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1. Why Tantra?

Find out more about why you should be interested in Tantra and how it can improve your life.

Last Post: Requirements for practicing Tantra by Fabi Tantra 10 months ago
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2. Tantra Techniques

Learn more about the different Tantra techniques you can use to improve your spiritual powers and sexual energy.

Last Post: Using the abdomen to breathe by Fabi Tantra 10 months ago
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3. Women's sexuality and Tantra

If you're a woman and you are interested in Tantra, have a look into this section.

Last Post: Orgasm without hands by Fabi Tantra 10 months ago
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4. Men's sexuality and Tantra

Tantra tips specific for males.

Last Post: Ejaculation control & the Three Fingers Technique by Fabi Tantra 10 months ago
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5. Couples

Tantra for couples. Come here to find out how to bring more joy and spirit to your sex life.

Last Post: Try this for taste of Tantric sex by Fabi Tantra 10 months ago
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6. Meeting Fabi

Share your thoughts and feelings after your Tantric experience with Fabi.

Last Post: Letters by Mattblau 10 months ago
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