Back to the Familiar — Taking a Back Seat

Taking a Back Seat

Today was Luba´s day! She performed as both model and photographer and I was largely demoted for most of the day to the lowly position of photo assistant :-)

But what a fun and fruitful day it has been! Today's model, Samosa, was handpicked by the twins and as you can see from her photos, they did not make a bad choice!

As the day progressed, Luba switched roles and put on her "model hat," and it was not difficult to persuade me to take over on the camera and photograph Luba and Samosa together. And like that weren't enough, even Samosa got to operate the camera as Luba and I also did some posing together in front of the African-inspired background. We all had great fun!

I want to say something on a more serious subject, however. The media has started to focus on an aspect of my work that is totally without merit - the age of my models. Extreme feminist groups primarily have used the media in my home country of Norway to put my site in a bad light and they have even insinuated that I am into child pornography. This is a terrible and insulting accusation and, furthermore, it has nothing to do with the truth. All models on my site must provide proof of age (see photo in the column to the right documenting this) or they are rejected. It has always been that way and it will always be that way.

Working in the field of erotica, I know I put myself in the spotlight and that certain groups in certain societies will do everything they can to stop this "work of the devil." Further, the press latches onto these stories and uses words like "sex" and "porno" in their headlines to increase sales. It is very draining to meet all this resistance and prejudice, especially from the country of my origin, Norway, and all when I am trying my best to create positive, sensual, fun, clean and legal erotica in direct opposition to all the dirty, abusive, destructive, and illegal porn out there on the net!

I ask this of all of you who are attacking me on unfounded and unfair charges - Put your energies into the real problem - all the illegal and suspect pornography out there being produced by real criminals! In this effort even I will support you!


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NB! Please note that images and films presented here are not representative of the technical quality
of Travel photos and film clips are made with a "point and shoot" compact camera only.
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Visitors' Comments

