful.

alex Royame Uni

naomi magic naomi is so so sexy,fab set peter.

rocco Etats Uni

naomi Naomi comes across as happy to be modeling/showing off for us. She is very sexy, lovely, but I just love her smile so much.

scott Etats Uni

naomi great images, great model, she cant be anything but beautiful

Pete Royame Uni

Naomi Great body, great pussy, great smile. Naomi youre just great

Naomi Lover Etats Uni

Sweet Angel Dear Naomi, Your candor, your confidence, and the unbelievable sweetness of your smile continue to melt my heart. Thank you so much! You're the prettiest woman on the planet, you must have come from some place else.

topolone Italie

Perfect shots of a perfect butts. Peter, we wants shots like those, clear, closeup, nice girl, no glamour

Jimmy Etats Uni

A perfect match. Naomi's gorgeous brown body in that white chair. And I will never get tired of looking at her incredibly hot ass.


Wonderful spread of this wonderful black girl. A perfect butt, nice small tits, long legs. What's missing is a little bit of pink! To see the pink between the pussy lips of these black girls is always something very erotic and which immediately give us some thrills. Think to it for a next set.

Jan Erik Norvège

Naomi's ass! Would be nice to use that round, soft butt as a pillow. Mmm! Sweet dreams!

Jim Etats Uni

Naomi Spectacular.

Jeff D Etats Uni

Back to my roots Best Ass ever!

KCR Etats Uni

Stunning Absolutely gorgeous with a smile to melt steel and best ass ever. The site needs more black models!

pac260 Etats Uni

Awesome This is a stunning model.

Naomi ponton ensoleillé | July 24th, 2006
Naomi ponton ensoleillé
Scott Salbo Etats Uni

Naomi sun deck another perfect model. She and Joyce represent my two favorites. Almost all your models are beautiful, but these two seem to bring a certain passion to their shoots that is obvious.

bcgpac Etats Uni

One can never have enough of the "gift" of Naomi.

Pete Royame Uni

Favourites Petter you have excelled and are obviously working through my favourites. After Caro and Yanna I get Naomi, and what a perfect arse she has. To complete my favourites could I suggest Olga and Antononia(as we havent seen her in a long time) to make this man really happy!

btrhea Etats Uni

breathtaking What a perfect ass! Sorry to be so blunt, but DAMN! No sense in beating around the bush here.

Ralph Etats Uni

Naomi is stunning Naomia is so stunningly beautiful and sexy. Any chance you can change the rating scale to 20 or 30 for her on future photo series? 10 really is not enough. The last two photos of the series were the best; what an incredible smile.

Naomi Lover Etats Uni

Congratulations my sweetie! Naomi is finally the Queen of the Hegre girls! Long over due. Thanks to everyone who recognizes her unique beauty, her shameless candor, that sweet, sweet smile, and of course that indescribable behind. I'm proud of all of you that have voted Naomi to her rightful place. I wish she wasn't labeled as a "Black Jewel." Yes, she is a jewel, but also an angel, a Goddess, a nymph, a siren, and the sweetest sugar the world has ever tasted. What difference does her color matter?, besides being beautiful? We are all made up of different shades and hues.These differences mean nothing. Naomi is a blessing to all that know how to appreciate her. Thank you again, my sweet Baby.

Tony Etats Uni

Naomi & Joyce These two alone are worth the price of membership.

Snowhounds Etats Uni

Is that a grey card? Praise the almighty force (s) for creating such a wonderful colour. Goddamn I crave the mix. Raised in a monochromatic world as far as faces go I never had the chance to appreciate the beauty of skin so amazingly different from my own. Course it was seemingly taboo if you there was a chance for visual exchange. Im in awe really. I like the first shot with the grey card. Truly, how can you measure the value of such richness!

Walt Etats Uni

Shes the best Shes the best,would like to see more of her in nature...

