Viva Mexico — 1er Jour

1er Jour

Je suis assis dans ma hutte de plage à Tulum, au Mexique, repassant le programme du jour sur mon ordi. Nous avons réservé 10 huttes à l’hôtel azulik: pour les mannequins et l’équipe de production. C’est un endroit vraiment incroyable et un havre de paix pour de jeunes mariés aux grands besoins 'primitifs' !

Je suis plongé dans la nuit. Les vagues parviennent pratiquement à mes pieds et le vent joue des airs avec chacune des petites fissures de ma cabane. Il n’y a pas d’électricité ici, mais j’ai demandé une simple ampoule et une prise afin de recharger ma batterie. Mais à minuit c’est l’extinction des feux. Après un jour mon matériel est déjà plein de sable et l’appareil regorge d’humidité. J’ai bien heureusement deux appareils avec moi au cas où.

Nous sommes arrivés hier soir avec Anna S et une nouvelle fille, Brigi, originaire de Hongrie. Le voyage a été long : Barcelone à Frankfurt, Frankfurt à Mexico City, Mexico City à Cancun puis encore une heure et demie de voiture jusqu’à Tulum - mais ça valait vraiment le coup. Les autres mannequins et le reste de l’équipe sont arrivés ce soir et viennent de s’installer.

Comme nous sommes arrivés en premier, j’ai fait quelques premières prises avec Anna S et Brigi, histoire de nous mettre dans l’ambiance. J’ai commencé sur la terrasse de ma hutte. Un lit est suspendu au plafond par 4 cordes, un vrai nid d’amour. J’ai donc naturellement placer Anna S et Brigi dans le nid ! Nous avons ensuite filmé un vrai massage Maya, Brigi était la mannequin chanceuse se faisant choyer de la tête aux pieds. On l’a imbibée d’huile dans une tente sur la plage, puis on l’a massée et lavée comme un petit bébé ! La journée s’est terminée sur la plage, Anna S posant dans un style classique, vêtue de blanc, utilisant notre collection American Apparel, spécialement choisie pour ce projet.

Rassasié de quesadillas, frijoles, guacamole avec salsa picante et quelques Coronas, je sais que je vais bien dormir cette nuit !

Demain au boulot. On va pas chômer.

Buenos Noches.

