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Dernier Tango en Espagne — 2ème jour

2ème jour

On pourrait penser qu’une personne nue en plus sur une plage nudiste ne ferait aucune différence, j’étais vraiment dans le faux ! Si vous ne connaissez pas les célèbres dunes de Maspalomas dans le sud des Grande Canarie, il est temps de rattraper le temps perdu. C’est le fief des naturistes d’Europe. Maspalomas est la plus ancienne ville touristique des Grande Canarie dans les Îles Canaries. Sa plage fait 12 km de long et mène à la Playa del Ingles - un cauchemar touristique. Mais même en saison haute on y trouve des coins perdus et discrets pour les amoureux du nudisme et du soleil, mais bien sûr ce n’est pas l’endroit le plus séduisant, à moins que la peau de chameau d’un allemand de 60 ans soit votre truc !! Ibiza est un meilleur choix pour les jeunes, mais le bon climat n’est pas au rendez-vous à cet époque de l’année.

Quoiqu’il en soit, lorsque Yanna et moi sommes arrivés sur la plage, on est resté bouche bée. La phrase classique "un homme seul sur une plage" nous a poursuivi toute la journée, et nous avons eu droit à des hourras de passants alors que je filmais Yanna se jetant dans l’océan.

Le temps chaud et venteux, les longues distances et le matériel lourd ont pesé sur la journée. Je me suis d’abord concentré sur le tournage, ce qui est un processus lent et fastidieux... mais qui bien sûr vaut le détour, on en oublie vite la sueur et la pacience du jour.

Le soir, en retournant à notre base dans les montagnes, on a pu prendre quelques photos spectaculaires du coucher de soleil avec les canyons des Grandes Canaries en fond.

Notre séjour ici prend fin demain.


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NB ! Veuillez noter que les images et films présentés ici ne sont pas représentatifs de la qualité technique
de Les photos et vidéos de voyages sont effectuées avec un appareil photo de poche de base et rien d'autre.
Photo 1 de Dernier Tango en Espagne, 2ème jour Photo 2 de Dernier Tango en Espagne, 2ème jour Photo 3 de Dernier Tango en Espagne, 2ème jour Photo 4 de Dernier Tango en Espagne, 2ème jour Photo 5 de Dernier Tango en Espagne, 2ème jour Photo 6 de Dernier Tango en Espagne, 2ème jour Photo 7 de Dernier Tango en Espagne, 2ème jour Photo 8 de Dernier Tango en Espagne, 2ème jour Photo 9 de Dernier Tango en Espagne, 2ème jour


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Commentaires des Visiteurs

sex in trvelling
yana is most butiful
Kudos for two artists!
What an incredible body of work you two have created. You are both to be commended, this work will likely never be equaled. But I do hope that you do (somehow) manage to do just that Mr. Hegre.
farewell to Yanna
After few weeks I came back, frankly speaking I have done it for one reason: to see Yanna again. I wanted to see her once more, her face and eyes with that smile somewhere flying away, her godlike body and this dancing figure with an inimitable, gracefull charm, her unearthly beautiful legs and her wonderful hands, her hands, dear my her hands... must say to Peter that I admire your photos and films of Yanna - perfect combination her beaty with exceptional charm and your skill and artistic ability - I keep among many others two of my preferables pictures, one on which she looks as a timeless silhouette from ancient Greekvase (Algarve 037) and an another with Yanna in the pool (023m), where she apears with such fancy simplicity like a chaste girl on Pierre Bonnards "Bath" from Londons Tate Gallery - please Yanna see it on the occasion of a visit in L. Happy looking over your new photos Yanna, I read that you are leaving, so I went in the very last moment not only to express my admiration, but also to bid you googbye. Will miss you Yanna, like so much your pictures, so a bit sad that aesthetic pleasure ends, I say you farewell and wish you good luck and all the best for you and your future carrier - am sure that with your beauty and charm, power and abilities you will have a happy good life! From Warsaw with love
Jur P.
Yanna, it's so sad to have to say goodbye to you, but I wish you the very best with your future life. You are much more than just a beautiful and sexy woman. You embody a degree of femininity and a natural comfort with your beautiful face and your body that is very, very rare. You will be missed, but you will also be remembered for many years to come. I doubt we will ever see another model like you.
nice Nature Cratures
Nice idea being naed in public touristic places.
Humanbody ought to be with no censor clothes in Nature.
The est way to respect Mothe Nature is forgetting human antinatural censorship.
Nudity is nice cause is what we are. Nice world if people were more naked in public. It wil be nice society, morecomfort,more freedom, me respect to humanity.
Basic living. I love it a lot.
Thanks for being yu all.
Thank you
I have only recently discovered your photos. I believe that you are a very beautiful woman with the most fantastic body in the world. Your dedication to being a ballerina is impressive, and would have loved to see you perform. Thanks for filling my life with joy. I hope your marriage is as fullfilling to you as your photos are to myself and the rest of your adoring fans.
Yanna... you are an absolute 'Genital Exposure Junkie'... and I LOVE you for it.. Thank You!... I'm certainly going to miss you, but do wish you every happiness in your future life.... and may I say I am so pleased to see you have returned to a totally 'smooth state' for your final shoot... thank you for that also... best Wishes Sir Stefan
Best wishes for new carreer
Yanna, your professional experience will be missed, along with your gorgeous beauty. Hope you all the best in your new life. We will always remember you as the Queen of all models.
thank you Yanna
Thank you Yanna for your beautiful gift all these years. I appreciate you very much and I will always remember you. Take care dear lady, I wish the best for you.
Adios a Yanna
Hasta luego, Yanna. Te deseo en tu nueva etapa mucha felicidad y que el amor y la salud sean siempre tu mejor dote. Todos te recordaremos siempre con amor.
Maybe gone - NEVER forgotten!
Yanna - thank you for so many great years! Best of luck and life to you----