Geof Etats Uni

Naomi When I first stumbled upon I took the tour and found a photo of Naomi. I've never subscribed to a photo web site before. But when I saw Naomi I immediately whipped out my credit card and joined! Naomi... simply awesome!

Jan Erik Norvège

Naomi! Now I know it's possible to fall in love with an butt...

Jeff Etats Uni

Doggy Style! I'd have to approach this one from the rear. Then work my way around to the other thousands of variations as I devour this lovely creater. Love that ass, and all the other accessories too.

Fixton Australie

Naomi Simply the most perfect figure - wonderful from every angle; beautifully stream-lined, perfect breasts, and a perfectly shaped welcoming pussy, with those fine firm globes of her buttocks . . . what a pleasure she must have been to photograph!


elle a une classe de fou elle est magnifique

Naomi douche sexy | February 17th, 2007
Naomi douche sexy
Ralph Etats Uni

Excellent Naomi scores again! A woman too pretty for words. Thanks for a great gallery.

alex Royame Uni

naomi beautiful,just beautiful.

salvador rios Mexique

she es wonderful, great photos, an excelent job Peter, how can I have a job like your? thenks

Virginia Alzina Etats Uni

Naomi Que morenaza!! estas superbuena tia

SeptemberBug Norvège

Yeah... Naomi is gorgeous. We love her, and you know we do.

gareth Etats Uni

what a fantastic booty!

Buc Etats Uni

Wow! If only I were that shower nozzle...

Dave Arellanes Etats Uni

Naomi THE Hottest tush EVER !!

winston taylor Etats Uni

Naomi A Stunner

rathnagel Etats Uni

RE: Photo number 63 wow, there is a whole story built on that pic. So fine.

Naomi nue sur la véranda | June 7th, 2006
Naomi nue sur la véranda
Ocean Suisse

Naomi Veranda Thanks for another great set of this beauty. She has a world-class butt !!!

Dan Etats Uni

Naomi nude on the veranda Naomi is a world class beauty!

David Etats Uni

The most beautiful girl in the world Naomi is other-worldly. Beyond our species. So sweet, so warm, so joyful. Petter has never taken a boring picture of this vision, cuz it's impossible. Check out all her galleries-but remember I saw her first! Naomi, I love you.

Les France

Naomi This set really did it for me. I don't know why but, although Noami has many galleries already, I'd just sort of skated over them without paying attention. The photographer and his model really seem to come together here. Naomi is radiant, Petter captures her joy and her beauty perfectly. The "butt" makes humans unique amongst apes by our evolutionary choice of standing upright - all I can say is thank you Darwin!

Pete Royame Uni

Naomi Fully agree with the comments below, Naomi has awesome beauty but I also wanted to express my appreciation of the location. I love the pictures where the backdrop is shot out of focus which is a great contrast to the fine detail of Naomi's gorgeous curves. Excellent pictures Petter of a charming beauty, so thanks to you both.

Sean Etats Uni

Naomi's natural beauty is unbelievable. Ultimate fantasy?...her and Gislane covered in baby oil getting it on together.

Jimmy Etats Uni

Naomi is awesome. Beautiful smile and a perfect ass. I'd love to see more outdoor photo shoots.

Julian Parsons îles Caïman

Naomi Dear sweet God. I don't know how you people do it. You always seem to be in the right place at the right time to capture an angel coming to Earth.

nemo Etats Uni

you're compositions are at their best when the models' feet aren't cropped!

lunar Etats Uni

naomi...what a great body. echoing the sentiments of everyone else here, what a fantastic bottom and a lovely face as well. pretty darned close to perfection...

Naomi serpent au paradis | January 21st, 2006
Naomi serpent au paradis
rousseaux Espagne

Get rid of the snake and let me appreciate all Naomi

jason chang Etats Uni

I thought it was a real snake and was scared to click on the pictures to enlarge because the camera shoots very detailed quality. I am glad it was a fake snake so I can stare at the pictures more.

