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Photo of Sian


Photo of Sian
Name: Sian
Country: South Africa
Weight: 52kg
Height: 170cm
Age: 21
Occupation: Art Student

Cute & Natural

Some models are made and some are born to strut their stuff.

BOTH OF Sian’s parents happen to be photographers, so she didn't have a choice. The first time she opened her eyes and peered out of her cot, two cameras were capturing her ever smile and grimace. And she has been posing for the camera ever since.

Sian is 21, 170cm, 52 kg and a classical, girl-next-door kind of girl from South Africa. She isn't sure whether she will pursue a full-time career in modeling and is content to earn some extra cash while she studies art and advertising at the University of Cape Town. When Petter Hegre asked her why she never shaved, she said: "I am a simple and natural girl and do not make much fuzz about my body."

Her greatest feature is her charm. Sian is shy, girlish and absolutely cute, cute, cute.

Sian Galleries

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Sian Galleries COMMENTS

Sian sculpture | April 22nd, 2008
Sian sculpture
don Canada

Sian Sian has a fabulous smile . . . . among other assets!

Dan from Texas United States

Best of Sian .... These photos rock. Sian is a work of art.

Big Fan United States

Exquisite! My God, Petter, images 21 - 27 are exquisite! I would love to see all your skinny models in this pose. (Cami on the ladder was similar, as was Alya on the speaker.) Any time you photograph and post images of the long slender bare legs of Alya (especially) or Cami, Caro, Eva, Ira Jaquie, Lana, Olga D., Sian, etc. (your models are incredible) I am ecstatic. I love it when you have the models stand with their legs together and on their toes or in high heels so their length stretches across the photo. OMFG. Your technique is unmatched. When you are ON, Petter, no one is better. Thanks!

JP United States

Beautiful Young Woman Sian is just stunning and statuesque in this gallery.

sirstefanofb Australia

Agreed.... Stunning and Statuesque... a fine addition to any mans life.

dave United States

Sian is fantastic Always love Sian, more the better

Luclaf Canada

Sian set Cute model, but pics are to far and to dark. Did not enjoy it.

Sian Cape Town beauty | March 5th, 2008
Sian Cape Town beauty
ST United Kingdom

Sian Sian has really blossomed from girl to woman. Even shaved there is still something natural, fresh and outdoorsy about this girl. Absolutely gorgeous set of pics of this very beautiful and sexy young woman.

JP United States

Missed I miss Sian's big, hairy bush. I think these girls should have the freedom to not shave if they choose.


Shaved Sian Sian is beautiful. Shaved Sian is the best.

OrozkoMX Mexico

I'm impressed with the natural beauty of this woman. I do like she has (or doesn't)no makeup. Most photos are great, with a more common place in the background. I don´t like the acrobatic shots when she is laid. that's a wast in some cases. When you see the 6000 Px you realize natural is better. She's good. I would apply for her to Mr Right!

goober United States

Sian Sian proves once again that she is your most beautiful and sexiest model. The woman is the word goddess personified. Her looks are beyond compare. Please bring her back again and again.

Voyeur United States

Long hair, short hair, shaved, not shaved Sian is always beautiful. If I were a younger man I'd hope she'd become the next Hegre Girl seeking Mr. Right.

kevin clancy United States

Sian The most appealing, attractive woman in any of your galleries. A girl-next-door type with universal appeal.Far more beautiful than your eastern european models with nice bodies and homely faces. Many of them would look better if you put a paper bag over their head. I could look at Sian every day.

Tomred United Kingdom

Half-naked Sian The overall composition of this set deserves praise too. Sian is elegant as well as being sexy. Seeing her in an understated designer top, naked from the waist down, in a luxurious, tasteful, minimalist house, is intensely erotic.

Ken Simpson Australia

Sian What a great, natural example of Irish sensuousness, not only for tourists but for all lovers of female fecundity.

KOMET United States

SIAN Sian, you are a joy to the eyes as always. BUT... PLEASE GROW BACK YOUR BUSH! GROW IT BACK! BE NATURAL AGAIN.

Will United States

Sian What a lovely woman, please keep posing. Would be great to see the bush growing back gradually.

tstplt Germany

sian Absolutely beautiful, but grow back the bush!! There are plenty of other shaved girls on the site, Sian was one of the few who kept it natural.

Esthete75 France

We miss you Sian This set is my favourite Sian is so cute and beautiful without any vulgarity Where is she now?

esthete75 France

Beautiful set I like very much this set of pictures Maybe because it is unusual to have the top rather covered and the lower part fully naked

Sian South African sun | June 10th, 2008
Sian South African sun
goober United States

Sian Another great gallery of the goddess called Sian. My only negative is that we don't get enough photos of Sian in each gallery. One can never get too much of this gorgeous girl. Please bring her back as much as possible.

daniel eaves United States

Anna S. shaved pussy! Anna S. shaved pussy looks nice which I prefered over hairy pussies!

Cams United Kingdom

Not the same Gorgeous as she is, I think she had a lot more going for her when she had that beautiful beaver! Grow it back girl!!

Fantasio1968 Switzerland

Please come back

arrelh United States

what a difference a few years makes We have seen the young lady. I wish you could bring back the women

Sian staircase | January 17th, 2008
Sian staircase
wheeler United States

Sian I know it's a subtle difference, but, I would've loved to see her rear end without the g-string!Just a thought!

JP United States

Still one of the best Sian has an innocence and grace about her. Wish she hadn't shaven, though.

don Canada

love that beautiful smile . . . . and of course all the rest!