Always -
Merci pour cette ultime session. Yanna, tu vas nous manquer. Sois encore merci de nous avoir fais partager ta beauté
Sad Yanna is leaving, but I have to say she looks the most beautful now , in these photo sessions. If she looks this good captured with a "point n shoot camera" , can't hardly wait to see the images captured with the H1.

And finally best of luck and warm wishes to Yanna for her future life
Yanna you are gorgeous
Yanna I am so sorry that you are retiring. You are the most beautiful woman on this sight. You always showed us all of your intimate parts. Other models, please note that this is what we want. Enjoy your life in the ordinary world but remember that men will never stop ogling you as you are so beautiful.
yanna is beautiful
Yanna you look hot with a
terrific body in Spain. I will
miss you!
YES, correct; it means I have lots of brand new unpublished galleries and HDV footage of Yanna that will be carefully released during this year... so it is not all over yet. Yanna will still be around for a while more.
Petter, does this mean that we have a few final pictorials to look forward to from these sessions in the coming weeks?? You must have plenty of material!
Yanna is so hot.
Good bye Yanna
It is very sad that Yanna is leaving. This web site will lose one of the BIGGEST (AND FOR ME) the MOST FAMOUS ICON!!! -:( Good bye Yanna and maybe I will meet you by chance somewhere here in Prague.....
A Special Treat!
What an incredible cream pie! Yanna, you are the best!!!
The Best..........
Plus belle femme du monde
Thank You Yanna, you are the reason I signed up for a Membership to this great site. You may be gone soon, but you will never be forgotten.
Yanna Spain
Holy ****! That second picture is an absolute killer.
Yanna days...historic in nature.
I must's been a pleasure!
The Yanna era ends...:-(
Thank you Yanna. I can't tell you how much enjoyment I have gotten out of your erotica. You are the best ever. Good luck, and I hope your husband treats you with respect.
Say it ain't so Yanna....
Oh, No!! Yanna is finally leaving! This is the end of an era at From now on people will look back and remember a time when there were models such as Yanna that were so completely comfortable and daring in front of the camera. She is easily the most athletic model in the history of the site. She could do any pose and there was always a sense of excitement anticipating her next gallery, because you could expect to see something totally new for the first time. She will surely be missed, but her legacy lives on through the impressive body of work she has left behind. I can't wait for her remaining galleries and I expect to blown away as always. All is not lost however, as I see some rising young stars in the Hegre universe ready to carry the torch passed onto them by Yanna. Adventurous models like Ira, Olena O., and Evi have already started blazing their trails of erotically, athletic and imaginative posing. Some day will say goodbye to them as well, but today we bid adieu to a woman, a legend, a loving wife who helped make this site what it is today. Goodnight and farewell sweet princess....
Yanna leaving
Please don't go.
A propos de Espagne
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L’Espagne a évité de justesse les deux guerres mondiales du 20ème siècle. Après la Guerre civile, le Général Franco et sa main de fer ont fait mainmise sur le pays et lorsqu’il est mort en 1975, après que le reste de l’Europe ait vécu la révolution du sexe, de la drogue et du rock'n'roll des sixties, l’Espagne a refait surface avec toutes les merveilles et les perles resplendissantes, préservées et parfaites de sa longue histoire.

Grande Canarie

L’île de la Grande Canarie pourrait être décrite comme l’une des dernières îles paradisiaques européennes. Située dans l’Océan Atlantique, à 210 kilomètres de la côte africaine, cette île a été décrite comme un 'mini continent'. Paradis mais aussi enfer touristique, les inconvénients de cette île sont l’architecture moche, la foule et la consommation à gogo. Du point de vue positif, la Grande Canarie possède de belles plages avec des dunes qui font penser au Sahara, des forêts luxuriantes, une flore et faune exotique, des cratères volcaniques et la capitale vivante, Las Palmas, pour la vie nocturne endiablée et les dîners aux chandelles.

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