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Law Of Jante

Law Of Jante

It's been around forever and exists everywhere,
but it is primarily a scandinavian phenomena
(read norwegian)
danish writer aksel sandemose put it down in 1933
10 laws,
basically it refers to:
death to individuality,
you aren't better than anyone no matter what,
being special is bad,
being average is good.

a newspaper editor in my hometown bragged about his old car in his daily editorial,
anything else would have been unacceptable,
talking about his new beamer might've jeopardized his credibility.
this is the law of jante

this law often force scandinavians to move abroad,
a shame...
I left years ago and never look back.
and I do not see it getting any better.

death to sameness,
long live individuality and tolerance of differences!


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Posted by Petter on November 29, 2010

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Rock On Brother!
What kind of culture is it that expects people to hate those who succeed or explore greater ambition? Humans have always tried to go further, to be better, to create and to strive for more, as individuals and in communities. If we had not we would not have the civilisation we have today.

Rock on! Be more!
Love it
Where can I get one of those shirts??

Petter Hegre

Petter Hegre

Having studied at the Brooks Institute in California, Petter worked with celebrated photographer Richard Avedon before returning to his native Norway to follow his own artistic vision.

Though he travels the globe photographing beautiful women in beautiful places, he now lives in Barcelona, with his wife Luba.

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