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THE EXOTIC EXPOSED — The Great Wide Open

The Great Wide Open

First off, thanks everyone for showing such enthusiasm and interest in our little waxing film in yesterday’s update.

In less then 24 hours we had thousands of downloads of the film just from non-members. I hope you enjoyed it.

I have had a lot of requests in recent weeks for higher quality versions of the film clips in my travel reports. While we are constantly upgrading the quality at Hegre-Art, film production and publishing are extremely time consuming. Files are huge and there is simply no time to deliver this “on the run” while I am out on the road. We're working on it, though, believe me.

The material you see on these pages is only a few hours old when it goes live and I know of no other nude site serving such fresh content.

Okay, enough of that. Due to the enormous response to our new discovery Gislane, I booked her for another session today. As you can see, she again performed like a star and as for the super Brazilian hunk in tight Speedos, he couldn't believe his luck when she posed naked in his arms. Check it out in today’s updates.

Finding suitable models willing to pose nude in Floripa has proved to be much harder than expected. Phase one usually goes rather smoothly. Models accept our invitation to come for a casting, but the day of the shooting or casting they all seem to vanish.

When we call them, their phones are either switched off or, more often, they say, “I am on the way to the hospital because I feel very sick.” I'm not sure why, but this seems like this is the standard model escape tactic around here. They are all on the verge of getting sick and the moment they make a booking to do some work, it pushes them over the edge into needing not just a doctor, but hospital treatment.

Anyway, by shear numbers alone we did manage to cast two more models today and have chosen “Day4_07.jpg” as tomorrow’s model. I hope she will not be attacked by any diseases over night.

You will find out tomorrow.


Photos | Day Four Click an Image to Enlarge

NB! Please note that images and films presented here are not representative of the technical quality
of Travel photos and film clips are made with a "point and shoot" compact camera only.
Photo 1 of THE EXOTIC EXPOSED, The Great Wide Open Photo 2 of THE EXOTIC EXPOSED, The Great Wide Open Photo 3 of THE EXOTIC EXPOSED, The Great Wide Open Photo 4 of THE EXOTIC EXPOSED, The Great Wide Open Photo 5 of THE EXOTIC EXPOSED, The Great Wide Open Photo 6 of THE EXOTIC EXPOSED, The Great Wide Open Photo 7 of THE EXOTIC EXPOSED, The Great Wide Open Photo 8 of THE EXOTIC EXPOSED, The Great Wide Open
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Visitors' Comments

