Sharper, brighter, clearer - Only your own skin is closer. NOW 9000px images on!!

Sharper, brighter, clearer - Only your own skin is closer. NOW 9000px images on!!

Sharper, brighter, clearer - Only your own skin is closer. NOW 9000px images on!!

THIS IS AMAZING. Our latest technology here at Hegre-Art leads the world of erotic photography and no-one else even comes near.

With a resolution of over 60 megapixels - that's more than 10 times sharper than the majority of digital cameras on the market - we can bring you images that are more real than you would think possible. Colour and tone are completely true to life.

Come and take a look!

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Posted by Rodney on October 30, 2010

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More Megapixels is better
I have my computer running a 65-inch Plasma TV. I've yet to see an image on any other website that can even remotely compare to viewing a 8000px Hegre image on my HDTV. A person is really, REALLY lucky if they can even find crisp and clear images over 4000px on any adult sites these days...which is pretty sad given the fact that good camera technology has gotten cheaper. It's already 2011, so 4000px should at least be the industry standard by now, and it's not.
Photos look better the bigger they are. Visual and technical quality of Petter's high standards I think require fullscreen viewing, for one to really appreciate the work gone into creating them. They're nice on a 17" laptop screen, but they look astounding on a 24" screen.
I love that you offer such hug, larger than life images. They are wonderful and inspiring, but I wonder why would anyone want pics so big on their computer screen when you cannot truly appreciate them?

Aren't images that big for professional uses?
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