Tantric First Massage: 3 hours 350€

This session is recommended for first time bookings. It is more than just a wonderful massage. These are teaching sessions starting with a consultation in which you learn about Tantra and can discuss personal questions or issues in some depth.

You then receive the full body hot-oil massage. It includes lingam or yoni massage. Please let us know what you want. The Tantric breathing technique is taught and you will be given homework to further develop your experience of the meditative aspects of sensuality and orgasm if you wish.

Tantra Massage: 2 hours 300€

The first part of the session we spend awakening your life force through intense breathing, such as Fire Breath. We go through various Tantric breathing techniques combined with rituals such as the Tantric hug and Tantric bonding. You receive a full body Tantric massage including honouring of the lingam or yoni. Perceptions of sensuality and desire are located here. These intimate areas are an important source of joy and fulfilment in life. You will feel relaxed yet wide awake. You will be coached to breathe properly as you sink into an even deeper level of relaxation.

During this extraordinarily loving ceremony you will be completely nurtured and pampered in the arms of your goddess or god, providing you with a feeling of comfort and sense of well-being. This incomparable sensation has been described by some as "like walking on clouds".

Sexual Healing Massage: 3 hours 400€

What is sexual healing?

Sexual healing is meant for people who have blockages of sexual energy. These blockages may have anatomical, physiological or emotional reasons. They may be expressed in different ways in men and women. These are some of the issues that can be approached by means of Tantric sexual healing: premature ejaculation, lack of erection, lack of desire, anorgasmia or vaginismus.

Other blocks, though less visible, may be present. For example a lack of interest in sex may arise from emotional wounds such as rape, incest, sexual abuse or injuries of physical or emotional boundaries. It can also result from ignorance of sexuality or from prejudices coming from education, religion or social situation. There may have been an oppressive family situation. The reasons for blockage of sexual energy and the ways it expresses itself are numerous. Once all the anatomical or physiological reasons are excluded, we try to give support as follows.

How does it work?

Together we create a safe and respectful space in which these blocks can be expressed in complete confidence. Together we explore the emotional and mental burdens. As we recognize them we can drop them. By touching the body gently and respectfully, we bring about first of all the ‘arriving’ and anchoring in the body. Afterwards the points of pain or tension may be discovered. This leads to awareness and acceptance of these points and then, by specific massage techniques, we assist their transformation. While sexual healing is not a substitute for medical help or psychotherapy, it may offer a valuable support and help to transform an often unspoken suffering.

Finally, it is important to understand that “sexual healing” is too restrictive an expression because the root chakra, where the sexual energy awakens, is part of the sum of all the energy centres. The ultimate goal is to get them all connected with each other and to experience them all in harmony.

Releasing painful emotions opens the potential to receive more pleasure, in more places, for longer periods of time. As a result, even though the sexual healing ceremony is deliberately not meant to arouse, it can actually cause heightened arousal because of relaxation, trust and release.

After such a powerful experience a person needs to be nurtured and held. It is the end of one life and the beginning of a new fuller life.

Some recommendations about sexual healing

Set your boundaries. Let the healer know what your limits are. Are there any parts of your body that you do not want touched? Are there any actions you do not want him or her to take?

Respect yourself. You are not a victim with a sexual dysfunction. You are a beautiful being who wants to be fully released from anything that holds you back from the full potential of your love.

Intense Tantric Massage Path: 6 hours 500€

This is like the Tantra massage described above but with tuition included. It can be varied according to individual requirements.

It is like a one-to-one Tantra Workshop. We unveil the mysteries of Tantra together.

The first hours we spend in intense Tantric breathing exercises including Fire Breath. We combine the breathing with the Tantric hug, the self-love ritual, yoni or lingam gazing and Tantric bonding ritual.

It is careful work, opening up each energy centre in your body. It re-establishes a balanced connection with your own self. This will make you even more receptive to the full body Tantric massage you receive in the next hours of our session.

During the session you will able to learn some special Tantric rituals and techniques. It depends on you and what you need. Some examples are: controlling your energy to relax or activate; learning how Tantra is helpful in mid-life and menopause; knowing what women or men want most; finding the keys to ejaculation control; seeing beyond the superficial; love muscle exercises for men and women; finding your Tantric love triggers; the sensual touch.

All that you need do is to let me know what you are searching for. Please be completely honest about what you want and really need so that I can organize the best possible techniques and rituals just for you!

Bath Ceremony Massage: 3 hours 450€

Imagine yourself being disrobed within the soft glow of scented candlelight. Visualise being helped into a rose petal covered bath. See yourself relaxing in a place where your Tantrica will soothe you and lavish the most careful attention upon every inch of your body.

Your body will be caressed and relaxed with many different soaps, scented oils and sponges. Soft hands and adept fingers will move about and caress every minute part of your physical being, massaging your head and temples, neck, shoulders ever further down to your most sensitive area. Even your feet and toes will have attention.

The warm water will melt away your stress and relieve your anxiety. In time you will begin to think only of the sacred space you and your Tantrica will soon be sharing. You will begin to feel reborn as your newly-invigorated body is gently dried with fluffy warm towels. You will know that this is only the beginning your adventure.

Sacred Love Nurturing Massage: 2 hours 300€

These sessions are unique to each person. You can be fully clothed if you prefer. There is no need to think about anything. Just come and feel the magic of somebody caring, heart to heart. It is a complete love-giving session and goes perfectly with the bath ceremony massage.

The effect is one of feeling your body in the way that a baby experiences itself. It usually includes massage of all the external parts of the body including the genitals. During this extraordinarily loving ceremony you will be completely nurtured in the arms of your goddess, providing you with a feeling of comfort and sense of well-being.

Just as a baby feels completely secure and loved, so too will you. There is no need to think or to concern yourself with anything at all except the experience of being totally and unconditionally loved. Simply be! You can feel all pressures melt away as you re-discover the child within you that you might have thought was lost.