Jürg Suisse

Naomi Naomi is great as always...

Scott Salbo Etats Uni

I've found religion. The snake is the source of good.

Ralph Etats Uni

Radiant smile Naomi is absolutely gorgeous and has the most radiant smile, although I'm not sure what the point of the phony snake was, as Naomi does not need any props to be beautiful, sensual and sexy.

william Etats Uni

naomi you realy need to make naomi your flag person.she's so beautiful. i'd like to see her in more diffrent things.shorts,swimsutes,you know she can make a bad day fell good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DAVID Etats Uni


shoomeee Allemagne

naomi would be better without snake, sure!

Walt Etats Uni

get rid of the toy snake A wonderful model Naomi,whoever,you should get rid of the toy snake...

Naomi Cape Town tête de lionne | May 3rd, 2006
Naomi Cape Town tête de lionne
Pete Royame Uni

Naomi Great slender body, gorgeous tits and wow what an arse. But best of all Naomi smiles and seems to be enjoying herself. More please

Adam Royame Uni

Yummy Oh yes indeedy - what a sexy little lady !

hotphotoz Etats Uni

Naomi She is a perfect my Hegre top 3 for sure!

Walt Etats Uni

need more photos You have a lot more photos of this model


Sexy, nice looking but not enough erotic.

peter Allemagne

naomi is so gorgeous and beautiful. she is a dream woman !!!

Naomi emanuelle | January 29th, 2007
Naomi emanuelle
ben Etats Uni

my tastes in black women has given birth wow naomi warmth beauty very nice job model and photographer alike what an innocent sensual smile

Robert Royame Uni

Naomi Naomi is without a doubt one of the loveliest black girls I have ever come across. She has warmth and looks that make me melt!

Ade Royame Uni

What a beautiful series! I love the warm colours and the setting; and what a sexy, pretty girl Naomi is!

Pete Royame Uni

Great setting Glorious relaxed setting and Naomi looks in great shape. Agree with Julian more black and asian models needed on your site.

Ralph Etats Uni

Always a dream The photo galleries of Naomi are always a dream come true. Stunningly beautiful with the sweetest smile and the most phenomonal butt.

Julian Etats Uni

Naomi is extremely georgous, and seems to really enjoy being in front the camera. Would love see more black models like her on your site.

Larry Etats Uni

Gorgeous Gorgeous model in a beautiful relaxed setting. Thank you Petter.

jimmy Etats Uni

How lucky is Petter to have the priveledge of photographing this gorgeous girl with her spectacular body.

Naomi bain | April 9th, 2006
Naomi bain
GD Etats Uni

Naomi is so sensually pleasing to a man's eye...I also feel a need to state the obvious and proclaim that she has the nicest ass on the planet!

mattia Italie

Fantastic Naomi!! Great contri, Naomi you are beautiful! please more!

jimmy Etats Uni

#1 Naomi is the hottest model on the site. Love her engaging smile, her petite frame and soft brown skin, and oh my what an incredibe ass!

antonio Espagne

As usual, she is the best. Beautiful and uninhibited, not to mention her smile!

btrhea Etats Uni

NAOMI - QUEEN OF ASS On a scale of 1 to 10, Naomi's ass would be a 37.

Martin Allemagne

> On a scale of 1 to 10, Naomi's ass would be a 37. You certainly mean 73.

btrhea Etats Uni

Yes, a 73 indeed. Sometimes I get dyslexic looking at these girls.

