Tokyo In a Nutshell

Tokyo In a Nutshell

i'm just back from 2 weeks in tokyo.
it was...weird and complicated.
it did not live up to my expectations.
I envisioned a state of the art infrastructure,
a highly developed and diverse community,
innovation and groundbreaking developments,
but no,
the country's deep depression and free falling since the 90's was very evident,
and this is no melting pot...
the streets are filled up with ONLY japanese !!!!
even the locals said it;
that is shanghai you have on your mind.
this is tokyo.
to put it all in a nutshell,
to give you a sample of how weird this culture is;

Tokyo in a Nutshell

tommy lee jones was plastered all over the city on billboards and vending machines.
seemingly as the face for "HUGO BOSS",
as the logo is practically the same,
but no,
this is BOSS - canned and plastic bottled coffee !!!???
and tommy lee jones is their spokesman!!! LOL

i just find this so freakin' typical for all I saw over there.
what are they thinking ???
where is their authenticity ???

for more rants and raves on tokyo,
check in on my tokyo travel report.
i swear tommy lee jones will not be fronting that report...


ps! but they know their sushi !!!

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Posted by Petter Hegre on December 17, 2010

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dont agree
Sorry but can't agree with you about Tokyo anyway. It makes American cities look real sad except for NYC of course.
trip to japan
My GF has been on at me to take her to Japan. Got mixed feelings about it now. I guess the only thing to do is to go and then make up my own mind.

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