Voyeur United States

Sian gets more and more attractive with each year and every shoot. A lovely women.

sirstefanofb Australia

God I'm so glad Sian is a 'modern' shaving kinda Girl.... that's the way I like them to be.

Jim United States

Sian - so sweet I agree w/ voyeur. She is blossoming like a flower.

Olivier France

Beautifull Sian ! I love your smile ! don't change ! Happy New Yar ! Olivier

KOMET United States

SIAN SIAN, In a word, you're DELECTABLE. But, PLEASE, please let your thatch of luxuriant pubic hair bloom anew. (I love to see a woman with a rich thatch between her legs.)

bike United States

cute and sexy, even with boring props.

gareth United States

transformation complete Petter, the "new" Sian is truly amazing. Always a stunning woman, she now looks refined, mature. Navel pierced, clean shaven, bronzed skin (+ tanlines), and obvious confidence -- Sian really is one of your top models! The lighting in the layout and color of environment compliment her simple beauty perfectly!

Luclaf Canada

Sian Simple... but cute set of pics.

JP United States

Bring Bush back I agree with KOMET, some women look awesome with a hairy bush between their legs. Sian was one of them.

Elvis United States

Sian Smiles Ok, when this model smiles, she has a fun nature. Her beauty opens up. He body is so, so in my opinion but her poses and her energy in the images make up for it.

Guga Brazil

I live Sian's shaving. Great gallery.

Ivan Slovakia

Interesting composition of two faces -- two Madonnas on one picture. I like that one on the picture 11408_028.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Sian staircase This is one seriously sexy young lady.

Sian lazy sunset | December 26th, 2007
Sian lazy sunset
sirstefanofb Australia


specimens United States

she is the best!!

Olivier France

HAPPY CHRISMAS ! Thanks Peter ! Sian is my Favourite ! Have great Feast Sian, Luba, you and all your Nice Girls ! Love+++ OLIVIER Sorry for my bad english, I am French.

Florian Germany

...lazy wow, i love this sunset atmosphere! nice light and a beautyfull sofa!:-)) cheers, florian

JP United States

Beautiful Girl Sian is one lovely girl. I miss her bush though... it made her more "natural."

keith Canada

Sandwich tasty and moist in nos. 13-14.

keith Canada

closeup secrets further to nos 13-14, i love petter hegre's 6000 pixel zoom lens and the reluctance to airbrush out amazing close up imperfections that make these girls so special.. like the black hairs in sian's buttcrack that the brazilian waxer or the razor missed.. i am in awe

Ted United Kingdom

Sian Initially I was apprehensive about the new look Sian as the bush was part of her appeal. But these recent galleries of her show what beauty was hiding underneath all that hair. A lovely gallery, setting, light etc with a lovely lazy quality to it and of course the gorgeous Sian.

Sian pool girl | October 25th, 2007
Sian pool girl
sirstefanofb Australia

Sian by the pool .... well it is just so beautiful... but wait, something is puzzeling me.... why is it that one so magnificent has time to spare laying beside the pool.... why is she not making love...all day?

Mark United Kingdom

Wow! absolutely lovely. just perfect.

goober United States

Sian I never tire of looking at Sian's galleries. She is tops in the business. Being the daughter of photographers it just comes natural to her. She is absolutely, positively gorgeous. She even has gorgeous feet.

Robert United States

Lovely Sian is one of the few girls on this site that has a nice full ass instead of a flat behind. I could stare at it all day.

ken ckancy United States

This is a very pretty girl with a beautiful face and a beautiful body. Let's find more women like her and you won't find them in eastern europe.

hp Taiwan, Province of China

Goegeous Best set of October 2007. Sian is gogeous, pool is bright and day is shiny. The curve of body is woderfully presented. These photos are the perfect wallpapers. Whenever opening the computer, you'll have nice mood.

shoomee Germany

Peter, this is one of Your greatests shots ever! Congratulations!

Sian bubble chair | September 15th, 2007
Sian bubble chair
mike United States

Pure Beauty Sian, I love you. You are Absolutely the Coolest and Hottest Woman I have ever seen.

Dave United States

Sian She is SO cute! I wish she had her hair back.

Norm United States

Sian As beautiful as ever. Beautiful series. Thanks for sharing.


shaved Sian I like shaved Sian. Her cute Pussy excites us. Shaved Sian is more natural.

Olivier France

WONDERFULL !! I love your smile Sian ! Peter, please, more and more with girls smilling, thanks you !

Sian hot hot | September 30th, 2007
Sian hot hot
sirstefanofb Australia

A delightful body.

Badga United Kingdom

Sian Is Very HOT HOT A wonderful set of images from Sian, she looks so comfortable in front of the camera, she's cute and gorgeous and has the most beautiful face. Badga

alex United Kingdom

sian hot!,that is an understatement,sian is scorching.

tj United States

good looking You look great! it would be nice to see a little more.

miyoshino Japan

sunbath Sian's nude in the outdoors is the most beautiful.Because Sian's nude looks beautiful by sunlight.

Kev United Kingdom

Sian Please, please grow back the bush Sian!

David United States

Sian hot hot I'm with Kev on the natural Sian we loved, but that's not why I called you here. Look at pictures #1, #2 and #15, and you'll see a face of absolute perfection. Whether focusing on her smile, her chin, her eyebrows, nose... it doesn't matter. Every feature of Sian's face is an absolute joy to look at. Taken together, we see a face with cuteness, sweetness and beauty unsurpassed in this solar system.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Sian hot hot You think SHE'S hot. Well, you should see the perspiration pouring off of me as I study this glorious set of photographs.