Naomi lover Etats Uni

The ass that launched a thousand subscriptions Naomi, Naomi, Naomi, Naomi, Naomi, Naomi! You are an angel, a goddess, a siren, an ideal, a neverending wet dream! I love you, no dought about it. The warmth of your smile melts the coldest of any winter. The sweet of your brown sugar would cure any foul mood. Every one of your galleries has brought me such joy! The picts of you on the white sand, oh my God!, heaven couldn't come close to such a vision! My fetish is a woman in the bath, so for this gallery, I can't express in words. I want to thank you so much for your generosity, your sweetness, and the efforts you take to keep yourself so beautiful. I want every member of this site to take a look at all of Naomi's other galleries. They are all so great! She is the best! Let's make her the Queen. I love all the uninhibited goddesses in Petter's realm, but Naomi shines like no other. Marketa, Mirta, Yanna my love, you all are so special. Luba is beyond description, Petter I'm so jealous! Sweet Naomi is somehow different. As far as I know she is not a veteran of other explicit sites (if she is please inform me) and while she is so open, intimate, whatever you want to call it, Naomi never looks like a porn model. I'm not sure what that means. I know I can't get enough of her. So Petter, please more? 6000 pixels? I don't know how you did it, but all of her galleries have been stunning. They look natural, spontaneous, so inviting, so real life! Does the credit go to this angel? To the other posters: yes, Naomi has the most incredible derrière on the planet, please treat it with the respect it deserves. Besides, all of her parts are so special, and the sum of them are so much greater! To Naomi: I'm in love with you, please marry me? Or else I might have to agree to a common law marriage with one of your breathtaking pictures.

newton1967 Etats Uni

My god. She takes your breath away

naomilover Etats Uni

re: perfect ass Naomi's hips are just narrow enough but wide enough to give her the best damn ass on the planet, hands down. There is nothing you would add and nothing you would ever want to take away. perfection!!!!

Jan Erik Norvège

Naomi's Ass! Naomi makes me proud of being an ass lover! Nuff' said!

Steve Etats Uni

One word says it all. HOT!!!

Big Red Bear Canada

NAOMI Absolutely stunning! A jewel to be shared! A rare find; I know, I've searched high and dry! The members deserve more video than a minute and a half! A Ten out of Ten!!!

Naomi trempée | March 1st, 2006
Naomi trempée
puntadeleste Royame Uni


Dan in Texas Etats Uni

Naomi dripping wet These photos are beautiful & HOT, HOT, HOT! Naomi is stunning!

"G" Etats Uni

Naomi Wow... what a beautiful woman. More! More! More!

DaveR Etats Uni

naomi dripping wet Naomi has the kind of beauty men used to write operas about.

Scott NEMEC Etats Uni

Naomi Naomi is the most beautiful model you have yoyu need to use her often

matthew Afrique du Sud

naomi Please correct Naomi's country to South Africa. Africa is not a country Nice pics :-)

Sandy Royame Uni

Naomi unashamed beauty Blew me away. More intimate galleries of this stunning girl please.

scott Etats Uni

nice rear chairs like that were made for Naomi to sit backwards in.

jimzbluff Etats Uni

Naomi is absolutely stunning. What a gorgeous body.

smhaven Etats Uni

Simply beautiful A beautiful representation of the mystique of the black woman

tom Irelande

naomi chair I love Naomi's lovely smile and the happy face. The chair frames so well her alluring and excited (and arousing) pubic region.. Let's have more of Naomi.

Walt Etats Uni

need more of this model Chair is too big,to see the model


Wonderful young black girl. Wonderful ass, nice black pussy where we should have like some more focus on it.

raynz Nouvelle Zélande

Naomi is pure marriage material

Damine Etats Uni

Erotic A prime example of how a great, inspired model can knock socks off with just a single, simple prop. She riffs on it, plays with it... plays with the camera and us, and we think it's "just me." Some models just display (and seem to have no idea how to be subtle sexy). Or they have no connection with the effect their beauty has on us. But Naomi nails it, and receives it, and even makes it seem it's just what she wanted. She makes her playful laugh just heighten the sexual arousal. With her enjoying her effect so much, I've returned to this set of hers here over & over, over the years, just to see... and it never fails to get me each time. She has the truest beauty.

blackflash Australie

Naomi wow this lady has the most engaging smile. she shines in her beauty her dark looks and smooth black skin makes me want to... bring her back if you can.

