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Día Uno

Sólo conocía a Muriel por fotos y eso puede ser un poco arriesgado. Por eso estaba bastante ansioso mientras la esperaba en el aeropuerto de Barcelona. ¡Pero en este caso valió la pena arriesgarse! Fue fácil reconocer a Muriel, porque cuando entró lánguidamente en el pasillo de llegada la gente que esperaba impacientemente a sus amigos y familiares de pronto se quedó muda.

Con unos largos cabellos de latina, unas facciones hermosas y una figura que desafía a la ley de la gravedad, Muriel hizo su entrada triunfal. Era la viva imagen de Salma Hayek ¡o algo así como una hermana menor y más sexy!

Como de costumbre, me gusta comenzar a rodar lo antes posible cuando quedo con una modelo por primera vez. No creo en el método de ‘ir con sumo cuidado’, y tampoco me parece necesario dejar un tiempo para que se recupere del jet lag, ni me agrada hacer cosas del tipo ‘para que nos conozcamos mejor’. Le dije ‘A desnudarse que vamos a filmar’. Y así lo hicimos. ¡Bueno, ella se desnudó y yo me dediqué a filmar, por supuesto! Desde el aeropuerto nos dirigimos directamente a un estudio en Barcelona y empezamos a trabajar.

Desde el primer momento Muriel hizo gala de un talento natural para el modelaje. Era afable, positiva, trabajadora y se sentía orgullosa de sus fantásticos atributos. Estuvo presumiendo su herencia argentina e italiana de una manera elegante y sexy.

Así que nueve horas más tarde, tras tomar más de 1000 imágenes y llenar un disco duro decidimos acabar la sesión y empacar las cosas. Vaya comienzo. ¡Y éste sólo era el primero de cuatro días!


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Nota: por favor ten en cuenta que las imágenes y vídeos presentados aquí no son representativos de la calidad técnica de Las fotos y vídeos de viajes son hechos sólo con una cámara de bolsillo.
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This young woman has the beauty and full-figure I would like to see more of! Where else on the www. might I find her?!
Ah Muriel!
Muriel is so beautiful.
¡¡¡Muriel está impresionante!!!!
¡¡¡Qué mujer más guapa,qué cuerpo!!!
A ver si vuelve por aquí.
wish to join
i liked ur site and wish to become member but I don't have credit card,because i never liked it.tell me alternatives so that I may join you.

Um da unicas coisa que a Argentina pode se comparar ao Brasil: a beleza de suas mulheres.
Viva as mulheres argentina!!!
Gostaria de mandar um beijo pra essa Deusa em nome de todos os homens do Brasil.
Sou completamente apaixonado por essa mulher. Ela é perfeita.
Viniste y no me llamaste!!
La próxima vez que vengas a cataluña llámame por favor!!!
Wrong Picture!
The picture below "About Catalonia" is from the Canary Island of Gran Canaria, exactly the "Plaza de Santa Ana" (Las Palmas de GC).

PD: nice pictures and wonderful body ;)
Belleza argentina!
Wonderfull girl, wonderfull pictures!!! Un saludo from Argentina, Jaime Alves (Photographer)
Wow! She is stunning. I think I will put Argentina on my list of places to visit. I never was interested South American women until I saw her. Viva Argentina!!!
elegant companion
don't find words to say how elegant and natural figure she has. simply saying cannot forget her, alas i can be in her good book for ever!
argentinian beauty!
heavenly girl
Beautiful lady no doubt. I'd like to see more natural ladies however. This meaning without the shaved look. I am a middle ager and I grew up looking at Playboy,Penthouse etc. I find for me that look to be a big turn on and looks so secy and erotic
All photo graphs are beautiful
dios mio sos una belleza , dale un beso a tu madre y a tu padre
Hope to meet any of this beuatiful ladies. keep this site open to a lovers like me...
wow !!!

