Our latest and possibly greatest body!

Our latest and possibly greatest body!

Every month we bring you some of the most naturally beautiful women in the world. Never do we disappoint. But every so often someone extra special comes along.

Victoria, just 19 years old, could possibly have the most beautiful body we have ever seen on Hegre Art. And shot with 80 million pixels (an iPhone 5s is just 8 million pixels) you get to see every incredible inch in vivid detail.

With a passion for dance, Victoria clearly knows what to do with that body of hers. A real pleasure to work with she did not need much direction. Maybe it’s her ballet training that allows her to effortlessly glide into position. This is a body that’s about to get all your attention (we know it caught ours when she arrived at our Barcelona studio).

So…do you agree? Can you think of a Hegre Art body that beats Victoria?

Get commenting and tell us your thoughts.

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Posted by Adam on October 06, 2013

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Victoria R's Body the Greatest?
I saw this article back in October of last year and immediately thought of another woman whose beauty, from face to toes, I thought was the greatest. Nevertheless, I examined Victoria R's first pictorial ... and my first reaction held true. I filed the thought away for the time being, intending to reply to this article a little later.

Well, now it's February 1st of 2014 and I've finally stopped procrastinating. I took another look at each of the two women. I don't want to demean Victoria R in any way; she is quite clearly very beautiful and the experience of both Hegre-Art and myself are the richer for her.

But the other woman delights me with every part of her body and face. Still, it is the consideration of her face and body as a whole that reveals an even greater beauty. I freely admit that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that this woman simply suits my tastes better. But the way she's put together is exquisite; her proportions, with a long limbs to torso ratio, give even still pictures of her an air of graceful movement. Her combination of slender delicacy of form and full womanly curves makes her a stunning, exciting example of femininity. Her face presents the same gorgeous combination of contrasts with her delicate features blending so well with her beautifully strong jawline and exquisite, high cheekbones. Even her hands and feet are beautifully shaped and worthy of admiration.

The name of this exquisite example of beauty and femininity? The woman whose beauty of face and form is, in my opinion, the greatest on Hegre-Art and one of the best in the world?

Luba Shumeyko!
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