brazilian wax
Would like a copy of brazilian waz movie
Naked phtographs of beautiful model
I want see the real beauty in the naked form so that I can enjoy very much.
Finally, more brunettes!
I have always wished Hegre Archives would show more dark-haired (and dark-skinned) models - these Brazilian beauties are just what we need for some dark and mysterious variety! Exquisite models, looking forward to seeing the full shoots.
Now you have found "The City" to find gorgeous girls in Brazil.
Brazil trip & model pics
Petter, I thought I had come to terms with my envy of your skill, your art, and your life managing those, along with countless beautiful nude girls from all over the world. I say I thought I had because as much as I love the Russian, Ukranian, Czech, Hungarian and other Eastern European beauties who fill your website, and your photo galleries, videos and books - and I DO love every single one of them enthusiastically and whole-heartedly - I am now in what I believe is a permanent state of unrest and agitation since I read the account of your Brazil trip and gazed over the photos that you shared with us from that trip - particularly the photos of Gislane and Keity! These 2 Brazillian models - BOTH of them - are simply the most jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, breathtakingly beautiful women I believe I have ever laid eyes on! (And I keep my eyes open for female beauty all the time - and have nonstop for several decades now.) I truly don't like to compare women because I do believe they're all beautiful in their own ways, but Gislane and Keity are both quite clearly in an extremely elite group of women in all the world who have been blessed with this sort of stunning and almost impossible-to-fathom beauty. Also, I've got to part ways with what appears to be the majority opinion among my corresponding bretheren and say that, if I weren't so far removed from their world (chronogically speaking)I would sell everything I own and move to Brazil tomorrow, just to be able to catch a glimpse of Keity and any other girls who look like her. Keep up the good work, Petter - you, among the most fortunate of all men, are my hero. --chas
Now you have found the place
Now you have found "The City" to find gorgeous girls in Brazil. Here in Brazil, Floripa is well known for that. Have you ever thought about translating your web site to Portuguese ? Best regards PS: Please don't publish my e-mail address.
I am eager to see these pics as this model looks absolutely stunning (especially Day2_06 and Day2_05). I am sorry to say i'd rather see her than Keity...
The best model
The most beautiful model is girl from May 11 with the red swimm suit. I like her so much..
best erotic pics
I wish give you thanks you and your team for yours work I can see the best erotic pics in yours page many thanks I cannot get a subscription but i want tell you its a really good work thank you very much P.D. Could you send me Luba's telephone number please :-)
ukraine and russia
i could not agree mor with you Fuzzy! the russian girls are the most pure and beutiful girls in the world!!!
Day4 #7 girl
Her stomach looks absolutley incredible, I am looking forward to that set! nothing shows dedication quite like a well shapen tummy.
"Brazilian" waxing
Well, I totally shave my hair off of me also, and, I am a male. And, I am a genuine "Nudist". I am a member of the world of Nudest Nudist. And, proud to be so ! Well, keep UPDATING us with the updated film clips. Talk to you, soon. Gregory Hazelton
I still think the Ukraine, Russia and Lithuania girls are the BEST! You can't beat the pure natural beauty... It must be something in there water over there? With Love From Fuzzy stuck in the US
Seja bem vindo
Petter, parabéns pelo trabalho que vem fazendo em "Floripa". Realmente não é fácil fazer esse tipo de fotografia aqui no Brasil, conheço bem isso. Mas mesmo com todas as dificuldades, tenho certeza de que voltará mais vezes e espero que em todas seja muito bem vindo. Não deixe de fotografar nas praias da Armação e Matadeiro. Aproveite os próximos dias de sol. Quanto a cera, é uma pratica comum por aqui. Muitas mulheres preferem por terem de se depilar com menos frequencia. Abraços e aproveite a "Ilha da Magia"
hair job
Did you guys see the girl doing the hair of the model on may,14 - pic 1? She's the prettiest girl of the Brazil-story till now!
This would have to be the best site of all time well done and I look forward to more great work. As to the waxing thank god I am a male. Come south some time we have great locals and girls.
OH MY GOD I want this for a career. Of course, the official movie will be slow, hi-res and long???? I think this is the best I ever saw - lots better than Christmas. OH MY GOD
"new o nude"
Petter Hegre, Welcome! It was a grateful surprise to see you again working for our land. I wait that it has more luck doque in Fortaleza. But I find that you already it took the precautions correct to prevent new "surprises". Florianópolis really has pretty landscapes and beautiful women. But, I also suggest other cities with beautiful women: Brusque, Joinvile, Camboriú and mainly Blumenau. Good desire luck in the search for the "The New Nude". Well, it is again the invitation to visit Pernambuco here. Either to take off pretty photos or to tan a always pleasant climate. Beaches as Porto de Galinhas, Maria Farinha, Coroa do Airplane, Itamaracá, Praia dos Carneiros, Calhetas, Suapé or places as Olinda, Fernando De Noronha, Recife and Interior off state, can create pretty scenes for its photos. Clearly that also we have beautiful women, after all this is the personages main of the "new o nude".
petters travels
Hiya Petter, I'm so glad that you are taking time for yourself, you've really and truely earned it. And, keep up the good work on this website. I am a regular viewer to this website, and thanks for keeping me up to date with the Newsletter emails. I would love to sit and chat to you, But, I've got to run, and do what comes naturally to me,- being the born and bred Nudist that I am. Gregory Hazelton
Brazilian wax
Hello again Petter & Luba, Thank you for the great (but short)waxing video. However I always thought that a "Brazilian" waxing left a small 'landing strip'? Your filming produced what I believe the American girls call a "Bald Eagle"! Hell, and all the pain too.... Yes, the poor girls do go through a lot in the name of beauty! No wonder God didn't want men to have babies! Please recount the previous bad experiences you had in Brazil. Better all of us be forewarned! Kind regards & see you in Cape Town again this summer. P.S The font size in your "POST" column below is blurred and too small to read !! It was perfect before U changed it.....
muy interesante el tema de la sera. es muy usada por las mujeres en mi pais,
"Afro American"
Hi Petter, First, there is no such thing or person as an "Afro American". There is a term African American used to describe (or label) black people in the USA. Since this is 2005, most simply prefer to be called "Americans". Love your work and the site. mackie
