These programs are specially designed for couples so bring your partner, husband, wife, lover or friend.

What a wonderful way to reawaken your sensual life together or take it to the next level. You will learn new ways of being together including the magic of conscious, loving touch.

If you have been together for a while day-to-day life can seemingly take the joy out of being together. Things become habit, from how you prefer to eat your food to how you relate with each other. The way you speak and touch - or don't speak and touch - creates barriers in your sensual and emotional lives.

Often when I raise the idea of couple's sessions with individual clients who are in partnerships, the response is, "Oh, they wouldn't be interested." I challenge this by asking, "Have you asked them?" This results in reflection and often a realization that they have simply given up and made that assumption about their partner not being interested.

My intention is to facilitate the best possible experience. Part of this is for both of you to individually express to me what you would like to receive from a session before we meet. By having a conversation, we are making a connection. We will also discuss boundaries, mine and yours. When everyone feels safe, relaxed and connected, we create the ideal environment for a blissful experience.

Everything is done at your own pace, within your own boundaries and limits. I participate as much or as little as you like. So to women who are worried about another woman being present in the room, I would say, "Don't be alarmed. I will only be a shadow. You will be his Goddess at all times in the session."

I am always ready to discuss individual treatments and requirements. Do not be afraid to ask anything. It helps me if you are as open and direct as you need to be. I will need to ask you some personal questions relating to what each of you finds arousing and what, if anything, you find off-putting. Be honest about details, and give me as much information as possible to help me design a session specific to your personal needs.

You can do whatever you like to suit your own comfort levels.

Couple's Session Massage: 3 hours 550€ / 4 hours 650€

We start with a consultation to discuss aspects of Tantra as well as to get to know each other, with tea.

Each session is a journey to bring your inner and outer worlds together. Feeling good on the outside is an important factor in your general happiness and well-being on the inside. Touch is a powerful communication tool. The quotation “Touch can communicate more love in five seconds than words can in five minutes” says it all. Conscious loving touch promotes deeper intimacy and nurturing in your relating. Move beyond your habitual ways of touching and relating with each other.

Your session takes place in an intimate space. The practical work begins with learning the Tantric breathing technique. We then do a number of Tantric rituals depending on your requirements. These can include the foot washing ceremony, a Tantric touch ritual, Tantric eye gazing, a communication ritual and a well- wishing ritual. There is also the opportunity for worshiping, yoni and/or lingam gazing and Tantric sitting.

We also take time to demonstrate and practice Tantric massage strokes, which are sensual, conscious touch. You can learn how to give your partner a beautiful yoni or lingam massage. If you wish, you also have the opportunity to try Tantric touch on each other. You can activate the sexual meridians and discover sensual spots on each other’s body. We close the session with a short meditation and a review of your personal massage experience.

Throughout the sessions I will be quietly guiding you to indicate the best techniques and to give tips on all-over massaging, so your partner can receive a amazing 4 hands massage by us.

This massage is a wonderful way to learn and to connect more deeply and intimately on all levels - emotionally, physically and spiritually with your partner.

Overnight you will take away "homework" and lots of ideas to practice daily at home in order to transform your sexuality and life. The important thing is the quality of the experience.

All massages can be on either a futon or a massage table. The choice is yours!

Tantra Sacred Path. Initiation: 3 hours 500€

We start with tea and a chat about Tantra and your goals. The practical work begins with learning the Tantric breathing technique. We then do a number of Tantric rituals depending on your requirements. These can include the foot washing ceremony, a Tantric touch ritual, Tantric eye gazing, a communication ritual and a well-wishing ritual. This workshop is a wonderful way to learn methods to connect more deeply and intimately on all levels - emotionally, physically and spiritually.

You take away "homework" and lots of ideas to try out and practice at home in order to transform your experience of sexuality. Then you can go further on your Tantric path in your relationship.

Life, Love And Intimacy. Part I: 3 hours 650€ / 6 hours (Tantric Sacred Path Initiation included) 900€

This workshop covers the Tantra sacred path and massage. The intimate work it includes is for those who wish to learn more about lingam and/or yoni massage.

You can make this a special treat for yourself to renew the love and sensuality in your partnership or, if you prefer, to work on Tantric solutions to sexually related issues.

The particular topics are: - masculine and feminine energies (Shiva and Shakta), the Tantric bath ritual, the art of giving and receiving, Tantric massage, meditation, Tantric breathing and grounding. Yoni and lingam Tantra touch is also covered.

The last two hours are spent on how to give a full body hot oil massage and include learning to give each other the intimate lingam and yoni massages. You are gently guided through every step in both giving and receiving the massage. The workshop ends with tips on setting up your private massage space, the best oils, props, and what other materials are required.

Please be prepared for intimate hands on work.

Life, Love And Intimacy Part II: 3 hours 600€ / 6 hours 850€

Part I is required before taking Part II.

This provides more techniques to allow you to open yourself more fully to love yourself and your partner. Enjoy a Tantric exploration of sacred sexuality, and discover the full potential of your relationship.

This workshop structure concentrates on your relationship. It gives you the means to deepen your intimacy on all levels. This is done by means of: breathing techniques for extending love making and achieving "full body orgasms, advanced Tantric practices and learning to connect to the divine through spiritual sexual union. Chakra awakening and healing are part of this.

Additionally there are the “playful” exercises. These include the ‘love muscle', Yab Yum and ejaculation mastery for men and G-spot orgasm for women. They lead on to use of Shiva and Shakti (the masculine and feminine energies) and opening the heart centre. Together they bring extended love-making and afterglow.

This workshop is conducted with clothing off.