need to date with this girl ???? yummy.....
Catalonia is the best country, catalonia is not spain !
I like this site and sexi beautiful girls so much , keepitup , my best wishes to hegre
i like this site and sexi beautiful girls so much , keepitup , my best wishes to hegre
wonderful photos and marvelous model
muriel is the kind of girl who represents what beauty of females means in its best originality.
she is utmost sexy with amazingly beautiful breast. site in general
Hiya. I love the site and keep up the terriffic work !
Visitors Comments !!!
Realy very very beautiful; thanks Hegre, the GREAT !
your art
verry very good
One your top models.
The bottom mustach is distorting!
I'd show only the most artistic shots. . .
that do her justice.
This site has amazing artistic fortitude, creativity, photographic brilliance, luscious, elegant, gorgeous women beautifully photographed. Professionalism and
sensitivity interwoven. Thanks
This is what sells your site...EXCELLENT!
just beautifull, nothing else..
What a voluptuos figure,would love to see more of this wonderful beauty.
zip files
Zip files of Muriel for what times?
"Superbe" in french. Thanks
New Nymph...
Muriel is Gorgeous
Such a superb figure and mischief in her eyes in the movies.
I look forward to some fantastic shoots.
Preciosa y sensual
excelente mujer, es muy linda y sensual,tiene el atractivo latino, es hermosa.gracias desde Argentina
wonderful, beautifl Muriel
Muriel, you are absolutely beautiful. A work of art, with stunning curves. I really enjoyed your humor in the behind the sean shots. I loved your long wavy brown hair and respect you leaving some of it down low. Thank you Petter, I just joined your site and she was worth the price of admission.
what a sexy girl ever looks.... best kisses.
Very good pictures and clips. When are you going to shoot a gallery of Muriel?
Well, I have just discovered this travel report and I am ... stunned ! This woman is one of your best find. This presence, this body ! I am in awe. Good find, I hope her first galery wil come very soon now... and that you will repeat the experience with her again in a few months !
Likely to become my new favorite model !!!
Muriel is breathtaking. When can we expect full photo sets and videos???
smoking hot!
Muriel as secretary
I need a secretary. Is that offer only available to new members? I already signed up.
the new Nadina?
Hooray for a luscious Latina of the ilk of the Portuguese minx Nadina who longer features on your site. Muriel is lovely but also exudes humour and confidence in the right measure. I agree, what a find. Look forward to seeing her on your updates soon ... with lots of videos? I hope!
sexy sexy muriel
incredible breasts and an overall great body.This lady is very hot.More please!
Muriel GODDESS!!!
WOW - Muriel is STUNNING. PLEASE bring her back, soon!
non lo so
molto bella.elegante , erotica, raffinata, affascinante, da...
Please Peter when you shows us behind the scene i think it's important to see people around It's a kind of public nudity and we love it! So don't hide what's happend around.
You just persuaded me on buying an aeron char! Its a must have :)
Petter, you've outdone yourself with this model - Muriel. She's the opposite end of the spectrum from the grumpy/troublesome Rusas no doubt. Women like Muriel confirm to me that yes, there is a God.
Beautiful beautiful beautiful. If you happen to find any more girls like Muriel, can we see them please? She has a flawless body, and that face... I'm in heaven
Petter, you're right, Muriel is incredible.
I'm looking forward to her sets.
Breathtaking. There's no woman like that here in central Massachusetts, that's for sure!
Mr. Hegre, your travel reports are amazing. I can't believe the life you are living. Muriel is a scoop. What a find. Barcelona, here I come.
Can`t wait till the beautiful and sexy Muriel starts doing her regular photo sets. She is stunning.
Muriel in Sitges, Spain
Muriel is lovely, but you must convince her to shave off everything below the eyebrows!