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Best part of Hegre
Love seeing the videos of the models in "candid" settings - makes them so very human and normal! Also surprisingly erotic to see a woman acting naturally and unposed while unclothed. My favorite part of the site - please keep these videos coming!
Beautiful Work
Beautiful work Petter from a fellow Brooks Institute student . Your Locations Are Of Course The Best And Every Model Beautiful.........
Anna S
Amazing shots, Gorgeous girls, Anna S is the best one amongst them, really "Anna S... a true angel living in her own dominions"
I love that picture of Ama and Flora on the table together. Did they do any sets or videos together?
photo imagination is very very nice.
Model for Herge
I would love to model for .
herge-art!!! Beautiful work!!
I am still trying to figure out what this web site is about. It seems like you are trying to keep it from being a porno website by not going all the way, or are you trying to attract people who are photography buffs? I would like you to go just a little deeper, maybe like having a male role around the bed with the girl without having real sex. When you have two women have them really make love without a lot of posing like they are modeling. I guess what I am sayng is I want to get excited when I look at your website.
hi petter
This is the highest degree of spiritual freedom that you are serving. hegre art presents beauty in so simple pious sensual way. petter you are showing this world beauties that are extending the imaginations to limits. these models at hegre art are the goddess for human mankind. thank you very much. please do reply in e mail.
- savan varasada
Chileno de Corazon!!
Hermoso trabajo.... y CHILE, cuando???
Hola Petter, has visitado muchos lugares del mundo, te falta Perú, aquí también hay muchos lugares espectaculares. Saludos
Hola Amigo!
Hello Petter, My name Is Apollo. webmaster of the mexican website, I just get the H Extreme mag and I like to congratulate you for the excellent photoshooting you did in our country. The beautiful Models and the exotic locations
were a perfect mix for this job..
When I was in Hungary last year working in my productions I heared from you and your website by Ricardo from Budapest and today is one of my favorites.
I hope you get a good impression from Mèxico
Take care.. Cheers!!
Seen all pictures and all movies up to day seven. Absolutely envy you Petter! But on the other hand, don´t envy you at all! Because it must be super human to stay calm and concentrated with all this female beauty around you. Especially when Anna is around!
response to jim
all photos will eventually be posted on ph
Where can I buy all the really super-hot photos that you don't post on your website?
Viva Mexico
Peter you have the best job ever!!! let me know if you need an assistance haha Im from mexico, regards
Loves the series, the ladies and the scenery.
Absolutely Fantasticly Beautiful. Loved every minute of the Series. Wonderful job ladies. Oh! and of course you as well Petter. This should clinch my renewing of this site.
joy of life
every forplay is excellent,but after enjoyment one would like to
dressup in their normal code, why?
sex is natural thing but it's marketng in erotic way is a cruality. but at herge iam enjoyng every beautful moment of life.
Anna S.
Amazing scenery, awesome girls, but the best: Anna S... a true angel living in her own dominions )))
day seven
she's style beautiful, I love her....
petter you look hot on those pictures, I even have more pleasure looking at you than any of the girls
Anna S is most beautiful one, face, body, hair, ehhhh I would marry that girl
LOL who's the pooch?
oh no, old girls from czech republic
Petter, next time you come to Mexico head towards the northern states or los altos zone in eastern jalisco, those are the only parts in the country with beautiful native women (supermodels elsa benitez and liliana dominguez are from the north),elsewhere here just bring your own models, it will save you time and money.
When will the first update of this photo series?
Already I'm waiting eagerly to the first gallery of the most erotic photo series. Hope that we do not have to wait long, because the travel photos are very promising.
Loving it! Never thought I'd hear myself say this but how cool is it to see some great photos of the models with their clothes ON???!!
The underwater stuff looks like it is going to be amazing. Muriel looks stunning in this stunning choice of location.
film!!!! extraordinary
You've out done yourself on this one. I'm talking about your creative license with light, water and the most beautiful girls in the world. I think you're ready for a full length feature of sensual story telling.
Everybody's gotta admit it... Muriel is so f***ing hot!!!!! for some reason all the Argentinans i've met personally are beautiful.
Muriel must be one fun loving girl; there she goes again, posing with a local, likely a memorable day for the little fella.
anna s
i living senegal (africa) avery time im in the web site of hègre to see ANNA S,i dont now if i love anna s ! plaese mister peter say anna s to send me just a small message !my name paco for anna s all my life ! you do good job mister peter ! good way and have nice time avery moment !
Petter you are a magician, what a great work and what a place for sure I will visit ASAP ! !
closer to heaven
its good to see Mexico, dont forget to see the piramids it geets you closer to heaven
Mexico has very good potential
Great! Can't wait for the next installment. Very nice.
What a great adventure, you are one lucky man Petter .
looks awesome so far!I never thought of Mexico as a humid place.
Who is the girl on the motorbike? This is going to be a good week.
Petter you have surpassed yourself dude, this is totally awesome. Can't wait for the rest!!!
A propos de Mexique
Faits à propos de Viva Mexico

Connu pour son histoire riche et ses plages impressionnantes, le Mexique est un des endroits les plus visités du monde. Ce voyage a mené l’équipe de la Maison Hegre à la Péninsule du Yucatan, située au sud-est du Mexique, région réputée pour ses anciennes ruines Mayas évocatrices et pour son littoral caribéen idyllique aux plages de sable blanc et d’eau turquoise.

L’influence maya se ressent partout, dans les fiestas endiablées et dans la cuisine relevée. Exotiques et mystérieux, les plateaux calcaires des rivières souterraines et les bassins sacrés donnent une touche de mystère gardé. Ces derniers temps, la côte reçoit de nombreuses visites, les touristes étant attirés par le sublime climat et le style de vie décontracté. Tels les conquistadors espagnols qui débarquèrent au 16ème siècle, les touristes réalisent que la région est beaucoup plus riche que ce à quoi ils s’attendaient.

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