Sian home girl | July 6th, 2007
Sian home girl
Norman Hull United States

Sian Wow!!!!! Keeps getting better. Always looking forward to the next offering. Thanks for sharing.

Ade-oh United Kingdom

Sian What a beautiful girl and what lovely pictures! My favourite model on the site because of her natural beauty.

Curt United States

Sian Is Smokin Hot Sian has always been one my favs as she has a au natural presence on camera that is intoxicating. Though with all the "me-too" yul brynner treatments, why on earth did she shed that BEAUTIFUL bush of hers - I'm not into wooly mamoths, but it really finished her look

Petter Sweden

Sian, du har utvecklats till den snyggaste på denna sida med den självsäkra utstrålningen du visar i den här bildserien!!

Nick France

SIAN lovely flower Hey Sian why did you shave your lovely pussy? I like your natural expression and body !

don Canada

What a beautiful smile!

Sian fitness ball | June 22nd, 2007
Sian fitness ball
Blake Krosse United Kingdom

a fluid set fluid compositions, sian glows

g man United States

sian fitness ball Petter, I must compliment you on this photographic series, the images you captured are really incredible! I believe this series is one of the best I have seen from you. Sian is a beautiful subject!

Dave United States

Nice but... ...too bad she shaved. Now she just looks like all the rest.

Gus Brazil

Beautiful. Sian is gorgeous as always.

Norman Hull United States

Sian glows and is enjoying her new image and it shows. Lovely as always. Thanks for sharing. Norm

gareth United States

the NEW Sian is simply AWESOME - work it, girl!

sirstefanofb Australia

Thank God Sian is now shaven... allows one to more closely admire her womanly attributes.

heinrich Ireland

the ball reveals all; the smooth of the ass and the beauty of the stretched pussy; thanks for the exciting view of the lovely body

KOMET United States

SIAN Beautiful photo series. BUT... I wish SIAN had kept her bush!!!

sian fan Singapore

fully agreed with komet....she shut her door!!!!


SIAN FITNESS BALL I wish that Sian would make another video, the same as this one only with a full-bush. That way we can see If she looks as sexy with hair down there. In other photo sets when she had a bush she showed some pink.


FITNESS BALL I goofed I mixed up the photo set with the thought of her doing a video!. Sorry. It was a good thought wasn't It?. She should make a pair of video's with and without hair don't you think?.

Giovann4208 Austria

Pornaction? Hello! Have you also Pornosets (Man - Woman) in this great Quality? That would be great!

Dave Finland

Missed opportunity In previous galleries with the fitness ball, we got a great view from behind, shame in this set, it seems like a missed opportunity to see some more of this girls beauty and perfection.

Sian cow skin | August 2nd, 2007
Sian cow skin
sirstefanofb Australia

Sian looks so much better with her smoothly shaven pubes, her gorgeous smile and exquisite nipples... Yum, Yum... Sir Stefan

goober United States

Sian Always a pleasure to see Sian, the top model on your site. Just wish she would show a little more in her photos. But an excellent pictorial, nonetheless.

ken ckancy United States

Very beautiful girl. I think that I love her.

dave United States

Sian is my favorite girl

Peter Australia

Beautiful ... but not different anymore from any other girl... please grow your bush back!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Sian cow skin Why so unkind with the title? She's got lovely skin and just the right amount to cover her lovely face and body.

Sian cool pool | May 4th, 2007
Sian cool pool
Tower Germany

Sian She looks so nice shaved

gozo United States

sian looks cool and btw she has gone thru a metamorphasis from her earlier shoots very nice.. must have a new hair dresser

Charles United States

I have to agree with the other uses that she looks awesome shaved. Its a matter of preference but I much prefer her without the bush.

kriss France

WOW!!!! this girls is absolutely wonderful!!!!! From head to toe (yes her feet are terrific too!!!!!!!) Thanks for you fantastic work!

Bruce United States

sian I prefered her with her natural bush. It made her stand out among the bald crowd.

barney Australia

What a shame you shaved Sian. She was fabulously natural....

db73 Germany

She´s beautiful!!! Why didn´t she shave not earlier?? It´s "GEIL".

M19 Switzerland

Beautiful - I am glad she shaved!

jack clancy United States

Sian I can't believe you made her shave her pubic region. She was one of only a few "natural" models in your portfolio.

koelner2309 Canada

Sian cool pool What a beauty. Sian are still the same beautiful Person that we know from older Photo Seasons. She is on Angel of Photoshootings. I hope we see more from here. Thanks, for this wonderful Model Petter that we can enjoy here. Thanks,

Ralph United States

Modest I liked the gallery, but what I found most interesting was Sian's tan lines. For a nude model, she wears a very modest swimsuit when she sun bathes.

tdonna United States

I believe she looks better shaved, in fact much better.

Billy Canada

Sian - cool pool Bald is beautiful!!!!

Joe United States

SIAN, I'd take you over easy or well done but I like your natural state much more. Don't shave any more

Andrew Cayman Islands

Image 25 captures an extraordinary moment of convergence between woman and water. Bush or no bush, that my friends is Art!

andreson United Kingdom

Lovely sian, I think i will miss the bush. global warming ??

will United States

lovely Wonderful views of Sian's round bottom and exposed outer lips. Would be wonderful to have more pics as she lets her bush return to a natural state.

