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Manhattan Madness — Day Four

Day Four

Project Manhattan is nearing its end and what could have been a better way to end it off then with a visit from Dr. "Adrenaline" Ruth, surely the Queen of Sex! The United States has become a better place due to her efforts in the field of sexual advice.

Dr Ruth pioneered the field of media psychology with her radio program "Sexually Speaking", which first aired in New York in 1981. She has written 31 books and counting and at 78 years old she is still on top. Go to to find out more about this wonderful woman.

Thank you everybody who has helped us to make this an unforgettable trip with all the wining and dining, touring and exploring. Tonight we go to see the heavy weight championship in boxing at Madison Square Garden. Luba and I will naturally be cheering for Ukraine!

Until next time

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Visitors' Comments

Luba is perfectly sweet
So you were here.... I had to admit I was not really happy because I was away for a working trip. If I was here. I should have taken a ride to heaven.

Anyways, thanks for dropping by here in NYC.
I love the behind the scenes videos in these travel sections. How about more videos with the natural soundtrack instead of music, or some videos added to the snapshots section?
The black is sexy
that shower photo on Day 3 is HOT, HOT, HOT!!
Manhattan day 4
She's beautiful !
... I mean Luba is gorgeous :-)
Manhattan days 1&2
A perfect start keep up the fine work you and your work go a long way to beautify this old world we owe you a debit of graditude.
Day two!
I love the photo titled:
Soft curves against strong lines.

I missed you by a few days only.
Great City!
Thought I saw you
Were you at B and H photo yesterday, I think I had a Hegre sighting!
Why was I not told you were coming to my city?
Great pics from a great photographer!
As a native New Yorker, thank you for beautifying my city.
no one compares to Luba!! that panties photo is awesome!
So far, Manhattan is... okay. A couple of nice figures, but beauty is lost by their anonymity (black over eyes). Luba, of course, is ROCKIN' as always!!! :) I love Luba's bra/panty set, and her open-air shower is a breath of fresh air.
Great location !
Wow, the location seems really great for this new session !
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