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Naomi Profile

Name: Naomi
Country: South Africa
Weight: 46kg
Height: 172cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Dancer

Playful Dancer

Ebony sculpture. Black jewel. Black is beautiful.

THESE WORDS jump inevitably into the mind when you gaze at Naomi, a rare discovery from Petter Hegre's expedition to Cape Town. Like her magnificent namesake, the British born model Naomi Campbell, our very own Naomi has long legs and keeps her sublime figure in shape working as a dancer and attending dance classes. She is naturally joyful and this radiates like the hot sun of her native South Africa through her incredible smile.

Due to Petter Hegre's usual traveling destinations there aren't many black models featured on Hegre-Archives and Naomi is the ideal candidate to tilt the balance. She is 19 years old, 172 cm, 46 kg and with divinely carved features one has to say her very best feature is her butt.

"One of the best butts I have ever photographed," commented Hegre, and he's something of an expert in the field.

Naomi green grass June 18th, 2007
Naomigreen gras
Naomi and Petter discovered the missing colour in the spectrum. I would call it Naomigreen, a unique blend of spontaneous beauty radiating in a smile.
naomi the beautiful
naomi is the reason i joined your site. i saw some of her photos on spicegirls site or someing that. i have not seen such beauty in a long time. i had to see every picture of naomi that is available
please more dark skin models like naomi
naomi has the most gorgeous smile ever. i love it when she smiles... please petter, give us more sessions with her !!!
More often
Naomi really needs to appear in the rotation more often. There does not exist a woman with more natural beauty.
Hey Naomi, First of all, I want to tell you that you are the reason why I a member of Hegre-Art. I am sure you are as sweet as you are beautiful and lastly you are very sexy and you have perfect skin color for ME
More, more, more! Naomi is just too special. My one complaint about this gallery is "such an awesome subject, and setting... why so few pics?" Ooh wait... that's actually a compliment.
Lovely Naomi
Petter's sessions with Naomi never disappoint me. Naomi is the object of my desire. Absolutely exquisite. So sweet, so beautiful, so fine... As always, thank you Naomi.
Naomi sexy shower February 17th, 2007
RE: Photo number 63
wow, there is a whole story built on that pic. So fine.
A Stunner
THE Hottest tush EVER !!
If only I were that shower nozzle...
what a fantastic booty!
Naomi is gorgeous. We love her, and you know we do.
Naomi scores again! A woman too pretty for words. Thanks for a great gallery.
Que morenaza!! estas superbuena tia
she es wonderful, great photos, an excelent job Peter, how can I have a job like your? thenks
beautiful,just beautiful.
Naomi emanuelle January 29th, 2007
How lucky is Petter to have the priveledge of photographing this gorgeous girl with her spectacular body.
Gorgeous model in a beautiful relaxed setting. Thank you Petter.
Great setting
Glorious relaxed setting and Naomi looks in great shape. Agree with Julian more black and asian models needed on your site.
Naomi is extremely georgous, and seems to really enjoy being in front the camera. Would love see more black models like her on your site.
Always a dream
The photo galleries of Naomi are always a dream come true. Stunningly beautiful with the sweetest smile and the most phenomonal butt.
Naomi is without a doubt one of the loveliest black girls I have ever come across. She has warmth and looks that make me melt!
my tastes in black women has given birth wow naomi warmth beauty very nice job model and photographer alike what an innocent sensual smile
What a beautiful series! I love the warm colours and the setting; and what a sexy, pretty girl Naomi is!
Naomi wet element December 18th, 2006
Naomi's bottom is one of the world's wonders.
RE: Photo number 50
This is the girl of my dreams
Highy arousing set. Especially the pics with Naomi's round ass protruding out of the water.
Naomi,Your cheeks arouse,you make me wet. Your water nakedness is beautiful and uplifting
Naomi is so hot!
What a beautiful smile and an incredible body.
Naomi Pool Side October 17th, 2006
black body
what a beautiful body color anytime I switch my white color for your color I envy you
RE: What a nice chocolate body
I 100% agree.
What a nice chocolate body
Shes a work of art,and it would be nice to see more of her.Naomi can only be found in your older videos.I wonder if she quit the business or not.Please put more women of Colour on your site,it needs them...
This lady is the most graceful and beautiful lady I have ever seen in my life. Her smile is electrifying and her sweet body is mesmerizing. We must have more Naomi.
Work of Art
I can't say anything bad. I really enjoyed the angles of sunshine on her skin. Giving a golden tone to meet soft shadows. Normally B/W art work is my favorite because color usually distracts your eyes from all the shaded curves of the female body. Great work. Looking forward to seeing more fine art detailing Naomi.
My only criticism of the film is that it was far too short! A very attractive smile and body!