Fabio Italy

Fantastic Now Sian, you are very very very sexy and lovely. Shaved you are a dream.

uruka Japan

wonderful shaving

D. Germany

Sian ist DAS Model! Sie wirkt absolut natürlich! Diese Bilder sind sehr gut gestaltet!!!

Ivan Slovakia

very nice Peter, your work is fantastic, of course thanks to the nice girl. It is hard to have a cold head while shooting that a girl, but when you was sorting your photos, probably you overlooked the vertical shadow lines on the picture No. 91 directly behind the Sian's head. Similarly, very nice photo No. 94 has decreased its quality because the shadow lines too.

Whobebilly United States

Sian Don't shave, it takes away from your natural beauty.

Jim United States

Sian Somehow I missed this one until now. Wow. Fantastic. She is soooo sweet.

Guy South Africa

Sian By far my favorite lady on your website (and from my town !)

Joe United States

Achieving new levels of eroticism

finch United Kingdom

sian abandoned, uninhibited and totally gorgeous; depilation really is the only way to go - shame they don't pass a law.

Sian massage | March 31st, 2007
Sian massage
baudolino73 Germany

Sian shaved? What a surprise! The biggest bear is away! But it looks wonderful! More of the new Sian please!

SteveB United Kingdom

Beautiful I'm really pleased that Sian has decided to shave, just my personal preference and now I'm looking forward to her next set. SteveB

Gus Brazil

Wow. Sian shaved! That's awesome. Just one issue with this set: too few pictures. More shaved Sian!!!

jimmy United States

Very erotic set. I'd love to be the one massaging that beautiful body, and in particular, that sweet round ass......

Dave United States

Sian An interesting concept with some potential, but disappointing here because the masseuse seems to be the subject instead of the model.

specimens United States

sian great to see this model one of your best !

goober United States

Sian So glad to see the lovely Sian has finally shaved! Please show your number one model more often. We don't get to see her very often. Please show her more often than every six months. A video of her would be even better. Thanks

Philipp Germany

Shsved pussy It is nice to see Sian without this ugly pubic hair. She is hot.

KOMET United States

SIAN MASSAGE Sian, PLEASE DON'T SHAVE AGAIN!!! You have such a lovely and lush bush. A fan always, KOMET

Jake Canada

Sian Massage That's a very interesting massage technique! How does one find work like that?

Ted Canada

Sian Shaved Wow! That is a different look for Sian. I'd always appreciated her "natural " look. She's still one of my favourite models, and it's been a long time since her last set. Thanks for refreshing my memory, Petter.

Michael K. Mitchell United States

Film? Petter, Please do a video of this massage process. A 45 to 55 minute video with a dialoge describing the various moves would be an excellent teaching tool for those who would like to practice sensual massage. I cannot think of anyone more qualified to film this process.

Mike United States

Sian Can't one of your models look natural? Sorry to see Sian has shaved...there's nothing wrong with pubic hair is there?

MORTICIAN United States

mortician Beautiful body of Sian very nice lovely legs nice young breast,nice arms, nice belly and a very nice shaved vaginas I love women who shaved their vaginas their vaginas looks beautiful and very lovely so Sian keep shaving your vaginas.

MORTICIAN United States

Sian lovely body What a nice is to massage a young lady,I love women who shaved their vaginas that make their vaginas beautiful, I like be that massager, I see many women that now shaving that look real sexy, nice young women Sian let see moer of young beautiful body.

Andrew Cayman Islands

Sian has evolved from the girl next door to a world class beauty - more please!

tom Ireland

I moved with Sians lovely massaged lovely massaged pons

hotphotoz United States

Wow...very nice picture set. Add my positive vote for Sian's new "smoothness".

Jimme Wiggins United States

shaving thank you for shaving

Jimme Wiggins United States

slippery I want to see Sian shining with oil laying in the sun

Billy Canada

She looks much better without the foliage.

jp United States

congragualtions Congragulations on the shaving of your pubic area! Now it looks much better down there without that black forest covering your nice vagina! You do have a nice one, by the way!

sirstefanofb Australia

I really respect a beautiful woman who prepares her body for the pleasure of others... Sian is one such Girl who has enhanced the pleasure of this viewer (and many others around the world) who may now dwell on each frame to admire the beauty of her shaven labia... thank you Sian, please keep it that way, for the pleasure of yourself and others, including me.

nick Norway

What happened to the bush?

Joe United States

make me your care giver Sian

Esthete75 France

Hairy or Smooth Pussy Like many men I am very fond of girls with shaved pussy. But nowadays quite all models are shaved so photos of girls with natural bush become rare. si I was delighted with the first photos of Sian. As she is a very natural and unsophisticated young woman it fitted specially to her. In this world of shaved girls Sian could have remain the exception!! Why did not she? What is her own willingness? Or did she get strong incentives from photographs? Unlike Silvie she didn't offer us her shaving

esthete75 France

More naked It appears clearly is this set that Sian is fully aware that a girl is more naked when she is shaved

Sian flower power | August 15th, 2006
Sian flower power
Rocky Mountain Man United States

Sian Even though I live in a crunchy place, with au natural prevalent, I must comment that Sian hairy beaver scares me. That pubic monster of hers needs a good weed whacker. She is a pretty gal, but I somebody get the blades spinning!

Pedro Netherlands

Natural There are oh so many pictures and sites of girls who are shaven. It shows daring that Petter sees the beauty in her and "normal" full grown woman.

