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Your health is in your mind

by Bara February 25 | 2015

Your health is in your mind

Did you know that everything starts with a little thought? The kind of energy that thought carries will be projected outside of the mind.

Imagine a projector and blank screen. Without content these items mean nothing. And without the projector and screen, the movie also means nothing.

We usually choose if we want to educate, or feel romantic, or feel the adventure while watching a movie. And it works the same way with our brain. What content we choose to fill our brain with we will project on the blank screen called, ”Me and my life”.

Actually, since we’re born someone is constantly filing our brain with different kinds of content: parents, teachers, doctors, government etc. And they taught us to surrender, to hand over the power of our choice into someone else’s hands.

Since then someone else is choosing the movie that WE ARE WATCHING! If you feel weak you go to a doctor to confirm your sickness and give it a name. Native American tribes people stay in the tent if they feel weak and wait to see what message the body has for them. Often “the sickness” is simply here to show us the direction of our life.

But other humans consider it as something wrong to be rid of. I understand the sickness as a weakness that says open your eyes and look carefully. I don’t visit doctors any more (not for four years), and only the dentist twice a year. And of course I’m not taking any commercial medicine and drugs. Since I have connected my body as a part of me, the body and its colourful states are my helpers.

I don’t say my way is the right one, but I feel great. And the state of my health is my movie, the content of my mind that I’ve chosen. And I think it’s a great example of what it’s like when you decide to consciously influence the quality of your life.

Because when I was little girl the normal in our family was to be sick. And good health was considered something special, unusual and unreachable. I had laryngitis attacks often and in between various other sicknesses. During my teens I never stopped visiting the doctor I with several troubles considered as chronic illnesses.

I went though a few operations to try to fix it …and so on and on. It was really annoying for my life, but I did not know how to get out of this cycle. I had to meet lots of people with different points of view. And they showed me how to find the way out of this cage.

One day I noticed that I could accept health as a state of mind, even if my family will probably never understand that I don’t follow the family tradition in many ways. Including the fact that it really is a decision to feel well.

I don’t know what kind of family beliefs you have. But have the courage to play your own movie!

Wishing you a great journey in your life

Bara with Love

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What is the value of your time?

by Bara February 15 | 2015

What is the value of your time?

We talk about time a lot. You hear the phrase “I don’t have time” maybe a few times a day. Think about that phrase again: “I don’t have time”. Do you think it’s possible to possess time?

How come someone has time and somebody else doesn’t if everyone’s day is always 24 hours long? From the spiritual point of view I would bravely say that ‘time’ does not exist.

What do you think was first, our planet with all its life, or the watch? The simple fact that time changes several times during the year indicates that something is not completely correct about it.

Time is simply one of the things that humans try to possess and control, instead of following the true rhythm of the day – the sunrise and the sunset. Or even our personal rhythms; waking up when the body is rested and taking a break when we’re overwhelmed and so on. Humans simply want more than this incredible phenomenon of nature.

We want to have time. But what happens if we have time? Can we exchange our time for money? Oh yes, that’s what we do. We sell our time. For example, the supermarket checkout man sold eight hours of his time today. After some time of this routine he may forget to listen to the sun or listen to his body rhythm. And he soon becomes a worshipper of the watch.

I even remember my mom once saying, “Without my watch I feel like I’m without my arm”. Wow, that terrifies me! Personally I threw out my watch five years ago (and it was a beautiful Storm watch!). I just did not want to be dedicated to the watch. While I had its weight on my arm I could never relax. And it never let me be in the present moment.

So we sell time. And we buy the time of someone else. How can we gain more personal time? Often what happens is that we don’t have time for the activities we love or for our partner and families.

There is only one solution. If you’re still playing this performance called “The Time” you may try to play a different performance for a while called, “The last day of my life”.

Shocked? By thinking like this you can catch the thoughts that run in your brain right now. You may notice that you really want to do things you’re passionate about.

When time disappears there is just the pure present moment. What happened in the past is not important any more, what will happen in the future is not clear. So the only Time we really have is now.

This point of view is the light that shows us what really matters to us.
Wish you great journey.

