Tantra Training

  • 2 Hours: n/a
  • 4 Hours: 450€

Tantric Breathing And Meditations Techniques

Breathing is something we must do constantly in order to exist. It is the most essential force of life. Yet most people don't give breathing any thought. They take it for granted. This is a mistake. We should consciously pay attention to breathing. Tantrics believe that mastering the breath is akin to mastering the mind and spirit. Focusing on breathing makes you grow more attuned to your body and your environment.

Tantric meditation is invigorating for the practitioner. It awakens energies that lie untapped at the base of your spine, providing you with a new outlook on your surroundings, your relationships, and yourself.

Sensual Massage And Tantra Rituals

Sensual massage is a technique that has been used in the Tantric sexual arts for thousands of years. Learning how to properly give and receive a Tantric sensual massage is invaluable knowledge likely to make you a better lover and partner, and greatly improve your quality of life.

Massage is a wonderful way to increase intimacy and arousal. It can be either an alternative to intercourse or a prelude to sex when incorporated into your foreplay. The purpose of Tantric massage is not to relax - although that is a great fringe benefit - so much as it is to excite in a slow, sensual manner. It is also geared toward moving sexual energy up through the body, to awaken the higher spiritual centers. By doing Tantric massage, you awaken the body to passion and sexual awareness while at the same time strengthening the bond between you and your partner.

Yoni Massage

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina. It literally means "Divine Passage" or "Sacred Temple." From a casual graze of the hand to a deliberate sensuous massage, touch says more than words ever could.

Through Tantra you can learn how to explore and stimulate every inch of a woman’s body. By carefully building up her arousal, heightening her sensations and bringing her to orgasm, every cell of her body will vibrate with erotic delight.

You can learn how to create and perform your very own sensual Tantric yoni massage created by women especially for women.

The yoni massage used as part of the Tantric massage prepares the woman mentally and physically for intercourse. It brings the woman closer to orgasm before the man has even begun to move towards it, thus creating harmony within the partnership.

The goal is not orgasm, though that can happen in a more intense and satisfying way. It can sometime lead to the release of amrita, the female ejaculation. It is a great skill to have and a lot of fun to learn.

Lingam Massage

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for the penis. It literally means "wand of light". Lingam massage is the ritual of honouring and healing this part of the body. It is touching the penis not for arousal and orgasm but out of joy and wonder at this beautiful part of the body.

It improves male sexual stamina. Premature ejaculation can often be healed through loving nurturing of the lingam.

Prostate Massage Or Sacred Spot Massage

Prostate massage, often referred to as prostate massage milking, is a sacred Tantric ritual used to awaken this sexual-spiritual focus point in your body. The prostate is reached through the anus. It is located by gently inserting a finger and slightly curling it up towards the belly. Men need not worry about this. It can be a very erotic experience and is often combined with a lingam massage.

A prostate massage will open your body to more energy. You will learn how to experience more pleasure, release sexual trauma, and let go of deeply held emotions.

Sacred Breast Massage

A sacred breast massage is a ritual that allows the woman to receive kundalini – sexual - energy and unconditional love from her partner. In this ritual, she is given time to explore her body without being under pressure.

The breast massage is a special type of Tantric massage that focuses on the woman’s breasts which are the seat of her sexuality and arousal. It adds energy healing and Tantric coaching to the ecstasy of receiving a nurturing and awakening sensual massage. It creates an environment in which a woman can release stress and feel more alive in her body.

Self-pleasure Ritual

Explore your body as if for the first time. Self-pleasure and masturbation are among the most powerful gifts you can give yourself. To explore your body with loving compassion, to allow yourself the time and space to feel pleasure and to know that you are worth giving and receiving this pleasure are some of the most powerful steps to becoming sexually and spiritually whole. You can learn about your limits and way to arouse yourself. You will learn about yourself, especially in the case of women.

Understanding The Orgasm. The Art Of Foreplay

Tantra has much to offer in the area of understanding orgasms in men and women. Often people have problems here. For example women may be unable to reach orgasm and men can reach it too quickly.

It is a fact of life that men orgasm quicker than women. The basic programming of man is to procreate and continue his bloodline. A man can be re-programmed through simple exercises coupled with the desire to practice and to last longer.

Tantric teachings address two different types of orgasms - the physical variety and the spiritual one. This second type of orgasm is also referred to as a “heart orgasm” or “energy orgasm.” Ideally, a person achieves one ultimate orgasm that combines both physical and spiritual bliss, leading to an amazingly powerful state of consciousness. Tantrics believe it is only then that you can use lovemaking as a way to move into a higher spiritual state.

Multiple orgasms are a series of orgasms that occur - usually in rapid succession - during a single sexual encounter. Many women can achieve multiple orgasms with just a very brief “recovery period” in between, or even with none at all. While multiple orgasms are most commonly associated with women, men can experience this phenomenon as well.

Kundalini Shaking and Osho Active Meditations

This techniques helps us to let go of our unseen shackles. It releases rigidity in the body, feelings and mind, so it offers us new life. By opening up the constrictions of bodily tensions and frozen emotions we make way for a clear flow of energy. We allow ourselves to feel more and to be more of who we really are. We experience greater love and better communication with others.

Sensory Awakening Ritual

Sensory Awakening is a ritual that offers an exquisite opportunity to receive delicate sensory delights. Each of the five senses is stimulated one at the time, slowly and sensitively.