Goober United States

Sian It is quite obvious to me than Sian and Gislane are by far your two premier models. It would be incredible if you could get the two of them to pose together in a pictorial. It would be a marvelous contrast - one brunette, one blonde; one hairy, one shaved and both drop-dead gorgeous.

oksupreme United Kingdom

Sian from South Africa When can we look forward to seeing the pictures of Sian shot in the studio, please ?

Alan United States

Natural Sian I love seeing girls that are unshaven. The color and pattern are part of what makes the girls unique and beautiful. Without hair, many girls just blend together.

mongo United States

excellent muff magic, more full triangle bush please!

mongo United States

definitely yum!yum! please have a section with slightly slutty muffy girls like her, you know, muffy split beavers!

Eric Spain

Sian I agree with Alan(19 Aug.).For those who don't like girls like Sian there's no reason to complain.All the other girls on this site are shaved.Still many people like a natural girl like her.So,more girls like Sian please!And more pics of Sian!


We like this young hairy girl. Too much shaved pussy, we want more bushy pussy!

mike Ireland

flowers on lovely hair on pubis arousing

john United States

Sian-natural Another vote for intact pubic hair!

heinrich Ireland

the flowers on the pussy delightful and sexy; so alluring and so pleasurable

Sian white panties | April 2nd, 2006
Sian white panties
Pete United Kingdom

Sian Sian is a grreat model but there is too much of the white panites and not enough of her wonderful body!

timatits United States

Breasts Alone This small essay is a large challenge for the photographer as well as the audience. Assignment: Do what is essentially a topless-only photo shoot of a woman that not only is sensuous, but whom most of the members have seen naked several times. Oh, and make it erotic as hell to those members! I think this is a good try. Forced emphasis on the breasts and not on the vagina may be hard for some of us to take—but, tits can be very entertaining, too. They come in an infinite variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. They reshape themselves in rhythm with a girl’s every move, at lease when unrestrained by bras and/or not filled with goop. So what does the artist do? Well, Sian’s breasts are quite nice, of course, but there is nothing particularly exotic about them. Like apples in a still-life, we are not interested in her tits per se, but rather with Peter’s way of presenting the centre piece(s) of the essay. There is a lot of good here. By the time we get to the last five photos on page one we want her to turn back around—but she never does! Is this because we hope to see more pubic hair and her vagina? Maybe, but you cannot help but notice that what you lost as you proceeded through the second page of pictures were her breasts. And in exchange you got her ass. Now if you found that a bit of a poor trade, then Peter did a good job. (OK, I would have liked to see plain white panties, but that’s being picky!)

tomcat Germany

wonderful model, but i wish there where more photos in one set with more different poses.


Nice looking girl, nice buttt, but I wish she could have shown us more!

Ken Simpson Australia

Sian I prefer seeing the unshaven Sian

Joe United States

Sian you could be my life's MISSION!

Sian sun worshipper | February 28th, 2006
Sian sun worshipper
Pete United Kingdom

Sian Sian has a charming girl next door image. I would like to see some slightly more adventirous pictures with her as she has a special innocent quality about her. Whilst she may not be in Yana or Caro's league for body tone she is a real treat to look at, with a wonderful friendly smile.

Fred United States

Too much pubic hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David United States

Sian sun worshipper Thank you for more wonderful pictures of Sian. Sian has the most beautiful and satisfying looking pussy I have ever seen. I love her cute face and charming smile. It is an amazing privilege to see Sian naked.

George Canada

Sian's Smile It's always a good day when I come home to more of Sian's beautiful smile. She is an absolute sweetheart.

Deon South Africa

Sian What a absolute stunning woman,and by far one of the most natural and true womanhood on display!! Not because I am a South African myself but to admiring a tru piece of art captured in a living person in a class of her own reached by not a lot of other woman on this site. Stunning choice Mr Petter and team & would love to know this woman from my continent, give my 10+++ award to her. Thanks for a graet site. Deon

Donald United States

Sian Sian is the reason I subscribed to your site. She shines!

Joe United States

Where is she now?

Fantasio1968 Switzerland

Sian, Please come back, we (I) need to see so smiling and happy girl like you. You're a gift to us

Doc United Kingdom

Sian What a very pleasant change to see a pretty girl with all her body hair attached if, in this shoot, a little camera conscious as well. Almost all your models have shaved pubic hair, which must be a conscious editorial decision at the highest level. This girl is a peach, so let's have more like her, and not as in a Gynaecology text book. More art, less anatomy!

Sian in a cave | March 14th, 2006
Sian in a cave
Fred Germany

Sian Simply the most attractive model. If you do further shots in future, ask her to shave just the lower part of her pubes. This will be breathtaking. Thanks for your good work.

Reza France

Very nice

Deon van vuuren South Africa

Excellent, stunning What a excellent stunning woman she is, outclassing all the other! truly South African. I one of her great admirers, would love to meet her one day before I leave this earth, a girl with some style from our country, South Africa. Petter and team, this is what I call top class photography with a nice background. GREAT!!!

George Canada

Sian I love Sian but this set of shots does not do it for me for the most part. She doesn't look like she is enjoying herself in many of the pictures. I think she is freezing her cute little buns off. Get this girl comfortable and feeling sexy and, as someone else mentioned, she shines!

