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Want to take a REAL CLOSE look..?

Want to take a REAL CLOSE look..?

We are putting the mega into megapixels. Now you can have an amazing 80 megapixels picture quality. This brings you fine quality, big files. Big as in BIGGEST EVER.​​​

From July 9th our new photo galleries will be at this unbeatable level of high-definition. The startling thing is that this is the sharpest available anywhere on the Net. No other site of any type is operating at this level. This is a very significant advance for the entire industry. Right now it is being used to propel the quality of nude photography even further forward. We can all agree that is the best possible use for it. Hegre-Art will make the most of its possibilities.​

We are able to do this because we are using the most advanced equipment available. For the technically-minded, this is the new Phase One IQ 180 digital back which produces images 30% sharper and clearer than previous equipment allowed. This means that the level of detail is unsurpassed. What really matters is that you can see the difference for yourself right here!

Click on the + and - icons on the image below to check it out!​​

Competition? What competition?

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Posted by Rodney on July 13, 2011

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Petre/Rodney.....the is truly amazing. It would be AWESOME if you could put the zoom in and out buttons on every's great fun (amongst other things) to be able to zoom in and out like this.
be proud of your body with the soft tiny haired skin. Stay as you are.
Hegree is reaching the very edge of photography!
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