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Foto von Petra


Foto von Petra
Name: Petra
Land: Tschechien
Alter: 20
Beruf: Studentin

Jung und Verführerisch

Petra kann am Anfang ein wenig verwirrend sein.

IHRE JUGEND und die milchweiße Haut möchten Sie glauben lassen, daß sie ein schüchternes Mädchen ist. Sobald Sie sie jedoch näher kennenlernen, beginnen Sie zu verstehen, dass nichts weiter entfernt von der Wahrheit sein könnte. Petra hat eine distingierte Einstellung, und wenn wir das sagen, so meinen wir das im besten Sinne.
Diese 20-jährige Studentin besitzt tief in ihr eine verführerische Natur, die nur wenige haben. Ihr helles rotes Haar ist ein guter Hinweis auf die Raubkatze, der sich unter einem zierlichen und fast makellosen Körper verbirgt.

Petra verbrachte den Tag mit Petter, indem sie nackt in einem Prager Apartment herumstolzierte. Ihre dünnen, kleinen Beine ließen keinen Fleck unberührt in der gesamten Suite, und sie testete ausgiebig die luxuriöse Wasserarmatur in der Badewanne.

Ich denke, wir können alle dafür dankbar sein, da es ihr feuriges Temperament ein wenig abkühlte, so daß wir gerade ausreichend Zeit hatten, ein paar traumhafte Fotos einzufangen.

Petra Galerien KOMMENTARE

Petra weiße Kacheln | July 9th, 2007
Petra weiße Kacheln
Blake Krosse Vereinigtes Königreich

petra she has a glowing natural shape. Interesting colour choice.

Dan from Texas Vereinigte Staaten

Petra White Tiles Petra is such a beautiful woman! It is a pity she looked so bored.

Petra badend | April 23rd, 2008
Petra badend
freelander Deutschland

P Too much solarium and too much make-up!!!

spike Kanada

In almost every picture Petra is making direct eye contact with the camera. She has very piercing eyes and it gets a little creepy after a while. Quit staring at me! Yes I'm thinking dirty thoughts!

JP Vereinigte Staaten

My favorite image ..the 2nd image on page 4 with her delicate foot in the foreground. I agree that this girl has a piercing stare, but she also has a really cute face with excellent bone structure.

frank Vereinigte Staaten

I love redheads and she's very hot maybe to much makeup maybe she does look into the camera alot but I like it ,I wana see more.

Petra im Bett | January 12th, 2006
Petra im Bett
jiji Schweiz

I was partially wrong, a few weeks ago. Alexia is beautiful, but Petra is my favorite. Equally beautiful and charming. Too bad she does not live in Switzerland.

Ted Kanada

Petra is my fantasy What an enticing woman! Her eyes are fantastic, and that white,flawless skin and hundreds of freckles on her perfect body. WOW!! One negative ...I prefer her natural hair colour, not the phony dyed colour.Petra is a unique, real red-head. Great photography, Petter.

Petra Vergnügen in Rot | November 5th, 2005
Petra Vergnügen in Rot
Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Petra in Pumps The perfect female nude is Petra standing there confidently, totally nude, with her hand on her hip wearing those awesome pumps! Nothing better than a totally naked woman standing there in a pair of killer pumps! Great shot!

Petra mit hohen Absätzen | August 16th, 2005
Petra mit hohen Absätzen
Karl Irland

the face that asks, the ass that arouses and the pussy that enlarges the energy

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Petra's pumps Petra's pumps are so cool! She looks so amazing nude in those pumps!! Now those are the kind of pumps a woman should wear when she is naked!!!

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Petra's pumps II Yeah Petra, you rock those pumps buck naked!

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Petra and Her Pumps Another beautiful presentation of a naked woman wearing only her pumps. Petra's pumps are so elegant and sexy and compliment her beautifully. There is nothing like a beautiful naked woman wearing a great pair of pumps!

Petra Metall-Treppe | June 6th, 2005
Petra Metall-Treppe
Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Petra Even though I love seeing Petra nude in her great pumps, I also enjoy seeing the lovely soles of her beautiful bare feet in these shots. They are so adorable and they wrinkle so perfectly. I would love to kiss her soles from heel to toe!!

Petra kleine Rote | May 26th, 2005
Petra kleine Rote
ardunbye Vereinigtes Königreich

Petra red petite Ref: Page 2,Row 2, 1 & 2. Didn't your mum tell you it's rude to poke your tongue out? It's what my dad used to call 'The man in a boat' I'd love to join him there.


Petra Glühend Heiss | August 14th, 2007
Petra Glühend Heiss
Julian Vereinigte Staaten

Red Hot Indeed! Really enjoyed this one. Petra is definitely red hot. She has perfect breasts and the eyes that are difficult to say no to. Hope to see more of her in the near future.

Petra Rosarote Leidenschaft | May 23rd, 2006
Petra Rosarote Leidenschaft
patrick wright Vereinigte Staaten

film 177 a water goddess. What a beautiful woman.

janine Niederlande

Red Passion Absolutly, a sublime sensual red passion with a amazing godess....more of PETRA...

john Vereinigte Staaten

Petra I would love to see some these lovely girls with their pubic hair intact.