JohnH United States

Not a great set Although Sian is nice-looking and the setting looks good, the set just doesn't do it for me either. I don't know if it's the small size of the gallery or that the posing is just so-so.

timatits United States

Sian and the value of Hair I have been spelunking many times and I am sure this was not the most comfortable place for Sian to do a shoot. Sitting on cold rocks, and being wet, has to test the model. But I have always liked Sian a lot and I think it is both the natural breasts and natural public hair. She is not shaven her mons veneris to be pre-pubescent; she is a woman, thank you very much. If there is an erotic reason in the artists mind for clitoral hoods or labium to show, then this is not a problem and there are ample sites on the net that can provide this, and several centimeters of vagina very clearly. I don’t think it is not a question of hair or no hair; it is what the photographer wants to convey. And this series with Sian show this very well. Look at the droplets of water hanging on and from her pubic hair in #14. Then look at how the same in soft focus frames her upper torso in #s 13 and 15. But by far the value of the public hair in creating a truly erotic photograph is seen in #s 9-11 where she is partly under the water. Here her entire vulva would be obscured but for the black patch that we see. IMHO this is a very sensuous way to present a woman.

Bill United States

Good set Keep up the good work, hope to see more from this model.

Sian purple top | January 6th, 2006
Sian purple top
Philipp Dinkel Germany

Bush ( not Georg W.) Sian is a pretty woman. Unfortunately she disfigures with this bush of pubic hair.

Dave Switzerland

Normaly I heat pubic hair, but it looks really great at Sian. I even like her giant pubic hair. Great photos, really. Sian is not one of my favorite (as Vika), but she has an erotic naturality.

Jim United States

Yea, maybe a trim but really needs more pictures in her sets and more poses please


Please give her a shaver!

Leo Glass Portugal

Sian I like her pubic hair... Give us more, please!

Will United States

Yea, there are tons of shaved models. This is a welcomed variance. No trim, no nothing needed IMO.


Wonderful shots of this hairy girl. A pitty that there is few pics only. Tell the other girls that shaved pussy are nice, but it never brings an strong erotic feeling as the wiew of an unshaved or hairy pussy. I fail to understand why these young girl are generally shaved.

RM Spain

Are there any other hairy beauties in this site? Beutifull photos with the top and naked bellow the waist

Joe United States


Sian red panties | December 6th, 2005
Sian red panties
George Canada

Please feature Sian more. All of the girls on the site have beautiful faces and bodies but Sian has a charm and freshness that most of the others lack. She is easily the most attactive girl on the site as far as I am concerned. As for the pubic hair - it looks great. I will say that the last few series with the different coloured panties and chair is a bit repetitive. The the longer series at the beach and on the white sofa were awesome.

Leo Glass Portugal

Sian Sian is very beatiful... To put Sian at the top we need more explicit photos.

dominique France

sian sian is so gorgeous, I really would like to see her in a film..Pictures are not enough..I like her bush so much !

Joe United States


Sian pink banana | October 4th, 2005
Sian pink banana
will94485 United States

Sexy Sian Another nice photo set. Don't you mean "bandana"?


A too short gal of this biautiful hairy girl. A girl like Sian would have deserved at least 100 pics.

mike Ireland

Hairy is better

Joe United States

Sian where are you NOW

sillyrab United States

Today Where is she now and bring her back for an encore

Sian pink lingerie | September 20th, 2005
Sian pink lingerie
Joe United States

My idea of PURE perfection. Bring her back Peter1

Nicolas France

Sian lovely strip tease! Hope we can have more models with natural pussy like Sian!

Sian light blue panties | September 3rd, 2005
Sian light blue panties
Jimme Wiggins United States

Wow, you are incredible Please shave your pubic hair, you would be even more incredible !!!!


We like hairy girls! Don't shave your bush.

torval United States

Simply gorgeous. One my favorite models by far.

Joe United States

A favorite of mine.

Sian drinking tea | August 12th, 2005
Sian drinking tea
George Canada

Sexy Sian For my money, the first 10 or 12 shots from this set are the sexiest on this site. As she slowly opens her robe to reveal her body a bit at a time. The white robe against her tanned skin, her pubic hair against her tan line...very beautiful. But the sexiest thing about it is that she seems to think it is sexy too.


Sian likes to tease us. For once that we have a girl with hair, or shall I say a bush, she always is very prude. We would like to see a little bit more of her hairy assets!

Sian sandy | July 13th, 2005
Sian sandy
Bill United States

Great set Sian looks very sexy in the sand, great view here of her outer lips. Even more explicit shots would be great!

Whobebilly United States

Sian Please don't shave.

Sian sensual sun | June 9th, 2005
Sian sensual sun
Fan United States

More shots with Sian in the studio, showing her bushy parts well-lighted.

Sian nudity rocks | April 13th, 2005
Sian nudity rocks

RE: Número de foto45 BELLA solo BELLA !!!!!!

Fantasio1968 Switzerland

Sian, I love your body, your so pretty face, and I love watching a model smiling as you are. And your hairy sex is the real nature of woman. Thank's

The Grey United States

sian a beautiful full bush

Sian black bra | March 24th, 2005
Sian black bra
specimens United States

one of the best

thomas e french United States

sian my overall favorite but i wish she was less shy i would like to see more with and without the p-hair

Cams United Kingdom

Sian I guess she's showing a little more in #22 than she'd intended? Very nice

ken ckancy United States

Just an amazingly beautiful woman. I could look at these photos all day.

Joe United States


Sian stone and sea | March 23rd, 2005
Sian stone and sea
Doc United Kingdom

Sian Very pretty 'natural' girl, (pity about the tan lines), and so good to see some real pubic hair for a change. I know these are quite old pictures, but has she gone for good? As George W might have said, 'Vote Bush!'

Sian sun oil | March 22nd, 2005
Sian sun oil
Tony Losi United States

Gallery Ranking This must have been a JOKE....right?