hi there, i had an abo for one month to try your site. short cut: i´ll be back!
excellent web site !!!!!!!
I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work. I find your images to be some of the most beautiful and compelling I have ever seen. I am glad to finally have the opportunity to thank you and everyone involved with the Archives. Your site is one of the reasons I have just signed up at the NY Institute of Photography! I do not know how you are able to capture beauty with what appears to be ease. My favorite models are Luba and Anya, and... Thanks again. I think you would enjoy being a Hegre fan. I know I do! Keep up the great work!
Dear Peter great art, great work and great site. There you can really find the most beautiful ank skill model of the world. Olesya really is a great wonderful angel: her photos are a thrilling surprise. I'm looking forward to seeing her in your archives. Many thanks. Franco Northern Italy
Criticism/ Controversy
It is only natural that one can expect criticism.... given the nature of the field... for which thou shallt be grateful, as the controversy can and will catapult thy artwork into it has been in the past... forewarned that thee shallt have plenty of die-hard desciples and supporters throughout this dream filled romantic journey.....! Just keep up the good work....Dreamer.. ! AL Newport Beach , CA
you are the one
Dear Peter... you are the gratist one i ever sow
Dear Peter... We remember your trip in Brazil... The thiefs are so bad... But the girls, no!!! ;) Good luck and a big hug... From Marcelo Cearapontocom Internet Café Iracema Beach
attacks on you
Dir Sir I am a person that beleaves that Porn Should not be so Easyly Reached By anyone that is not Of age and not Looking for it ! But I am at a loss to understand How anyone Could associat your Art work With Porn ? And Beleave me I know Porn..I spend a great deal of time looking at it ! Your Artwork is not porn by any means, And I hope that you are able to show that to any that Question your Artwork..! I'm not a memeber of your Site but I do Keep Tab's On your Work , I think It is Better than PlayBoy or any Other Sold in Bulk( Playboy should be consider as porn Before your Work ) Good Luck and Thank you Blackcloud
I certainly hope that you will provide me and other interested connoiseurs with a serial of photos from this beautifull girl. Thanks.
Petter, If you come to India, I'll take off from my work & team up with you. You're fabulous nkjain
Kiev is a Godess
She is so so so & soooo Beautiful that i cant describe good work Buddy!
You are doing a WONDERFUL job, Peter!!! Your photography is VERY CLASSY--nothing pornographic, only beautiful nude women! KEEP IT UP, PLEASE!!!
misguided attacks
I'm sorry to hear you're under attack from misguided fools. Only ignorant fools would confuse your art with pornography. Those of us who frequent this site certainly know the difference, and that's one of the reasons we're here. Your work illuminates and applauds women, never degrades them. By the way, don't try to replace Playboy - you're better by far!
I thought kiev is like paradise. but I have mistake. it is better.
attacks on you
Petter, you know me and you know I am doing the same think as you do: nude art. I want to to know that I fully support you and I am by your side - by the side of true art. Don't worry, you will win because the artistic truth is on your side. This whole feminist movement became an extremist and discriminatory fanatic group of pressure. And for sure it is composed by frustrated persons who have no clue about what true art really is. So, keep on the wonderful work you are doing and contiue to show the beauties and the beauty of this world.
Day 4 Photos
Pardon my french, but you, Petter, are a fucking GENIUS!! The luckiest genius, at that! Why do you tease us with these awesome photos of the twins - they are so hot, I can not wait to see all of the photo shoot!! Please make it to the U.S. one day, I just want to shake your hand! Thank you!!!!
Lead Dog
Just remember, dude, it's the lead dog the others bite in the ass. And, if you AREN'T lead dog, the view is always the same.
Petter, don't let them take you down! When I look at your site , I see beautiful WOMEN, and I never ever question the age of your models, as I know they are of legal age. Your site is far from featuring underage models, and a single look at the update page will confirm this. BTW, thanks for bringing Olesya to your incredible collection, I love that model! Luba's shower shot is great too, will you shoot a full series soon?
Bad Press
I am sorry to her that It is not only the British press who live just to cause trouble for good, hard working people. Your site is the most artistic I have encountered. Fantastic work Petter
Negative press
Peter, consider this: all innovators and those who have a vision will always have adversaries. They tend to fall in two categories: those whore are blind and cannot see further than their own limited imaginations and those who wished they had thought of the idea themselves! Keep up the great work and I look forward to the further development of your website and publications.
Just a request.
Could you please do more like "Luba and Peter in the Jungle". A movie of this would be even greater. thanks I love your work.
Very very good again
I still don't think I have found anywhere a more truly honest handling of the beauty of women without in any fashon trying to lessen them as beings equal to ourselves or better. Thanks for the pleasure of the erotic form. Great photography!
You have the most beautiful models on the web. Your photography is beyond porno. You show in your pictures the "essence of beauty" and it portrayal through the feminie body. You have taken your work to one of the highest levels of art!
I am so very pleased that Luba is still happy to model!! I miss the silver cross on a necklace. Petter, does Luba have a diamond engagement ring to go with her wedding band? You must give her one, if not! In America, at least, it is a sign of love, which is the meaning of her name.
makes no sense
I don't see how anyone could attack your work. It's the purest thing I've ever seen. I'm 25 yrs old, I know porn - and this is no where near it!! Just know that you've inspired me to seek the beauty in a woman, with or without her clothes on, and not look at woman as mere sex objects. You rock! - Irwin
You are a great photographor
You are doing great, don't worry. I think your work is considered pure and pretty pictures. I love your works, and, of course, all your models. You are doing the art pieces, not porn photos which relate to sex, dirty scenes, and illegal teen pictures. I admire your efforts on creating positive side of nude-photo-art. I think these models will be greatest models among other models in the world because of you. Thank you again!
Your letter of day 2
Don"t worry - be happy. Keep on with the good work!
attacks on your photography
Don't worry, Petter, we are on your side and understand. You are doing a great, clean, artistic job. Congratulations again. Ciao. Carlo.
Unfair Criticism
Petter--It's absurd that your work should be criticized as pornographic, especially considering the ridiculous amount of hardcore (and to my mind unpalatable) content on the Net. What's more, it seems obvious from your photographs that your models work only within their comfort zones, without coercion on your part to push the erotic limits. Most of what you do has been seen in the likes of Playboy for fifty years: beautiful young women professionally photograped in the nude. On the issue of age, of course I have no way to confirm your screening process, but I will say that I've never seen you attempt to exploit an adolescent angle (pigtails and schoolgirl skirts). The feminist issue is much more complicated, but I would venture to suggest that the "sex objects" of the world be much better off if all purveyors of erotica were as sensitive to their comfort and well-being as you are. I have enjoyed witnessing your talent develop through the years--and Luba's!--and I hope that you continue to share with us your fabulous work, unmolested by the press. Admiringly, Thomas
Trip to Ukraine
I'm traveling to Ukraine in October, do any of the models act as tour guides, or want to meet an American Man?
Excelentes fotografías y mejores modelos ¡felicidades!
I admire you so much, your work is comparable to d'Vinci's. Keep on bringing more happiness to us.
About Ukraine
Facts about Back to the Familiar

For a thousand years the Ukraine has been dominated by Mongols, Russians, the Polish, even the Cossacks and the Lithuanians. The invaders have come and gone but the people have remained grittily determined to be free.

Independence finally came in 1991, but it wasn't until the closing months of 2004 when the peaceful mass protest called the Orange Revolution forced the authorities to overturn the rigged presidential election to allow a monitored vote that swept reformist Viktor Yushchenko to power.

Ukraine is the bread basket of the old Soviet Union with the potential of becoming one of the most prosperous and powerful nations in the new Europe. According to Petter Hegre, it also has, the most beautiful women in the world.

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