Naomi noir sur blanc | February 20th, 2006
Naomi noir sur blanc
Dan in Texas Etats Uni

Naomi black on white Naomi is flawless and Petter's camera "loves" her. So do I.

btrhea Etats Uni

NAOMI Very sexy positioning of the model in this gallery. Great job Naomi and Petter!

Jaime Venezuela

Fantastic! beautiful model and very good pictures, I just could compare to Luba and her pictures

jimmy Etats Uni

Naomi is my favorite model on the site. Love her slender body and soft dark skin, and she is not afraid to show off her incredibly hot ass.

8quart Etats Uni

it`s not fair

Buc Etats Uni

The Best This happens to be my favorite gallery of Naomi. Nothing is better than seeing Naomi baring her sweet body for us to see and enjoy. Her tight body on white sheets makes a fiery combination that makes every man's temperature rise. We need more photos and videos of Naomi on sheets. HOT HOT HOT!

Richard Raymond Etats Uni

Mons Pubis Naomi in black and white, page 2, where she arches her pubic in a lovely pose is sush a sexy pose, can you do this with other models? File # 022006_025.jpg, and _026.jpg are the ones.

PAT.BO France


Naomi draps blancs | December 5th, 2005
Naomi draps blancs
Etienne Perret Etats Uni

new look I love the new look of the web site. Thanks for the effort, etienne

Ken Etats Uni

Pure Heaven!!! Wow!!

Joe W. Etats Uni

website I really like the changes you have made to the site! Like to see more full on ass shots if possible. Keep up the good work. Your models are wonderfull!

nate Etats Uni

Where is my belt. That bottom is pefect for spanking!

Jimmy - Florida Etats Uni

What a treat to look at this beautiful girl Naomi.

David Britton Etats Uni

Naomi white sheets All I can say is black is beautiful>>>>>>>>>>

Julian Parsons îles Caïman

While it's just my opinion, this could very well be Naomi's best gallery-either this or the one with her on the veranda. The white sheets provide a bold contrast between her beautiful, flawless face and body, while on the veranda she seem happier, all smiles. I dunno, they're all fantastic and SHE'S FANTASTIC!

Naomi baignade les fesses à l’air | November 1st, 2005
Naomi baignade les fesses à l’air
Marco & Raushanah Etats Uni

Naomi Would really would like to see more of Naomi. She is beautiful and we get alot of insparation loking at her. Raushanah is same body type. A bit more of her in lingerie would also be fantastic. Best regards. M&R from NYC

Ralph Richter Etats Uni

Naomi Naomi is one of the most stunning women I have seen, and the photos of her are incredible. Please include Naomi in as many photo shoots as you can. What a phenomonal beauty.

Sean Etats Uni

Naomi, you are one of the prettiest women I ever saw nude. I wanted you to know you are the reason why I subscribe to Hegre-Art

Naomi sur une chaise de montagne | October 11th, 2005
Naomi sur une chaise de montagne
Ken Keller Etats Uni

this picture set Hello, This was the set that caused me to join your site. This a lovely model with an exquisite figure in a spectacular scene, photographed beautifully. Having joined, I see that she has numerous pictorials here. I am glad of this. There are numerous other lovely models portrayed here, for example, Marketa, but thus far, Naomi is the one who appeals most to me. Anyways, please continue to engage Naomi for your photography. I look forward to seeing more of her and of the many other appealing models here.

Naomi au milieu des rochers | September 6th, 2005
Naomi au milieu des rochers
Tony Etats Uni

Naomi She is a work of art, pure lovely.

Naomi plage nue | August 19th, 2005
Naomi plage nue
rody Etats Uni

I've seen many black women on the net, but not as beautiful as Naomi. She's very graceful and with natural beauty that defies the stereo images out there on the net. Great job on finding this awesome specimen.

tom Irelande

naomi nude beach Beautiful body, wonderful skin and such a arousing rearend

pac260 Etats Uni

hottest Wow, I just want to run my tongue all over you. sucking your toes licking you all over and caress every inch of your body. What a beautiful smile too.

