Make a Journey that will change your life

Make a Journey that will change your life

Hello everybody!
Welcome to the world within you. That is the invitation I want to extend to all of you.

This is where your journey can begin. It is a journey to unite our masculine side with our feminine side. The masculine concentrates on clear thinking. It helps us in the material world. The feminine helps us to develop our intuition. We become aware of our more delicate aspects. We respond from the heart to beauty and pleasure.

Too often these abilities are suppressed. If that is what is happening, then what we need is what Tantra calls a "mystic union". It is the integration of the whole personality – both masculine and feminine. This takes courage. We need to be ready to be surprised by our inner selves.

Our awareness is always with us. We are constantly conscious of the world about us. But we let that awareness be limited. We have often lost – or never found – the way to see the world as though through each other's eyes. We can free ourselves from these limitations of male and female stereotypes. When we do, we access tremendous new energy which comes from the very heart of our being.

First we find our own energy. Then we discover that which comes from both our mother and our father. Feminine and masculine – Shiva and Shatki – combine. At this point we start to experience life in a joyful and creative way, looking forward to the future.

We feel that we have expanded. In a sense it as though we occupy more space. That is because we are no longer confined. We experience abundance and we are relaxed. Meditation, making love and every other activity become a celebration.

So, if we are a woman, God will transform a part of us to a man. If we are a man, God will give us some elements of a woman. Then we will experience both realities.

Tantra is awaiting. Follow this link: http://www.hegre-art.com/tantra/reservations

Fabi Jaya

• Tantric Therapist and Counsellor
• Certified Massage Therapist
• Sexual healer
• Tantra training in this ancient Indian philosophy for couples and individuals

Please follow me at:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fabi.jaya
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TantraBarca


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Posted by Fabi on May 13, 2013

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