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Unleashed In The East — Yone the Saviour

Yone the Saviour

I see from some of the comments that many of you think we should’ve been better prepared for the trip. Looking back, it’s easy to say that we could have done some things differently, but I honestly believe we came as well prepared as we reasonably could have.

As I said initially, a colleague spent a whole week in Tokyo doing research and building a support network for us. We also had a Japanese production manager dealing with the locals for casting and location, and these efforts really paid off.

But one of the key people we made contact with before the production and someone my colleague had a meeting with on his first trip was a famous Japanese photographer named Yone. After a breakfast together at our hotel, he made a few phone calls and it was like the cork had finally come out of this Tokyo bottle-neck! Suddenly the 12 syrupy modelling agencies we were trying to deal with WANTED to work with us.

One could say he saved our production, and only because we did our homework before leaving :)

His slogan is “YONE MAKES YOU HORNEY!” :)

What better guy could we have found to be our saviour? See some of his work here:

And go to today’s film to see us cruising Tokyo by night together.

For the rest of the day another two models were captured – Anna Takizawa and Ito Yurie. Beware, though, because for the remaining 4 days of this journey you’ll see some of the most amazing girls coming from the land of the rising sun.

More adventures to come,

Photos | Day Five Click an Image to Enlarge

NB! Please note that images and films presented here are not representative of the technical quality
of Travel photos and film clips are made with a "point and shoot" compact camera only.
Photo 1 of Unleashed In The East, Yone the Saviour Photo 2 of Unleashed In The East, Yone the Saviour Photo 3 of Unleashed In The East, Yone the Saviour Photo 4 of Unleashed In The East, Yone the Saviour Photo 5 of Unleashed In The East, Yone the Saviour Photo 6 of Unleashed In The East, Yone the Saviour Photo 7 of Unleashed In The East, Yone the Saviour Photo 8 of Unleashed In The East, Yone the Saviour Photo 9 of Unleashed In The East, Yone the Saviour Photo 10 of Unleashed In The East, Yone the Saviour Photo 11 of Unleashed In The East, Yone the Saviour Photo 12 of Unleashed In The East, Yone the Saviour Photo 13 of Unleashed In The East, Yone the Saviour Photo 14 of Unleashed In The East, Yone the Saviour


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Visitors' Comments

Yum...I really line these girls, ah !
Japanische Modells
Also ich hätte vieleicht für die nächste Reise nach Japan noch den Vorschlag Risa Murakami zu machen. Ich finde die kommt noch etwas natürliche rüber und ist der Typ Frau an den man denkt, wenn es um Japanerinnen geht. Meine Meinung.
I love japan stuff!
Great to see Japan in its finest.
I love Japan. From the fashion to the art to the women to the food, it is my ideal country besides the fact of nuances that any culture has. Hearing that it is run by organized crime, thats kinda odd, but I can imagine it.
These were great models and an awesome shoot!
this girl is ugly
that's all...
Best day--YES!
Right on, Petter--Mayuko set THIS fetishist's blood boiling exactly as you predicted! She and Cocomi are my two favorites from your whole trip as well.
Getting even better. Excellent photography and fim making. This is wow material. Can't wait for the movie to come out.
Top One
Mayuko is magnificent! Incredible work Hegre! Much respect!!!
Tokyo Production
Excellent work! Will the photos and films taken in your Tokyo production be made available to the members of this site? It seems that only a small part of them have been released. I look forward to seeing them all.
Maria Ozawa
Maria Ozaw..over the top, my man. Fabulous. Thank you too much.
Your Japan trip
Yes, you found out quickly how apart Japan is from the Geishans and I think this attitude is completely justified since we westerners have our own very different attitudes. Thank you extremely much for the rare glimpse into the art/model feeling of Japan and your travails mixed with the fun side. Very real. You are a truly super photographer with a great edge.
Thank you for bringing us the pleasures of the east!!
Love this series.Very tasty looking women.Is there a day 4 video on the way?Would really enjoy seeing the ladies in the pics on video.
Those butts...
Interesting read :) I'm looking forward to the part where I can see the photo from the cover, those two amazing asses! They're delicious!
I Figured...
@The Guy

I figured it wasn't you. You generally have a more intelligent and easy-going approach, but there will always be morons and drunks out there looking to have their little snickers behind the screen.
Very nice travel day, link is interesting and nice, he have good works, japan girls are sweet, around the world all girls are sweet and beauifull,
Keep up very good works,
Best regards..

As a non-tourist to Japan for the past several years, I agree with the basic premise of your post but certainly not the presumptuous tone. While I would not question your business credentials, it's questionable for you to do the same onto others.