Paul United States

Sian This is a very hot set. This model has a great face and body and the contrast of her white buttocks on that tan body looks outrageous. One more thing, no Tony this set was no joke.

AR United Kingdom

Sian sunbathing Sian is such a cuty. It's so lovely to see her spread out in this shoot showing off her slender body, great perky tits and nice hairy bush

Sian window light | March 21st, 2005
Sian window light
whobebilly United States

Sian Sian is a truely earth beauty, no need to nip/tuck or cut/trim.

tom Ireland

sian in light A lovely face, a lush triangle. Black is beautiful. Thanks for the pleasure.

Fifty 50 United Kingdom

sian Perfect natural beauty with a lush bush a was intended

Sian spiritual | March 20th, 2005
Sian spiritual
tim United Kingdom

sian can she grow her bush back i would b a member for life if she did!

Doc United Kingdom

Sian Some superb shots here, and a lovely girl as well, nice one! What a fabulous bush, more please!!

Sian sunshine girl | March 19th, 2005
Sian sunshine girl
chris64 Finland

sian sunshine girl hi, i fell in love with sian and her hairy pussy. i love watching that.thank you for taking her on. love hairy beaver!!! more sian plz. chris64

Bill United States

Siam Another good set, love the hairy bush and views of her vulva.

Sian pool side | March 18th, 2005
Sian pool side
ken ckancy United States

A knockout, an absolute knockout. My heart has stopped beating.

KJS United States

great location ... What a great set. This has to be one of Petter's best location finds, perfect for the adorable Sian. The cover shot is just lovely as is this whole series. As my favorite "Hegre girl", I hope Sian stays with us for a long time :)

Sian on a bench | February 7th, 2006
Sian on a bench
puntadeleste United Kingdom

Sian WOW !!! petter, great shots again again and again. we need some shots from behind. her pubic hair is great but just a little too long. shorten that. Tony

Philipp Dinkel Germany

Sian Sian is a pretty girl with a very ugly bush.

Gareth United States

Sian has the perfect physique and a pretty smile! I like the bench and honeysuckle (?) behind her... nice layout.

pfmia United States

sian Natural, Stunning!

George Canada

What an incredible smile! I think you should head right back to South Africa for more shots of this sweetie.

timatits United States

Sian Natural and lovely. There is a richness to the natural look that is captured so well in this study. One of the finest.

JWade United States

Sian Sian, your lovely! Please shave your lower region so we can enjoy the finer details of your delicious body as well.I like the hair, but want to see the details of your blossom.

Deon van Vuuren South Africa

Sian Well there isn’t much more to say about Sian than she is a beautiful and obsolete top class person. Her shyness and smile tells a lot about her personality 10 out of 10 for the top girl of this site. The whole of South Africa agree with me!!!!!. Would love to meet her!

ron United States

bush just to big for the eye.....trimimng would be nice.

pablo Chile

Sian Sian is really amaizing. I like so much those girls like Sian who have her body intact no shave or something. This is the beautiful body of a natural women! Great.

Scotti United States

Perfect!! Sian..You are awesome..Very photogenic and completely natural..Don't change a thing :)

martin United Kingdom

Sian Sian,always my favourite girl, just the right hint of sensuality, gorgeious skin and smile, would like to see set in top only...most rare!

Mac United States

Sian Sian is a perfect portrait of the ideal woman ... sensual, playful, sexy, and natural. The shaved look is nice, but sometimes the unshaved look is more mysterious and more exciting.

Randy United States

Reminds me of the 70's she wears her hair well, not too many can........she is really hot

Niff7 United States

Sian Finally, there is a woman out there who likes to leave everything natural. And a young woman at that!

mongo United States

good side bush on image 47 and 48 of this set

lekbeu United States

Nice to see a woman who doesn't shave for a change.

henirich Ireland

Sian, your pubic fur is magic; just wonderful triangle at top of legs; lovely to see and thanks for the view

visconte Switzerland

Thanks - Very nice lady. There should be more of these natural looking, unshaved girls


Sian Bubble Chair | September 9th, 2008
Sian Bubble Chair
alex United Kingdom

sian very sexy

Ralph United Kingdom

The text is so true, sian is sexy without having to try too hard, she's just so cute.

johnnyp United States

Nice, but some spread leg shots in the bubble chair would have been even nicer. Got tired having to use my imaginiation.

Sian - A Day In The Life | September 25th, 2007
Sian - A Day In The Life
Julian United States

This is an excellent film. Maybe your best ever. Sian is as beautiful as ever in this one.

miyoshino Japan

wonderful This film is wonderful. I was momentarily under the illusion I was with Sian. For Sian, the clothes are unnecessary. Because I think that nude of Sian is the best art.

alex United Kingdom

sian such a petite,elegant beauty,sian is just delightful.

Einar Myklebust United States

fantastic film In my opinion one of your best film's. And the location is out of this world. Is it available for others to use?

chris France

a great movie That's certainely your best video ... beautiful but hot too ! Thanks for the close-ups : this movie proves fetish close-ups can be artistic and without vulgarity (it was my request during the chat with photograph)

Bob United Kingdom

Awesome Fantastic! Loved the dream sequence in the middle - a nice touch!

leenis Canada

Is this a commercial for the billion dollar house? ;) If it is, then the agent was wise to use Sian. She is incredible advertising.

peno Germany

One of the best Film, please more films like this

zoubaierbaya Germany

Sian is ... ... wonderful

stork32533 United States

Sian Fresh and pretty face, cute figure.