Petter, Gislane is fabulous. More shots please, a.s.a.p Thanks, Steve
day2 at the gate!
ahh, yeah -- Gislane ROCKS! The shoot at the gate is absolutely incredible! I can't get over the blend of age-old surroundings and her stunning looks 8)~ Way to go, Petter & Crew! When I saw Brazil coming, I was more than anxious.. can't wait to see what else will come in the next few days!
More Photos of Gislane
Petter, do not let this girl slip away. You can not get enough photos of her. Please request a second session and make sure your loyal members can feast on her for years to come in your archives. And congratulations on how you handle the difficulties of sun light and skin tones. Your 3000px files are unsurpassed.
RE:"Afro American"
Actually, "Afro American" is a very popular and common term in the United States when describing someones heritage or physical appearance. Check out the Museum of Afro American History in Boston for example.
It has been said that most people lead lives of quiet desparation. I believe that. You are a very serious exception. Congratulations on what you have made out of your life! Here's hoping you enjoy it to its fullest. You've earned it.
The most beautiful girl from Brazil
The most beautiful girl is the girl from the first day (May 11) with green swimm suit!! She is wonderful and very sexy..I look forward to see more of her.
I can not belive this. I am an experienced traveller of Latin America and have a good eye for woman. Never before, neither in Rio or Sao Paulo have I seen the beauty you portray through Gislane. How is it possible you found this angel accidently on the street of Florianopolis...? What was she doing before you discovered her ? Why is she not an international super model already? Petter, you are not only a photographer you are also a magician.
Gislane !
I guess a lot of people are going to be glad you went back to Brazil and that agencies didn't want to work with you... leaving you scouting on your own and finding this girl. Gee, she has almost everything you can want. A wonderful body, a great face, very expressive and still with a fresh and innocent look. And her hair... After your trip to Czech Republic, I thought it would be hard to wait for the pictures... but it's going to be even harder to wait for hers ! As you say, even if you don't shoot any other girl during this trip, she will have been on her own worth the trip. I can't wait to see her first series published (and I'm pretty sure she will have her 'Gislane' week !)... maybe she would be worth a second session ?!
If the exquisite picture of the Brazilian maiden on the beach is any indication of what is to come from Brazil, I am glad Petter went back. In my eyes and mind this regal beauty goes into an exclusive Hegre pantheon with Nadina and Kamila. According to legend the most beautiful women in the world come from Chiang Mai, Thailand, the Kashmir District of India and Pakistan, and Iceland. Thank you for introducing me and others to all the beauties of the world.
go to rio de janeiro :)
go to rio de janeiro :) alots nice and sex girls :)
Best place in the world
Dear Peter, I'm really sorry about what happened to you in Fortaleza. As a Brazilian I feel shame about that. I travel a lot and I can tell you, it could happen everywhere. I was robbed in Spain last year by a taxi driver. It could be worse, I was in Madrid one week before the bombs in the subway. Can you imagine my fear? I went to places like "puerta del sol" close to Atocha station...I could be there, in that train. Although we have some social problems, difficult ones, I still believe that we live in one of the best places in the world. The more I travel the more I like... I hope you enjoy Brazil this time and forget about the past. You could take some pics in a beach called "praia mole". All the best
hi petter and the team, i have not been to brazil myself, but a friend of mine has visited rio de janeiro. he told me, that he has been ripped off from the moment his feet touched bazilian ground. taxi, hotel, clubs, girls, beaches, everything was a nightmare. they know what dollars or euros are, but that was about it. he got no value spending them. criminality was high and safety low. hopefully you and your team will return safely. but hey, i've seen your first shots. nice, very nice! the girl with the undies saying "no" is a hottie. try to get more pics of her for us please. a set or two of that girl would be a sensation. regards, catana
day 1
Dear Petter, It must be hard for you, to travel all around the world. From Chez rep. to Brazil. And the only thing you do is take photo's of girls. What a life!!!! (can we swob jobs?)I have a favorite girl from the first day. The girl in the red top with the yellow pans. I hope we get to see more off her. I wisch you and Lubba a pleasent stay in Brazil. Ronald (netherlands)
More latin places
I would love you to come to Mexico. I know that mexico doesn't has as many beautifull girls as Europe, but there are some girls here like you won't find anywhere else.
P.H You an artist , very soon you find me sign in forever
waxin as a barbaric deed
o all these bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb girls get a Brazilian 'waxing. Don't some just use a depiltory cream of even a razor
the beautiful area between gislane's legs should be concentrated more in ur next foto sessions..
the best
She drives me completely crazy!
She's absolutely the best
This chick is HOT
I'm without words, compliments Peter, and let me say that Keity is very lovely... her eyes... hands, lips.... in some shots she is wonderful... or more. She come into my soul, very strange feelings. Great. Impressive.
...I'm falling in love for her, really :)
Thank you and a little kiss for this young niña.
Im very happy to be found this website its excellent.
Comments on Site
It very very sexy site & enjoyable to every one aswell as to me
Great job beautyful women.
nice work
Keity is the most beutiful latina I have ever seen. Why isn't she doing spreads in the States I don't know. Where did you find her. Great pictures Peter. I can't get this girl off my mind. With the right manager she can be making some serious money.
hegre-archives x hegre-art
gostaria de saber quais as diferenças entre hegre-archives e hegre-art, obrigado
About Brazil

Walk down the street in any city in Brazil and the people seem to be dancing. It's not blood running through Brazilian veins by the melodic beat of samba. The people are an unlikely blend of the modern and conservative - girls as sweet as molasses, as pure as falling snow, will see no contradiction is going out dressed in the sexiest, skimpiest little outfits on the planet. You can look, but you better not touch.

From the passions of Carnaval to the primordial immensity of the Amazon, Brazil is a land of mythic proportions with stretches of unexplored rain forest, tropical islands with exotic birds still unnamed by man nesting in the trees and an energy that will make you feel completely alive.

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