Naomi ombre fraîche | May 13th, 2005
Naomi ombre fraîche
nate Etats Uni

One of the most spankable bottoms on your website. Wonderful derriere.

btrhea Etats Uni

NAOMI Indeed, that ass should win some sort of award.

william Etats Uni

naomi naomi is the sexest black teen i've see and i'm white. love to see more of her. if you have more of her love to see them

selcool Norvège

The Girl Nexr Door ... Naomi is the girl next door, the young lady two rows down the aisle in high school who would flash her brilliant smile at me as if to say; "Yes, you may carry my satchel slave ... (well, something to that effect, smitten as I am by that Colgate smile and those perfect curves) ... dream on sucker ... welcome to 2012!

Naomi les pieds dans la sable | March 28th, 2005
Naomi les pieds dans la sable
Eddie Etats Uni

Naimi this young lady has one of the most beautiful bodies I've ever seen.

Dave A. Etats Uni

Absolutely killer body with a spectacular ass. Thanks for giving us this treasure!

jeff Bell Etats Uni

Naomi is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Please keep this girl around for a long time. Not only is she beautiful, she is absolutely stunnnnnnning from every angle. Plus she has the face of an angel. I cannot describe to you how long it takes to work out the stiffness after viewing the lushness of this woman's treasures.

russ Etats Uni

Hot Naomi Amazing the Beautiful Black skin and white sand really go well together, nice hot woman rolling in the sand. wow

Jeff D Etats Uni

Black Perfection Naomi is the African equivalent of Anna S. with the added bonus of having the all time greatest ass ever. Game over!

ray Nouvelle Zélande

I want to marry naomi

Naomi rocher chaud | March 2nd, 2005
Naomi rocher chaud
R Smith Royame Uni

NOAMI Noami you are gorgeous,Marry me please!! I want to make love to you all day,I could kiss you all over and make you tingle. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Richard England

Heinrick Irelande

Naomi, the cheeks of your ass and your shining pussy just moves me so.

francois Irelande

you deserve more notice; shining body, arousing shots, your breasts and your pussy what can I say?

Jeff D Etats Uni

Naomi brought me to Hegre I found pics of Naomi elsewhere on the web and eventually traced them to Hegre. I've been a subscriber since that very day! This set clearly proves I made a wise investment!

Naomi draps chauds | March 19th, 2006
Naomi draps chauds
btrhea Etats Uni

NAOMI If Naomi's ass were a Chinese Restaurant, I would order the Pu Pu Platter.

daver Etats Uni

naomi hot sheets Hard to pick the best picture, they're all stunning

jimzbluff Etats Uni

What a gorgeous body, beautiful skin, and oh my what a perfect ass.

Walt Etats Uni

you should have more photos of this model You need more photos of this model,and many other women of colour.Could you find Asian women also?


Brilliant! I am originally from the Cape Flats too and am now nostalgic (live in Northern Europe now) but seeing her makes me long for 'home' ... ag well ... more of this lovely lady please!

selcool Norvège

My Sweet Lord - what a girl! As I am originally from the Cape Flats and Cape Town - watching Ms Naiomi brings back poignant memories - Ag well, nostalgia and dreams are part of living also hey!


Naomi Bord de piscine | October 17th, 2006
Naomi Bord de piscine
Robert Royame Uni

My only criticism of the film is that it was far too short! A very attractive smile and body!

David Etats Uni

Work of Art I can't say anything bad. I really enjoyed the angles of sunshine on her skin. Giving a golden tone to meet soft shadows. Normally B/W art work is my favorite because color usually distracts your eyes from all the shaded curves of the female body. Great work. Looking forward to seeing more fine art detailing Naomi.