JMHthe3rd United States

One of my favorite videos. For some reason this is one of my favorite videos. Too bad we're not getting anything new from her.

Victor United States

Sian's new look Sian's hair style looks fabulous! It's really a shame what she has done to her vulva. Her "one of a kind, rare and luxurious bush" IS MISSING!!! It was really one of her most gorgeous outstanding feminine assets! What is the world coming to! She has joined the ranks of female sheep mindlessly following this current wave of "baldness" and plastic surgery. Really sad to see what is going on. Sian is no longer a reining queen of natural (bush) beauty! She is now just like all the other de-feminized girls. Bald as a lizard! No special flower to show off! She allowed someone to rip her off. Sian is not unique anymore. Some of these girls would do themselves a favor to grow it back, many are downright ugly down there! It must be a hassle to keep it plucked down below. Hope she changes back to her natural beauty someday soon. Some women would pay a lot of money to look the way she use to. Now I'm not interested in any of her new photos - shaved to death! Nice little seaside house she has! I wish Sian the best though - she seems to have a beautiful spirit.

Sebastian United States

RE: Sian's new look Couldn't disagree more. She has a beautiful vulva, and you couldn't see it at all when it was buried under all that hear. So thankful she shaved

Sian Intimate Massage | May 22nd, 2007
Sian Intimate Massage
Dave Japan

Finally! It seemed like it took forever for this update to finally come out, but it was WELL worth the wait! Sian you are so beautiful, I hope you enjoyed the massage and thank you for sharing! Well done Mr. Hegre!

Jeff United States

Massage Well with a massage like that I am suprised Sian does not have a bigger smile on her face! I will have to ensure that my bride receives the same treatment.

largeformat Germany

slide and glide Congratulations! Nice film. What a beauty this girl is having shaved her pussy. I've rarely seen such a nice pussy. This girl should absolutely be hairless at any time.

geroki Germany

oh yes! Very sensual, very beautiful. Compliments!

alex United Kingdom

sian fantastic,an incredibly sensual massage,of an incredibly beautiful young woman,10/10.

Norman Hull United States

Many thanks for sharing a beautiful film of a most beautiful lady. I can only hope for many more. Sian is my personal favorite. Thanks again.

Dave United States

Sian's intimate oil massage Exquisite work from beautiful and talented ladies!

jesus United States

massage amazing,i am hoping to see more videos like this

derecho United States

Amazing Fantastic video... Incredibly sensuous and delicious. More massage videos of this sort would be a real treat!

Missing Norway

Where is the bush?

Wanking Wanker Switzerland

Torn I miss Sian's wonderful bush but what a beautiful set of lips!

teddy United States

massage Peter:MORE MASSAGE films PLEASE!!

Marc United States

Massage... This is a video that really makes you melt. I love seeing a beautiful woman receiving a massage from an equally beautiful woman. The fact that it's sensual and non-pornographic makes it even more alluring. I hope to see more!

julio Belgium

why not a 4hands massage by 2 handsome men to a young blonde ? julio

julio Belgium

SLIDE and Glide Why not more sensual massages by Asian specialists ?? RATE your massage films best of all - action continue

California dude United States

Deliriously sexy... That was wonderful! In ordinary photo shoots and movies, you see the form of a woman's body; but here you see how the flesh moves and feels to the touch. Breasts, stomach, buttocks, legs, genitals...Sian is a true all-around beauty, and this gives us something really amazing to watch. Thank you Sian...and thank you, Petter.

Will United States

What a beauty!

sodabill United States

just joined. wow,wow very real,sexy and great ,love the oil and the shadows that inhance her bode.I wonder what a sponge and soapy water end would look like .thanks


SLIDE AND GLIDE You are so right!!!. My jaw did hit the floor!. My keyboard was getting wet because of all the slobbering. I gave her video a BIG 10 because she shaved her kitty. She looked just as sexy with the full-patch of hair down there. Sian looked like she was enjoying every minute, you know I was.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Sian intimate massage Beautiful Sian was much, much more relaxed getting this massage than I was watching it. Absolutely lovely.

Robert Lee United States

massage I look at these so I can get excited and masterbate. It would be a lot better if the person doing the massage were naked. She should spend more time around her clit and maybe even penertrating. Just watching a person get a lagitamate massage is not excitng.

Joe United States

Peter make some vids with Sian in her natural hairy state. She is so erotic with here bush.

Foxton Australia

Film Rally very pretty and very erotic; I agree that the masseuse should be naked - clothes are a turn-off both for the viewer and the subject. But as a fan of giving beautiful women a massage, I appreciate the technique!

lovejill22 United States

RE: massage i agree with u.

jambo United Kingdom

RE: Film absolutely fine with masseuse being clothed. Don't really understand why its important to other people as the whole point is the pure mysterious beauty of a woman's orgasm. Although, the masseuse is rather lovely herself and it would be wonderful to see her on the receiving end!!

Sian Massage COMMENTS

South African Sunshine Massage | May 1st, 2010
South African Sunshine Massage
Malcolm Sweden

Natural Beauty Can’t beat the feeling of sun on your naked skin! Great film very erotic. Sian is lovely and the masseuse ain’t too bad either ;-)

Karl Norway

As nature intended Great to see a beautiful girl in all her naked glory relaxing and receiving pleasure!

Michael Finland

Maybe the best of all of the massage videos so far. More like this please.

Haroun South Africa

Sian 's Massage sorry, a real no go for me, there is no appeal ,in this massage.I f this is Sensual.there should be some,intense moment to bring out the beauty of the massage.