New First Lady Of France

New First Lady Of France

When Carla Bruni, musician and top model, married the French president Nicolas Sarkozy and became the First Lady of France it is fair to say it created quite a stir!

Recently one of Bruni's images, made by the world renowned photographer Michel Comte, was on every body's lips when it was put up for auction at Christies just hours before her husband President Nicolas Sarkozy's state visit to the UK. (

Last weekend Petter was in Paris shooting the less famous but equally lovely model Silvie Humyova. In the middle of the shoot he had a déjà-vu experience, ran to the computer, searched for Carla Bruni nude, and there it was - practically the same visual!

So using the original and doing some tweaking of the pose, we possibly have the new First Lady of France!

1993 vs 2010, Comte vs Hegre

Tell us who you prefer!

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Posted by Clair on January 19, 2010

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With your connections I would think we could get more pics of Carla to better judge. "Willingness to render ones opinion on less than full evidence establishes not only ones ignorance but the insignificance of ones opinion once the evidence is complete."
^ 0f one half dozen of the other
Both pale in comparison to Alya. check the model archives.
I love grayscale , both the photograher's work is at par , but since Peter's work and Comte 's work has 17 years between them , Peter's photo looks better , and Silvie is better than Bruni , anyday , just my opinion.
Your pix
I love skinny girls and sweet small tits ! Awesome pix friends ! Cheers, and Thank you
Re: Fw: FELIZ AÑO 2010
Carla es una mujer terminada, Silvie todavía está desarrollando sus terminaciones de mujer.
Es una broma comparar las muestras.
Carla Bruni, bella y primera dama. Gracias.
Your assignment marks
All four of you get low grades. Michael your posing leaves much to be desired, she should have been more helpful, your lighting and B&W rendering are superior. Michael is there a reason for not "air brushing" what looks like celulite on Carlas' legs?
Pettre the colour "smudging" on the background makes yor presentation look "rushed". Decide if you want an effect then do it! Do not overlook it please. You need to work on your lighting ratios - her face looks too harsh, fill light is demanded to reveal ALL her beauty.
Proessor of the School of Visual Arts, Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Retired
How about a little more body mass?
Does anyone else notice that they both look anorexic, especially Silvie? To me, no woman looks sexy unless she looks healthy; it's the most important quality. I am no fan of fat, but one can have very little body fat but still look healthy. Like maybe enough muscle mass to be strong enough to actually lift more than a pencil? No offense to either of these models or photographers, and yes, these are both beautiful women and striking photographs. Maybe it's partly because I'm a massage therapist, and love working with muscle not bone, but I wish there was more muscle there to imagine working with. Or playing with ;-)
haha this is brilliant but i think i prefer carla just b'cos she is carla, now if hegre were to photograph carla that would be something ;D
Nice picture, I definetely like Silvie more. She may visit me any time ;-)
I second auxygen's idea! :D
Amazing photo , i would say i prefer silvie " better looking clone "
two amazing Womans... i prefer Silvie because i doubt Carla bruni still as that body hehehe. I think Hegre should send this iamges to Carla Bruni and to Sarkozy :D
Fantastic! Like Silvie...she looks like a very shy teen...nice!
Great Job! Like it a lot....The Bruni one is a historical photo....but the silvie one has everything to create a big impact too!!
mr Z.
Maybe mr Z. married the wrong person ?
great job! pretty faithful rendition of the Bruni photo. I do prefer both hegre's photo and model though, much better quality overall in both aspects. And Bruni's looking much better nowadays then she did in 93 :P
Carla vs Silvie
I actually (and honestly, not trying to kiss arse) prefer the Hegre photo. Purely because - although I find Carla by far the more beautiful - the angle of Carla's head looks so awkward in the Comte. Silivie's pose is more 'gawky' somehow sweeter and more innocent and just less awkward. I don't know if any of that makes sense!
Carla is beautiful in that fashion model kind of way but Silvie is way cute.
response to "fingers"
hi dom. yes, silvie has long fingers, and seemingly, due to the light, one of her fingers seem crooked. but if you download the highres version and study it more carefully you will see that everything is normal. I can ensure you her fingers has not been tampered with.
Seems that Humyova's left hand fingers are abnormally long, and the middle one is somewhat crooked, giving a distinct feeling of Photoshop tampering. It's "regrettable"! A false note in an otherwise remarkable work.
can we have a shooting with both ladies at the same time? haha we should ask Sarkozy...
Fantastic! Petters photo is more complete, I would hang it on my wall!
nice photo!
Carla, no contest. But what a wonderful homage to an enduring image!
like the hegre version most!!!
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