Bara with love

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moments versus time
the moments you gave me have been timeless and I'm really grateful for that gift! Reflecting these I agree with you and will be more than willing to adopt this for my whole life. I'm trying to implement it piece by piece, step by step in my daily living as far as my situation allows, and I'm happy with it. I know there will be more and more moments full with love for everything in me and around me. Wizh timeless love Markus
I agree there, our time is ours to do what we wish with it. Folks do not see that, I speak with the family about something. They reply with, "I do not have the time for that" to merely reflect or look into ourselves. That is something we should do regardless of time. I do day in day out when it comes to my mind. As always a great write up. Thanks for reading, Yea
Dear Bara, If you didn't sell your time, many people would be not experience your special talents unless - like the Sacred Priestesses of olden days - you offered your services for free or for a voluntary donation!. (If that were possible, I would hitch-hike to Barcelona/Sitges to spend a week or more learning and experiencing the indescribable wonders of Tantric Massages). As I commented on your previous blog (What is Your Personal Vision?), my desires are being frustrated by lack of financial resources. Many of us have to buy time for what we want, even when we cannot or should not afford to do so. What practical alternative do we have?. Love and best wishes. Mojo55-7

What is your personal vision?

by Bara February 09 | 2015

What is your personal vision?

It’s the beginning of the year and it brings many opportunities to start new chapters in different areas of your personal life. What about your career, relationship, health, sexual life and family relationships? Is there anything that you’ve been dreaming of for a long time and you just don’t know how to make it come true?

Maybe you want to find a new job that you enjoy and fulfills you, while at the same time making you financially stable. Maybe you’ve been single for a long time and you feel now is the time to share your life with someone. Maybe you don’t know what it is that would make your life more satisfying, but you know that your life needs some progress. Recognition is already a step closer to transformation.

Probably you know those movies like, for example, “The Sacred”? It’s nice but it’s a little bit abstract. One thing that you can be pretty sure about, and can be scientifically proven, is that without action there is no reaction. So I would like to share with you a few steps on how to get closer to that place in your life where you want to be.

How to create the vision in a few simple steps

1.Timing is everything
You want to create a beautiful vision or plan or whatever you want to call it, right? It means you need to be in a beautiful mood. The biggest nonsense is to create this plan on 1st January after a big party, completely hung over and with no energy.

You may find better moments after you get home from the gym or you just made love or you had a beautiful walk with your friend. At these times you feel great! You feel energized and in this state you’re better able to create great visions for your great future.

2.The question
It is really The Question. Each of us will have a different one. But be really specific and picky. For example: “What is the job that I will love and will bring me $X in salary, where I would love to be committed, where I will work X hours per month.

And don’t be shy ☺ It’s your future that you’re creating. Nobody will offer you something special if you can’t even imagine it, and you’re not clear what you want. So it’s not about picking up ideas from the adverts, it’s about creating your own idea about your dream job.

When you have your question you can start to work with it. You can mark it in you diary F.E. – PERSONAL VISION QUEST Sunday 10-12am after morning run.

It means you’re fully busy with making your vision on your own, asking your question again and again. Be patient, maybe the answer comes when you do it for the fiftieth time. But each mountain needs to be climbed from the foot and the peak is amazingly sweet.

3.Change your surroundings
To make space for the right question to come, you need the support of a positively influencing surrounding. The same places that you’re familiar with, like your house, give your brain the same stimulation as if it’s just any other day.

But you want to move on. So find somewhere that inspires you. Maybe while out walking, or swimming or watching the trees… whatever feels nice to you. Anything that comes to you and feels like a nice image, write it down! And then you can come back to it at any time.

4.Let the music inspire you
Music is a perfect tool for changing your mood. And probably you know what music makes you feel happy and energetic – what music makes you move. Use this simple routine every day for five minutes. Let the music cause you to dance, to jump, to be loud and expressive. Become a child for a few minutes a day. Let the universe hear you. And the result comes immediately.

That’s what you’re creating: life. You generate the energy and then you focus on your question or the answer if you know it already. But there was always first the question, right?

5.Create a vision board
This is the board in your house where you place images of where you want to be in your life. By this point you already know the answer to your question. These are the images of all the little steps you want to take. It’s something that will stimulate your brain every day.

So for instance, if my plan is weight loss, I will place nice pictures of healthy food on the fridge and afterwards I can remember what I want to buy in the grocery store. Very simple ☺

The goal is to stimulate the brain in a positive way that’s already helping you to stay on the right path to your goal. And also to keep your body moving. If the body is moving the energy moves too. And with the action already started, you can just observe what the reaction will look like.

Wish you good luck on your journey to the brighter future.

Bara with love

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Personal Life Vision
I have a Life Vision, but its realisation is being frustrated by a lack of financial resources. It's not easy, but I'm working hard to solve the problem. 'Nil desperandum' is one of my mottoes!.

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Your health is in your mind

Your health is in your mind

Posted by Bara February 25 | 2015

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What is the value of your time?

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What is your personal vision?

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