Best regards,

Ignore all the previous comments. Mine is bigger than his and I haven't even appeared on a beach with Muriel.
prettiest girl of all
shes very nice beautiful girl and shes perfect body sexiest one what ive known now i like more display picture from here in different style
Muriel es MUAY CALIENTE!!!
Cant wait to see more of her!!!
one outstandingly beautiful woman.
Muriel en Sitges (Barcelona)
Yo espero ansioso de ver a Muriel en una galería o un film mostrándonos ese masaje de Sitges al completo
I love seeing a more curvy girl too, slim but shapely and very very female. What a find Petter thisone is going to drive us all wild!
The Dude
ha TT yes that dude is one cool guy not sure about a whole photo session with him though. lol. great story and great images of a stunning model, i'm liking that massage video too. mmmm
Just signed up for another membership and knowing that Muriel is one of your new finds makes it ALL worth the while. She is STUNNING.
That Man!
Everyone talks about Muriel and her body! How about that man!?! Most of us would be speakless yet he ended up in the photoshoot! He is also big and managed to keep 'it' down under such immense pressure.

I suggest an erotic photoshoot of Muriel with that big, strong sexy man. How about the theme of the sexy young beautiful woman with the super confident older man?
The massage video was amazing, very sensual. Hope to see more of it.

Muriel has an amazing body and like a previous poster - nice to see a woman that isn't a total stick insect.
Travel Section
Another great travel section Petter. Keep it up. And Muriel is a true gem, a beautiful model who clearly loves being nude for the camera. Thanks for finding these amazing women.
Yowzasss!!!! She is hot hot hot
Muriel is a fine looking girl. She has fantastic tits, totally awesome.
OMG that guy in the background is SO funny!!! But Muriel. Wow. What can I say? What a find she is. Completely gorgeous face and body and very,very sexy look in her eyes. I cannot wait to see her films and galleries.
Wonderful girl.She is call to be at the top.
Muriel, The best girl
Muriel, she is the most pretty girl that I saw in the net
Quite possibly the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Mesmerizing eyes, gorgeous body. Like a Penelope Cruz, but 100x better.

If we had to clone one human, this would be it.
Can't wait to see the shoots and films.
the best.
Muriel is amazing!.
This girl is stunning, super sexy, she had a look between Salma and Penelope Cruz, her long dark hair, those beautiful twin suns with a gravity atraction effect, make her a bomb, hurray for you as a photographer and for us, we all are really going to enjoy this pictorials, do not let her go !!
I like her alot. Hope to see more of her soon.
I do not know how you find these goddesses, Peter. They are absolutely amazing. I would like to see more of Muriel's back side. I live for the female ass. Thank You.
Welcome to Catalunya Petter and Luba
Benvinguts Petter i Luba !!
Catalonia is fantastic, it has an atmosphere/culture all of it's own and the scenery is breathtaking, whether on the coast (check out Roses/Ampuria Brava in the NE) or inland (La Garrotxa, where I live). I have only been here a little over 6 months and absolutely love the place :-)
I hope you have a great time here, don't confine yourselves to just Barcelona, beautiful as it is.

Muriel is stunning, and, of course, beautifully photographed.
Best wishes.
very very hot
Um, MORE! She's gorgeous.
at last! a real woman to rival Linda and not another stick insect. can't wait for more. Let's hope the stick insect phase is over for Petter. :-0
Yowza. Muriel is absolutely stunning! Omigod, I can't wait for her Hegre career to begin.
Very Very Nice!

Nice body!

Hubba Hubba!
Oh wow she really is something special. Well done Petter, I can't wait to see more of Muriel.
Acerca de Cataluña
Datos sobre Cataluña, llena de colores

Si quieres experimentar una faceta muy diferente de España, entonces tienes que visitar Cataluña. Esta región cosmopolita tiene un afán de independencia que la distingue de cualquier otro lugar. Entre otras cosas, tiene su propia lengua, sus propias tradiciones, y una arquitectura muy original. Agreguen a esto la animadísima ciudad de la cultura, Barcelona, y una línea costera que incluye la Costa Brava y la Costa Dorada... sin duda Cataluña tiene algo para todo el mundo.

Cataluña es un destino turístico muy popular, y su historia y tradiciones le han legado un rico acervo cultural. Además ofrece una gran variedad de cosas para experimentar, incluyendo ambientes naturales, una gastronomía deliciosa, deportes de aventura y balnearios. La combinación de todo esto hace de Cataluña un lugar muy atractivo para visitar.

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