Buc Etats Uni

This lady is the most graceful and beautiful lady I have ever seen in my life. Her smile is electrifying and her sweet body is mesmerizing. We must have more Naomi.

Walt7000 Etats Uni

What a nice chocolate body Shes a work of art,and it would be nice to see more of her.Naomi can only be found in your older videos.I wonder if she quit the business or not.Please put more women of Colour on your site,it needs them...

chewi Etats Uni

RE: What a nice chocolate body I 100% agree.

erica Canada

black body what a beautiful body color anytime I switch my white color for your color I envy you

Naomi Danse privée | June 20th, 2006
Naomi Danse privée
smhaven Etats Uni

Naomi is excellent in presenting her innerself through the movement of her body.(LOVE THE MUSIC) My wife and her have the same body but from{ south america }I understand the talent that Naomi has in her self in the art of expressing her beautiful body. I am sorry for the delay in giving the photographer credit[[[I was intoxicated by the lady and the music! The impact from the aformentioned lady combined with film quality and music was incredible]! thank you StephEn

Martin Allemagne

Wow ! One of the sexies films I've seen on this site. Naomi is mesmerizing, her dance is hypnotizing, and her chocolate body is... err... appetizing. ;) Furthermore, the music matches well and the singers voice is very sexy.

Louis in NYC Etats Uni

Thank You Naomi That dance was priceless.

Putgaz Brésil

Delicious...amazing...please, more, more, more, more...

gman67 Etats Uni

Quality A1 Hottie I'm in luv wit a ..... dancer!

Naomi Lover Etats Uni

Oh my God! Dear sweet Naomi, are you trying to kill us? What an amazing dance, so intimate and so generous. Definately the sexiest thing I've ever seen on video, for that matter real life! I don't know how you do it, the camera loves you and you love the camera, you are so special. I love you.

Ralph Etats Uni

Wow Incredible film. Naomi is by far one of the most beautiful, sexy and sensual women on the planet. If Mr. Hegre or anyone else ever creates the all Naomi website, please let me know.

buc Etats Uni

So Beautiful Naomi, you are so beautiful! I love the way you move and how you capture the very essence of what sexy really means. There is something about you that will leave a very memorable impact on all who see your work! I want more, I need more. You are exactly what I need to see in a pretty young lady. For this reason I am renuing my subscription. I don't want to be without a picture of Naomi. Much love to you and Mr. Hegre for bringing you to my attention.

alex Royame Uni

naomi naomi leaves me speechless,she is a spectacular woman.

gewatravel Etats Uni

Naomi - Private Dance This has to be one of the most sexiest women on the site. She has rhythm, style and attitude. I like the she handles her body - very nice work.

Quintin Barber Etats Uni

Flexible Beauty Comfortable in Her Skin. I leave with with No Money, She Has it.

Chris Suisse

Naomi She is just beautiful - she reminds me of Angela. She was the best girl I ever hat....

JR Etats Uni

Naomi After seeing the free samples of Naomi on the 'net, I had to join. She is the reason I joing this site. The only way this could have been better is if it was in widescreen HD.

John Royame Uni

Naomi Like so many others, I have fallen for Naomi! I am totally captivated by her. When I lived in Kenya I had a girl friend very much like her. Naomi makes me long to be back in Africa! The beauty of the ebony girls is to behold! More please!

jay Etats Uni

Naomi I joined for Naomi, she's delightful.

Jim Etats Uni

she is beautiful Naomi is the most beautiful girl on this site. Will you marry me Naomi?

Patrick Etats Uni

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Walt7000 Etats Uni

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rob Etats Uni

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Brian Etats Uni

This has to be the sexiest dance ever recorded. How is this girl not famous?

Greggor1 Etats Uni

Beautiful! Beautiful girl and beautiful dancing. A delight to see.

philthembi Espagne

Naomi What a body perfect beautifully filmed.Its a pity most of the films & photos were taken more than 5 years ago.One wonders if she still lives in Cape Town.I just love African women my girlfriend is African.

