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A Tantric Temple in your home

A Tantric Temple in your home

It’s another first for Hegre-Art. Yanka - our new Tantra goddess – can be present with you via webcam in your own private space.

Her home in India is also the home of ancient techniques to enhance your loving. For many centuries those who have explored Tantra have known how it can awaken the senses. It enhances every aspect of life, especially the sexual. Yanka is experienced and knowledgeable in all the facets of Tantra. She can show you the ways to achieve even greater satisfaction for your partner and yourself. The subtle ways to touch a woman and to bring her to orgasm are all part of Tantra. So too is reaching climax together, maybe many times.

If there are perhaps existing barriers to this, such as premature ejaculation or brief erections, she has wisdom and techniques to help. You can confide in Yanka about any matters of this kind, especially those you feel you cannot share with anyone else.

This is a wonderful new way to add the Tantric dimension to your life. Take your senses to the next level of experience.

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Posted by Yanka on December 12, 2011

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