Been there
Anyone one who has tried to do business in Japan with other than large multi-nationals has gotten the same impression about it being run by organized crime. You may disregard comments from those who have only been there as tourists but want to seem like they know something. (Canadians & Angelinos) First time in any country is difficult. First time in Japan make others seem simple.
Difficulties in Japan
Thanks Petter for giving us your honest impressions of this difficult cross-cultural encounter--very interesting! But rest assured it was all worth it, as far as I am concerned, after seeing the beautiful results published so far.
The Guy
To Patticakes: Apologies.
To whomever posted RE: Woof! as "The Guy": please grow some brain cells and think of your own nickname. I have been using that moniker for years. Perhaps your problem is more testes than brain cells. (Though clearly not much of either).
Great video, even with Peter's butt crack showing half way through :-)
@not surprised:

You've come to the conclusion that "[m]ost of Japan is run by organized crime" after only two trips? That's the problem: you've only been to Japan twice and therefore you're not really in any position of authority to make such a claim.

When doing any type of business in Japan, however, it is quite important to know the business culture and customs beforehand as well as have local representation. Petter, it would have been much much easier for you and your crew had there been a Hegre-Art Japan office already established. Although i fully realise this wasn't possible for this trip, it underscores how vital it is to establish a trusted presence in Japan for all business dealings in that country. You have to prove yourself first and then they'll trust you.

Anyways, as a professional, you've seemed to work your way past the initial tension. I look forward to seeing more of your work from Japan :)

No mosaic
Finally we will see the japanese goddess without a mosaic censorship!!!! Big up Hegre!!!!
What chance of seeing more of the shaving. Pity all the japanese seem to prefer the hairy loook!
best regards H
Can't wait to see more of the nurse, what's her name?
I hope their hair should be shaved until the last day.
RE: Woof!
Unless you are speaking of the girl in pink in the last pic you desperately need a testosterone injection or a transplant to replace your ovaries with testes.
Research much?
Having been to Japan only twice I am not at all surprised by your difficulties. Had your "trusted colleague" ever been to Japan? If not (and certainly If so) you should probably rethink the "trusted" part of that moniker. Most of Japan is run by organized crime. It is only the dregs that sport the "business/hip-hop" look. Looks can be deceiving, unless the looks have you worried. In that case you should be thinking, "am I worried enough?". The answer is always NO! Hint: No one speaks with you without first being photographed and the photographer and equipment leave the area. Discretely of course, unless they are sporting the "hip-hop" look, in which case it is explained that you will speak with them when they are appropriately attired and unaccompanied other than the model. As in all such cultures, discrete & disciplined "nefarious" colleagues who will take your cue as to when their nefariousness is needed are a major benefit. One more hint: Japanese girl + light hair = porn or prostitute = more trouble than it's worth. Exceptions exist but like stereotypes they came about for good reason. Better luck next time.

P.S. loose Konata
Even I'm surprised.
I've been to Japan, and I've spent years trying to learn the language, studying the culture and making friends with several nihonjin here in Los Angeles and while I consider myself very far from being an expert on Japan, I'd like to consider myself somewhat familiar with everything. However, I don't doubt the story. It's easy to believe that at least the porn industry there is under mob control. For the longest time, so was Vegas. How much drug and gang money went into propping up hip hop music in the United States? Japanese gangsters, like everything else Japanese, probably benefits from discretion. It is mutually beneficial to the image of Japan as well as it is to the operations of organized crime to avoid widespread attention to their existence and activities. Nevertheless, it is disheartening that it would have to cause such difficulties in producing the fine works offered on this website. I sincerely hope that as we see additional material, the most was made of the daunting journey to the east. In spite of the issues, I am absolutely in love with the people and the land, and was incredibly excited to see models from Japan on a website like this.

As they might say there: ganbatte Hegre.
Re: lol brian
Well, I kinda thought with the casual shots he might show some of them. I see some pygmies, but they look hot to me! XD
The Weirdness
Petter, you are operating on the fringe of the 'mizu shobai' (the 'water trade' as adult entertainment is sometimes called) - inhabited by some less than professional and sometimes downright criminal guys. Careful!

Can't wait to see the rest of the travel journal for your visit to Tokyo. I spent many years there - fascinating and frustrating at the same time....
Sounds funny. I've been to Tokyo, but strictly as a tourist, which I suppose is a totally different paradigm than going there for professional purposes. I found it to be a vibrant and exciting city.
lol brian...
you WANT to see them???
Cute dog :-)
For True
The Japanese do indulge in some weird fetishes, mate. But is that because of the censorship the porn industry has? I always thought it was because they can't show genitals that they go a bit over the top with this shit.
Not So Bad
The one's in the pics here don't look so bad. Did you not put up any of the hogs?
Lucky pooch!is she that tiny? or, are you that big? (or, a little of both?)
About Japan
Facts about Unleashed In The East

Consisting of a number of islands in a very large volcanic archipelago, the land of the rising sun is an entrancing mix of ancient tradition and adapted western style. In Tokyo, the neon-lit main boulevards dazzle the eye, while highly trained geisha still perform their duties in places mostly hidden from view.

Respect, etiquette and ritual have always been the foundation of life here, despite gothic teens in French maid costumes running around Shinjuku Tokyo. Bowing means so much that many companies provide employee training in the skill. For the tourist, however, it is generally acceptable to simply tilt the head forward, as nobody expects you to be perfect.

It may seem to be a land of contrast, but everything is always Japanese.

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