Naomi Afrique du Sud | September 20th, 2005
Naomi Afrique du Sud
major Royame Uni

out of the world SUPREMELY SEXY

Dan Portugal

hot I watched your new film of Naomi this morning as we began preparations for the Hurricane Rita. WOW - she is HOT! I had to get up and turn down the air conditioner to Very cold! She made me hot. Thanks. Dan

Tom Etats Uni

I'm Speechless! If Naomi isn't already on your list if top ten Hegre girls then she certainly will be after this!

rousseaux Espagne

Naomi No doubt. She is the best and you did a wonderful job

Robb Etats Uni

Incredible Naomi is one of the most beautiful I've seen. You need more black women. You should start up another website with just beautiful black women like Naomi.

smhaven Etats Uni

Naomi Excellent!

buc Etats Uni

Absolutely Beautiful! Naomi is the prime example of what a real woman truly looks like. She has the sweetest body and the warmest smile. I only wish I could share some glorious private moments with her on those white sheets. I think I'm in love...

DAVID A. Etats Uni

Naomi Just one word: OMG!!!! Very Beautiful Woman

JR Etats Uni

1:55? Only one problem, too short, way too short. Naomi might be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

btrhea_PPxrn Etats Uni

Great stuff! But yeah, way too short.

Big Red Bear Canada

NAOMI I have searched far and wide and a rare gem such as this jewel should be presented with at least a half hour video! Such treasure must be shared!

Big Red Bear Canada


Fonton Australie

Fliming Absolutely ravishing girl, with wonderfully textured skin and a body to die for. I think perhaps a little light might have been directed at her pubic area - for obvious reasons the dark skin made it difficult to see the shape of what seems to be a lovely, plump cunt, as well as one would have liked. Incidentally, a double session between Naomi and a blonde girl would stop the heart!

Naomi - Sur la plage | May 31st, 2005
Naomi - Sur la plage
ewolver Turquie

fantastic girl i've never seen a black body like Naomi. She's really fantastic girl.

Mitknight Sri Lanka

LOVELY she is just AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen :o) Mitknight

Alberto Mexique

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stephen Etats Uni

A very sexy girl

Septemberbug Norvège

Naomi is one of the sexiest girls I've ever seen! She's certainly among the top three models on this site! Yummy! Pity it's such a short clip, though. Listen, Petter: Pack your bags, go to Cape Town and make an hour long movie about Naomi, and spend most of the running time showing us that absolutely gorgeous back side of hers...

tanuki300 Etats Uni

Oh my God... Okay, now I'm sure I've died and gone to Man-Heaven! Naomi is incredibly sexy & gorgeous in this video, and everything came together perfectly: the lighting, the music, the setting, Naomi's great poses. Magnificent! And by the way, I second everything "Septemberbug" said in his post below, too. Here's an idea: Make an hour-long DVD of Naomi (and ones of other favorite models), and sell them via the website. I'll bet they would sell like hotcakes! Just a thought.... Again, this was an incredible video--thanks!!

Buc Etats Uni

I love the way Naomi moves. She is a natural! Wow!

walt70 Etats Uni

What a pretty nude women.Your site needs more and more women like her.When will this site employ more Women Of Colour?

DD Etats Uni

Remind Me Naomi remind me of another sexy Black model from Indonesia, Laura Gemser that I liked a great deal.

Jan Pays Bas

WohW I saw this wonderfull womann 5 or 6 years ago on this site. After a while I'm back and the first I want to do is, watch Naomi again!! What a woman! Maybe it is something for Pete to make a new serie of this incredible woman!!

Vashti Australie

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whtguycam Etats Uni

RE: Remind Me DD, Naomi also reminded me of Laura Gemser. Also, Valerie would be a great person to play Laura Gemser in the Black Emanuelle films.